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Silk'n at home microderm

Skin Rejuvenation – Microdermabrasion (Microderm)

Silk’n offers an affordable and advanced form of microdermabrasion (microderm) that is on par to what you would receive at a spa or salon. By using the very best in at-home skincare, you can have the softest, smoothest and healthiest looking face.  

The ReVit and ReVit Prestige will softly exfoliate your skin to remove damaged skin cells, and both devices are proven to help improve the appearance of scars (excluding raised scars), as well as  reducing the appearance of acne scars. These safe skincare procedures offer 100% crystal-free microdermabrasion combined with powerful vacuum stimulation to cleanse the outer layer of skin that is rife with dead skin cells.

Silk'n microderm device

The results are amazing. After completing a full treatment, you will have skin that looks refreshed as the old skin gives way to new skin with improved elasticity. Treatments are quick and these devices are so simple that anyone can use them.

In this section of the Resource Center, you will gain access to insights and advice to help you conduct a professional-level microdermabrasion treatment with either device. You will learn about the technology that powers these devices, how to use them and the recommended duration of an individual session and a full treatment.

While results can vary based on skin type, users typically enjoy skin with less blemishes. In many cases, blemishes will be completely gone.

Learn how Silk’n can help you perform the best in class microdermabrasion treatment in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Silk'n at home microderm ReVit Prestige

Microderm Devices

Silk’n has a created three devices that have turned many into microdermabrasion believers. We suggest you start by learning about the ReVit, ReVit Prestige and the Reveal devices, and then craft a treatment plan to look and feel your best.

The ReVit treats age spots, skin discoloration, uneven skin texture, acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged and clogged pores. Combining soft exfoliation with a powerful vacuum stimulation, the ReVit helps users achieve a balanced complexion with increased elasticity. This device is suitable for both men and women with the most sensitive skin types.

The Revit Prestige is the newest microderm device and has all the benefits of the Revit, with the addition of a body massage tip, and an LCD screen with automode to help enhance treatments. 

Both devices will help bring out your true beauty so that you can look radiant and feel confident every single day.

Tip: For ideal skin care, pair the ReVit or the Reveal with the Blue Acne Eliminator Device. This way you can treat acne causing bacteria and remove the dead skin cells that clog your pores.

How They Work

Our devices were developed by doctors and designed for people to easily enjoy the positive results of a microdermabrasion treatment. If you are looking to replace dull skin with a natural glow than you’ll want to start using a Silk’n microdermabrasion device.

The ReVit, the ReVit Prestige utilize diamond peel microdermabrasion, a method made popular in spas and medical aesthetic clinics. Using light abrasion to promote the generation of healthy skin cells, these devices safely and painlessly exfoliate the outer layer of skin. The suction increases blood flow to the epidermis to stimulate collagen resulting in younger looking skin. The removed skin cells are collected in a replaceable filter, allowing you to witness the device’s effectiveness.

Silk'n microderm device heads

Tips for the ReVit come in coarse, fine and precision. These tips ensure that the device can help different types of skin and various degrees of blemishes. When you change the filter, you will find evidence of the device’s effectiveness, and understand why it’s one of the most popular skincare products on the market.

at home microderm treatment

Microderm Treatment Process

Users of the ReVit experience excellent results after only a few treatments. It’s important to follow setup and treatment steps closely as this will increase your chances of achieving desirable results.

To start using the ReVit:

-Wash your face with your regular cleanser and water.

-Press the ON button located on the device.

-Select your desired intensity setting. Turn on for low, press an additional time for High.

To perform treatment using the ReVit:

at home microderm treatment

Place the device’s tip against your skin and glide it over the entire treatment area for full coverage. Treat each area with 2-3 strokes/passes. Once your session is complete, turn the device off by giving the ON button a quick press if you are on high or two quick presses if you are on low. Rinse your face with water and use a moisturizer. You can perform treatments 1 or 2 times per week – be conscious of any skin conditions or sensitivities you might have.

Response time varies as results are dependent on the individual’s skin tone, type and condition. After one week of treatment, some results should be visible. You will enjoy continued improvement over time.

Post-treatment you might experience slight sensitivity or very mild redness. Don’t worry as this is normal and it will naturally go away in a short amount of time. If you feel any level of discomfort during, or after treatment, lower the suction level. If discomfort persists, stop using the device for a couple of days to let your skin rest and recover.

We recommend starting with a lower suction intensity until you’ve used and become familiar with the device. After you’ve used it for a few sessions, you can increase intensity based on your skin sensitivity. In addition, start with 2-3 strokes in each treatment area to help your skin grow accustomed to the device.

Skin Exfoliation Process

Since the Ancient Egyptians, skin exfoliation has been a method that people have been keen to perfect. It is the process of removing dead skin cells from your face or body. By properly and consistently exfoliating, you will unveil healthier skin that looks beautiful, and your skin tone, texture and elasticity will be vastly improved. People with dull skin or acne scarring would benefit from exfoliating more often. This health and beauty tactic can clear pores of the dirt and oil that gets lodged from everyday life or daily makeup application. Even if you only suffer from dry skin patches, exfoliating those areas can help hydrate them.

The ReVit and the Reveal are the two microdermabrasion devices that exfoliate skin, making it look and feel more refreshed and rejuvenated. The suction capabilities of these devices promote healthy skin cell growth by removing the top layer of dead skin that essentially suffocates the lower layer. These microdermabrasion devices are safe for all skin types and can successfully exfoliate the skin of adult men and women, young and old.

The Silk’n skincare treatment will help your true beauty shine. It can be especially useful during the cold winter months when skin suffers from a lack of sun. Review the ReVit and the Reveal to decide which is best for you, and then create a treatment plan that will descale dead skin, helping you look younger and more radiant.

Microderm How To

To start using the ReVit, remove the device from the box and select the tip that best suits your skincare needs. The device comes with three tips:

Precision – for targeting small, sensitive areas – under eyes, around nose. Fine – for delicate finishing – chin and around mouth. Coarse – for larger areas – forehead and cheeks.

Once you’ve plugged your device into an electrical outlet you’re ready to begin treatment.

Follow these directions to treat a specific part of your face with either device. Remember to use clean, uninterrupted strokes:

Silk'n  Microderm treatment

Cheeks and Chin:

Start on your cheekbone and stroke the device to the side of your face just in front of your ear. Then another stroke downward to cover your chin.

Around Lips:

Move the device in clean strokes on the skin between your nose and upper lip. Do not let the diamond tip touch your lips.

Around Eyes:

Stroke the device downward in the area between your eye and ear, then work outwards toward your temple. Finally, treat the area just below the eye. Do not stroke the eyelid and, in general, veer on the side of caution when treating around the eyes.

Silk'n  Microderm treatment


Start in the area just above the space between your eyebrows. Stroke outwards towards your ears, stopping just before your hairline.  Then, stroke upwards with clean horizontal strokes.


Use strokes that cover your nose including the bridge. Avoid your nostrils.


Treat the back of your hands and fingers with the fine tip. Move the device softly and slowly to cover the curves of fingers. 

Start on partial suction mode and hold the ReVit with a firm grip like a pencil, making sure the air vents aren’t blocked. You can increase from partial to full suction mode if you desire more powerful suction. The suction level should depend on your comfort and sensitivity to the device.

Start on low suction mode to gauge your comfort level. Use the device on your forehead, cheeks and chin. Make sure you only use the tip on the same area of skin 2-3 times until you’ve completed a few treatments. Do not use the device more than once or twice per week.

Silk'n at home microderm

Treatment Duration

Some ReVit users only require 3-4 treatments to experience a positive result. Others may require up to 12 treatments to enjoy optimal results. It depends on genetics, age, gender and of course skin tone and type. Keep in mind that you can see some improvement after one treatment, although it might be minor. Treatment sessions should only last about 5 minutes.

By adhering to consistent weekly treatments, you will get the best results, including subtler facial lines, reduced acne scars and smaller pore sizes—all of which work together to make your face look healthier and more beautiful. Treatment times depend on the severity and size of the area you wish to treat.

Silk’n microdermabrasion treatments are quick as to not interrupt your life. The reason Silk’n can offer professional-level treatments without a cumbersome time commitment is because the technology is advanced and precise. This means that by properly using these devices you can maximize treatment time and get the results you desire and deserve. See the “Microderm How To” and “Microderm Treatment Process” for more information.

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