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Silk'n Hair Removal Customers

Silk'n Hair Removal Customer Review

Name: Melinda

Device: Silk'n Flash&Go

Hair Removal Zones: Arms, Legs, Face

I used razors for years and I started shaving as early as my pre-teens. I totally realized in my 20's that shaving really isn't cool.  I struggled with unwanted hair all of my life. I cut and burned myself many times even on my face during hair removal.  Now I can safely say I am hair free and it is all because of Silk'n hair removal device!

Now I can get up and go to my exercise classes without having to constantly worry if any hair is showing on any part of my body. I am very pleased that Silk'n made an at home hair removal product without any hidden costs and that can be used at home for one low price.  

Silk'n Hair Removal Customer Review

Name: Geraldine 

Device: Silk'n Infinity

Hair Removal Zones: Hands, Arms, Legs

I have tried all sorts of hair removal methods in the past. I started shaving when I was young, and then tried waxing. I really don’t like the creams because they smell bad and burn your skin. I have even tried laser but it’s so expensive and you have to have so many followup treatments. I heard about the at home devices and tried one from another company a few years ago but it didn’t work and was very painful.

A friend of mine in university recommended the Silk’n hair removal devices and said that they work well and the results are permanent. I was reluctant to try another at home device but I am so glad that I did. The results are amazing and I have been telling all my friends to get one. I’m very happy I took the chance on Silk’n.

Silk'n Hair Removal Customer Review

Name: Danielle

Device: Silk'n Flash&Go

Hair Removal Zones: Arms, Legs

I started using the Silk’n hair removal device 10 years ago. I grew up playing all types of sports but mainly soccer. I was always so self-conscious of my arm and leg hair that I would cover myself up with track pants and sweat shirts. Which was not very practical when playing soccer. It also led to an injury one time. I had slipped on my track pants when running sprints on a gym floor and sprained my ankle!

When I received the Silk’n hair removal device I was so excited. I wanted it to work so badly and this device did not let me down. I started seeing amazing results after the first couple sessions. I’m happy to say that I’m practically hair free now and as confident as ever! I only need the device for up keep every few months. I highly recommend this product!