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Silk'n At-Home Spa Bundle - description

The FaceFx is an affordable, non-invasive alternative to treatments performed in a doctor’s office. The FaceFx emits Home Fractional (HF) technology that targets 2mm beneath the skin’s surface to improve elasticity and collagen thus reducing fine lines and wrinkles while eliminating dark spots.

The Silk’n Serum is a pure formulation of 100% Squalene, a derivative of natural oils found in olives. The Silk’n Serum provides extra hydration to the skin and aids in the fluid movement of the FaceFx device.

After completing a treatment with the FaceFx, take it one step further with the Silk’n ReVit. The ReVit removes dead skin cells that have been collected on the top layer of your skin leaving you with improved skin tone, texture and elasticity. 

To finish off your facial treatment, apply a Renuva Mask to brighten your skin. After a treatment with the FaceFx and ReVit your pores open allowing the nutrients from the Renuva Mask will penetrate deeper into your skin to provide powerful anti-aging benefits.

You can top off this entire treatment by completing it with your toes! The Silk’n Pedi removes callused skin, leaving your feet soft and smooth. Imagine how much money you’ll save from pedicures! Now you can treat your feet in the privacy of your own home.