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Hair Removal

At home permanent hair removal

Silkn Starters

Over a decade ago, a group of noted scientists, engineers and business professionals teamed up to develop the best at-home hair removal treatment. Their objective was to offer the at-home market professional results without the costly price tag and trip to the salon or clinic. Designed specifically for you, this powerful line of minimally-invasive and revolutionary devices will successfully remove hair from your face and body.

Led by CEO Moshe Mizrahy, Silk’n has changed the beauty skincare game and has become synonymous with healthy, rejuvenated skin by creating a unique line of devices that help solve problems associated with hair growth. These FDA-cleared devices harness the power of Intense Pulse Light, Home Pulsed Light, Radio Frequency, Infrared heat, LED Red Light and Blue light technologies.

permanent hair removal device

Silk’n has helped millions of people achieve skin that is smooth, soft, taut and healthier. Through innovative devices and technologies, Silk’n has made the historically frustrating goal of hair removal a reality for many across the world. These treatments leverage the proven power of IPL to help men, women and the transgendered community permanently remove unwanted hair.   

You know you are in good hands with these devices as they are clinically tested and approved by dermatologists and cosmetic physicians. Our hair removal treatments help reveal healthier and more youthful skin by reducing wrinkles and age spots. Once you discover the benefits of personal hair removal—which more than 40 countries already have—you’ll enjoy the skin texture that you’ve always dreamed about.

Hair Removal Facts

Silk’n has developed four of the most amazing hair removal devices on the market today. These devices are safe, affordable and will deliver long-lasting results that will make you proud to show off some skin. With Silk’n hair removal devices, you can enjoy quick treatment sessions on your arms, legs, face and bikini areas without any pain or discomfort and in the privacy of your own home. Silk’n has four devices that offer effective hair removal treatments. For effective treatment, you will need to shave treatment areas prior to each session.

Silk'n infinity permanent hair removal device

The Infinity is the latest hair removal device from Silk’n. By including Galvanic energy, it will replace waxing, shaving, plucking and all the painful and time-consuming methods you’ve used to date. The Infinity pulses light to remove body hair forever. With the Infinity, you hold the key to soft skin without any irritation or concern about damaging your skin.

The Flash&Go Express delivers convenient treatments and professional results that last. In only 20 minutes, you can enjoy a painless hair removal via a method that is cleared by the FDA. The treatments might feel gentle, but its attacking body and facial hair at the source with a simple press of a button. This device can load twice as fast as other devices, meaning treatments last minutes, not hours, while producing positive results.

The Flash&Go Jewel Hair Removal is an easy-to-use hair removal device that is adjustable and can treat a variety of skin types and hair colors. The Jewel’s light-based technology can precisely target hair shaft pigment to stop growth. You never have to worry about damaging your skin as the Jewel is safe to use on all parts of your body. The results are immediate and long-lasting.

The Flash&Go Compact is travel-friendly, versatile and can remove body hair with ease, replacing expensive clinical treatments. Treatments result in soft skin without any irritation.

How Silk’n Hair Removal Devices Work

Silk’n hair removal devices are engineered with the latest technology that was once only available to medical and cosmetic professionals. Not to be confused with laser treatments, Silk’n devices use a version of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) known as Home Pulsed Light (HPL). The difference is that HPL has adjusted the speed of its light, allowing the peak power to attack the hair follicle with enough energy to remove it completely and safely for at home use. 

hair removal treatment

Via a quartz bulb, this technology delivers an optical light pulse below the surface of the skin. Pigment absorbs this energy, transforming it into heat. The true power of this technology resides in its ability to attack your hair without affecting your skin. HPL uses 20% of the energy that traditional hair removal lasers use by successfully deploying at a stronger peak power. This provides superior results by disabling the follicle.

The Infinity differs from the Flash&Go series by using Galvanic energy in addition to the proprietary HPL. Conducted through an electrode plate, Galvanic energy allows the device to open pores to deeply treat follicles. This opening of the pores allows for better absorption of skin care products – which helps hydrate the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

hair removal treatment

So how do you decide on which device to purchase? Each comes with unique features and you should choose based on your hair removal needs, such as:

The Infinity hair removal device features pulsing and gliding, making it more suitable for removing hair from larger areas. It is also best suited for coarse hair. The Flash&Go Express works fast, so if quick treatment times appeal to you then consider this device. The Flash&Go Jewel has a smaller surface area, making it easier to work small treatment areas. The Flash& Go Compact has an upgraded design making it even more travel-friendly and ergonomic, perfect for people who do a lot of traveling.

It’s All in the Results

Professional waxing can be as unpleasant as a dentist appointment and you don’t even get a free toothbrush. By using a Silk’n hair removal device over the course of 6 months, you can remove the same amount of hair as you would at the salon or spa.  And, of course, Silk’n treatments are painless.  

Silk’n started with the Sensipil device that changed the at-home hair removal market. Since then, our line has grown to include the new Infinity, which harnesses Galvanic energy to rid skin of unwanted hair, and the Flash&Go series, which consists of the Express, the Jewel and the Compact.

Results can vary because everyone has a different hair growth cycle. A quicker growth cycle means faster results. Silk’n device users typically experience results within 8-10 weeks, a similar timeframe compared to professional treatments. During your treatment regime, don’t worry if you don’t see hair falling out. Your hair follicles are microscopic and will fall out on their own, and it’s not likely that you’ll see this happening.

Pigment tone dictates the effectiveness of the devices. Each hair removal device has a built-in sensor that detects dark skin. If this applies to you, then it is recommended that you find an alternative treatment method. This doesn’t mean that you can’t treat your skin in the summer, as long as you’re protecting your skin from UV rays with good quality sun block, and that you set the energy level to a lower setting (one to two).

Tip: The light sensor is sensitive – if you are treating under bright lights – the sensor may detect the shadow caused by the light.  Simply change your angle and make sure the device is in full contact to your skin.

at home permanent hair removal

Hair Anatomy

With respect to human anatomy, hair is fairly simple. It is made of a protein called keratin and is anchored to the body by follicles. In the hair bulb, which is found at the base of the follicle, cells divide to create the hair shaft. Blood feeds the hair cells and hormones ensure its growth at different stages of life. Hair color is determined by pigment cells which produce melanin. Melanin changes as one ages which is why your hair color can change as you age, not just greying, but going from blonde to dark brown.

Facial and body hair grows at a standard rate and removing it through shaving or waxing doesn’t prevent future growth. These short-term methods lead to stubble, razor burn and ingrown hairs, all of which can be detrimental to the health of your skin. And despite the common belief, traditional hair removal methods do not cause hair to grow back thicker, nor do they impact the hair coarseness, or how fast your hair grows.

at home permanent hair removal

Hair follicles grow in four distinct phases:

1. Anagen

2. Catagen

3. Telogen

4. Exogen

1) Anagen

Anagen is a growth phase so the longer that hair is left ungroomed, the longer it will grow. Growth cycle varies depending on body area, and individual. Every hair is in this phase for as long as 1.5 to 7.5 years, and up to 80-90% of all hair is in this phase at any point. For most of body areas the growth cycle is 4-8 weeks and for the scalp it is as long as 2 years.

2) Catagen

The catagen phase is where the follicle renews and transitions into the next phase, the telogen phase. Only a small percentage of our hair is in this phase at any given time.

3) Telogen

During the telogen phase, the hair follicle is dormant until the cycle begins again. Interestingly enough, about 5-10% of all our hair is in this stage at any point of time.

4) Exogen

The exogen phase is the end of the dormant or rest phase, when the hair will slowly separate from the hair follicle and fall out – otherwise known as the shedding stage.


The average human grows body or facial hair at about 0.5 inches per month. Keep in mind that this can be impacted by genetics, age, gender, diet and other factors. You can treat your hair with a Silk’n device during any phase of the hair growth cycle. The only time you will want to wait is after you wax so that the root can start producing more hair. 

Hair Removal How To

The trick to enjoying successful hair removal is to use the devices properly. Incorrect use is the number one reason why people think their device is broken, or that it doesn’t work. It’s critical that these directions are followed precisely.

First Step: Shave the area(s) you want to treat prior to each treatment session. The ideal treatment routine is to shower, shave, treat, and lastly, moisturize.

Here’s what you need to do to start a treatment:

Your skin must be clean, dry and freshly shaven. Remove all the components from the box. Plug the power cord into a wall outlet and attach the other end to the device. Push the power button - you’ll hear the fan start, then the level one indicator light will turn on, when the lightening bolt indicator light turns on, the device is ready to use.

This is how you know that your device is ready to go. Since safety is always at the forefront, you can perform a spot test to see how your skin will react to treatment.

Silk'n Infinity permanent hair removal device

Follow these instructions to run a spot test:

Choose a small area of your skin. Press the device against your skin. Depending on the device, it will either automatically activate or you will have to press the button to omit a pulse. Treat a small area, 3-4 pulses maximum, making sure not to overlap – but also to make sure you cover all areas. Remember you’re only testing one small area so do not move the device to other areas. Wait 24 hours to see how your skin reacts. If there is nothing out of the ordinary than begin treatment. Each area may tolerate different levels so each area should be tested with a couple of flashes.

To use a Silk’n hair removal device:

Start on the lowest energy level. Apply the treatment surface to your skin. Push and hold the light trigger, the device will flash one pulse of light. The device will immediately recharge for the next pulse after a couple of seconds. Slowly glide the device across the treatment area. Please note that with some devices like the Express, you can easily glide the device across your skin whereas the Jewel has a sensor that will self flash once it touches your skin.

Silk'n Infinity permanent hair removal device

Treat the skin evenly and don’t worry if you hear a soft popping sound coming from the device, which will get louder as the energy level is increased - this is completely normal.

We recommend using your Silk’n hair removal device once every two weeks for the first four to five sessions. If you are happy with the results, then you can treat specific areas once a month as needed.

After three or four treatments, your hair should be starting to appear thinner and the growth cycle should slow. For full hair removal or for very coarse hair, it might take up to six months to see full results. Keep in mind that your body has millions of dormant hair follicles that can come to life at any time, this is what the maintenance phase is designed to address.

Tip: Pair your Silk’n hair removal treatments with professional treatments. Many who have had their full professional treatment, then use our devices to maintain.

If you are not experiencing the expected results, make sure you are following all of the instructions as per the above bulletpoints. If you are absolutely sure that you have used the device properly, please call our customer helpline at 1-877-367-4556 and we will be glad to provide further assistance. Often it’s something minor that’s being overlooked and we’re able to help resolve the issue over the phone.

Silk'n Infinity permanent hair removal

Treatment Duration

Those new to our hair removal devices might not know that originally Silk’n hair removal devices were $900.00, and the devices required replaceable cartridges that were only good for 750 flashes, and cost $100.00 each. Treatment duration was originally constructed around conserving pulses to make it more cost-efficient in conjunction with the average hair growth cycle. Through research and development, Silk’n hair removal devices now offer unlimited pulses so treatments are based on your personal hair growth pattern, not limitations in the hair removal device. It takes 6 months of consistent treatments to see the best results…which is the same amount of time if you went to the spa for professional treatments.

TIP: After I shave the random hairs during maintenance, how do I know where to treat, after all I can’t see the where the hair was? Use a white make up pencil to circle the area before shaving.

We recommend using the device once every two weeks for the first 4-5 sessions and first results are typically seen in the 3-7-week range – depending on hair thickness, depth of root, etc... We place safety above efficiency, which is why we recommend using lower energy levels during the early phases of treatment. Yes, this extends treatment duration but it allows your skin to grow acclimated to the device and ensures you don’t have a reaction to the energies used by the devices.    

permanent hair removal treatment

Most Silk’n hair removal treatments can be done in 20-30 minutes or less depending on what device you use and the size of the treatment area. For example – it could take you 2 minutes to complete your underarms, while it can take up to 10 minutes to complete your lower legs. During this time, you can treat targeted areas that are recognized by the device sensor. See our “It’s All in the Results” section to learn about certain skin types, tones and conditions that won’t respond to any light-based hair removal treatment – not just our devices.

Another critical point that many people overlook is that you’ll need to perform ongoing maintenance treatments to target the millions of follicles that are in the dormant phase.

We can’t tell you how many customers contact us thinking that there is something wrong with their device, when it’s just that they didn’t know to start a maintenance program. For example, maintenance will vary for everyone. Some users experience no hair growth for months or even years – while others might have to treat monthly to maintain for the first year.

One of the benefits of these hair removal devices is that you can begin maintenance immediately after completing a full treatment. Salons, spas and clinics typically make you wait 6-12 months as they’d prefer to wait until a number of these dormant hair follicles have become active, which is more efficient for the salon, but means you’re stuck with hair growing back until your next appointment.

Whether with our devices, or in a salon, significant hair reduction takes time. Adhere to the treatment duration we’ve outlined here, and you’ll enjoy the results your after.