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Silk'n Compact Beauty Bundle - Description

Start your beauty treatment by using a razor and the Silk'n Trim to remove any hair on the surface of your skin. 

Next use the Silk'n Flash&Go Compact as you would a razor--simply target the treatment area and hold down the pulse button. The Compact will emit flashes that disable hair follicles right at the root so the hair won’t grow back. The Compact has a versatile, easy-to-use design that makes this device perfect for removing hair on legs, underarms, bikini line and face whether you’re at home or on the go.

Additionally, the Silk'n Swirl Facial Cleansing dual-speed facial brush features soft, non-abrasive, micro bristles to refresh and exfoliate your skin, removing dirt, oil and makeup.

To enhance your total beauty treatment, we have included our Silk’n Renuva Mask. This mask helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines while leaving your skin feeling smoother and softer. The Renuva mask has been soaked with rich nutrients and penetrates deeper into your skin’s surface after a treatment with the Pure. 

You can top off this entire treatment by completing it with your toes! The Silk’n Pedi removes callused skin, leaving your feet soft and smooth. Imagine how much money you’ll save from pedicures! Now you can treat your feet in the privacy of your own home.