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Community Reviews


The Silk’n community is a passionate group of people who have discovered the benefits of at-home treatments for skin care, anti-aging and hair removal. If you have a product review or a story to share about how Silk’n helped you feel beautiful then we want to hear it. Tell us how our devices tightened and cleared your skin or how it removed unwanted hair or how the Silhouette was the solution to your unpleasant cellulite.


Our devices were developed and designed to make people look and feel beautiful and to deliver the confidence they deserve for everyday life. Share the experience you had with any of these devices: 


Hair Removal Devices


Anti-Aging Products


Microderm Devices


Cellulite Products


Acne Treatment Devices


These reviews help us better understand how our customers are enjoying and using our products. We appreciate you taking the time to leave a review, and please review our Terms of Use if you’re curious about how content posted by users is protected.