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Flash&Go Infinity - Description

Advanced laser hair removal technology that actually improves the feel of your skin!

Why struggle with old-fashioned hair removal processes like shaving, plucking or waxing? Or pay premium prices for out-of-home salon treatments? Put the power of the most advanced home hair removal technology right in the palm of your hand.

With the introduction of the Infinity, we’ve improved upon our world-renowned Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology to make it even more effective and convenient, while still delivering the long-term at-home hair removal results that have made us famous around the globe.

In addition to optical light energy found in HPL, our new eHPL technology uses galvanic energy to open your pores, allowing the Infinity to treat thick, stubborn hairs right at their root even more effectively. With its quartz bulb, the device is able to reload faster than other technologies, allowing for more pulses in a shorter amount of time for speedy treatment that fits your schedule.

This gentle but effective treatment stops the growth of undesired hair without the stubble, ingrown hairs or redness of usual hair removal home treatments. In fact, thanks to the Infinity’s unique technology, galvanic energy stimulates the skin to rejuvenate it and allow for optimal absorption of moisturizer, so your skin is left feeling smoother and more supple.

With its compact, versatile design, and options to pulse or glide, you can customize your treatment for the most effective hair removal. Also, with a lifetime of pulses in one device, you will never have to worry about replacing your cartridge.


Infinity eHPL hair removal device features & benefits

  • Painless, irritation-free at-home hair removal – no more trips to the salon
  • Suitable for many different hair colors and skin types
  • Leaves skin smooth and supple
  • No refill cartridges necessary – good for a lifetime of treatments
  • Pulsing and gliding methods allow you to target treatment areas
  • Five power settings for customized treatment levels
  • Quartz bulb allow for quick reloading and faster pulses
  • Includes free app to schedule treatments

What is the Infinity? 

Silk'n Infinity Specifications 

 Model H3102
Galvanic 70-400 Microampere (µA)
Spot Size  0.9cm x 3cm [2.7cm²]
Technology Enhanced Home Pulsed Light™
Max energy level Max 4J/cm²
Wavelength 475-1200nm
Pulse light duration 500-800µs
Mode of operation Continuous
Operation and safety Skin color sensor ensures use only on appropriate skin types
Repetition rate:  1.0 Hz maximum

Galvanic Current pulse parameters

(R Load: 500 Ω & 1k Ω.)

Max Output Voltage

Level Duration Frequency (Hz) Amplitude

1   200ms   1.00   400µA

2   200ms   0.83   400µA

3   200ms   0.66   400µA

4   200ms   0.60   400µA

5   200ms   0.50   400µA

Package Size 


System Weight


Transport & storage between uses and storage condition

Temperature: - 40° to +70°C Relative humidity : 10% - 90%rH Atmospheric pressure: 500 - 1060hPa

Operating Conditions

Temperature: 10° - 35°C
Relative humidity: 30% - 75%rH Atmospheric pressure: 700 - 1060hPa

Time from minimum storage temperature between uses to minimum operating temperature with ambient temperature of 20°C

30 minutes