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Anti Aging

 anti aging treatment

Anti Aging, The Quest for Eternal Youth

For centuries, humans have been trying to reverse the effects of aging. The Silk’n approach isn’t built on miracle creams and ointments that promise the world. It’s about applying the scientific techniques of professionals to at-home skincare products, making them accessible for everyone. Our anti-aging devices deliver results that will have you looking vibrant and years younger. 

Developed by doctors and designed to be enjoyed by consumers from all walks of life, Silk’n anti aging devices can help you look younger with treatments that actually work. Our affordable devices will transform your everyday life for the better. Combining knowledge with the best devices the market has to offer will help you get closer to having amazing skin.

 anti aging treatment Silk'n Titan

Anti Aging Facts

Using the modern technologies that have been embraced by the medical and cosmetic industries, Silk’n has created the FaceFX and the Titan, two FDA-cleared anti-aging devices that have helped millions around the world. We supplement our devices with informative resources to ensure that Silk’n users achieve the results they want.

As part of your at-home skincare routine, our anti-aging devices can help you reach your beauty goals. In this section of the Resource Center, you will learn about our anti-aging devices and gain the knowledge to build the best treatment for your needs. You will also gain access to videos and articles to help you understand how skin ages, the current technologies on the market, and why certain methods might not produce desirable results.

FaceFX Anti-Aging Device

Anti-aging Devices

We all must accept that aging is a natural part of life. While there’s nothing we can do to stop it, Silk’n has two devices that can help reduce the appearance of aging. These devices allow you to age more gracefully, saving you money that otherwise would have been spent at the makeup counter, or by booking costly salon and spa appointments.

The FaceFX Anti-Aging Device is a popular tool that reduces pore size and brightens skin tone to deliver long-lasting and radiant results. It combines red light and heat to rebuild collagen and remove the dullness associated with older skin. After a few treatments, you will experience a more balanced texture along with a reduction in visible wrinkles and fine lines.

anti-aging device

This pain-free and non-invasive treatment is simple and easy, letting you look and feel as if you just left the spa. And you quickly realize that in addition to providing great results, the treatments are extremely enjoyable and relaxing!

Tip: Pair the FaceFX with the Silhouette to treat both your face and body of wrinkles and fine lines.

The Titan skin tightening and lifting device strengthens the deepest layers beneath the surface of your skin. This device will improve wrinkles around the face and neck and spots caused by age and sun exposure. The treatments are quick and don’t require any recovery time so you can enjoy this device before work or prior to heading out on the town.  

anti-aging treatment

How Silk’n Anti-Aging Devices Work

Over time, young skin that was once able to renew and produce collagen and elastin, takes longer to rejuvenate and the skin becomes visibly aged. How well you take care of yourself (fitness, diet, sun exposure, etc.) has an impact on your skin. You need devices powered by the right technology to fight against what the body naturally does. To understand which anti-aging product in the Silk’n collection is best for you, it’s important to understand how each device works.

The FaceFX harnesses advanced Home Fractional technology to improve skin health in two ways. First, it works to improve tone and texture of the skin’s outermost layer. Second, it penetrates beneath the skin’s surface to address blemishes at their source. This technology combines red light and healing dermal heat to make your skin more youthful, healthy and smoother. Red light is such an advanced technology that it was used by astronauts while in outer space to heal wounds and grow plants.

anti-aging treatment

Silk’n Titan leverages three advanced technologies to deliver results. Infrared technology (IR) treats the outer layer of skin for improved texture. To spur collagen restoration in the dermis layer of skin, the device uses Red Light LED. Finally, Bi-Polar Radio Frequency is used to reach the deepest layer of tissues to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. The device warms the skin to enable its renewing properties, prompting skin to repair itself from the inside. Each natural treatment makes your skin glow and look years younger.

For even better results, create an anti-aging treatment plan that includes both the FaceFX and the Titan. Together, they will produce the best results for your skin. Remember, aging is natural but the appearance of aging doesn’t have to be. 

Important: You must use slider gel to activate the Titan, whereas this gel is not required with the FaceFX.

It’s All in the Results

People love the results they get from the Silk’n anti-aging devices. Those who have tried The Titan and/or the FaceFX can vouch for their abilities to make skin revert to a more youthful appearance. It’s been called “a miracle” and “amazing” by those who have enjoyed the results of these skincare treatments.

After 3-4 treatments with either device, you should start to feel your skin tighten and notice that wrinkles have reduced somewhat. Everyone’s skin is different so results will vary. For some, it can take additional treatments to experience the full results. To ensure optimal results, you need to make sure you are using the device properly and conduct treatments carefully and thoroughly as per the device’s instructions outlined in the “How To” section.

Based on a clinical study, after only 8 weeks of FaceFX treatments, participants reported:

Silk'n anti-aging device

91% improvement in skin texture. 69% reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. 78% reduction in pore size.

The FaceFX and Titan anti-aging devices were developed and designed so that users could experience at-home treatments that are equal or better than what you receive at a salon, clinic or spa. After undergoing a full treatment, your wrinkles should be noticeably reduced and your pores will have shrunk leaving you with beautiful skin that you’ll want to show off to the world.

The FaceFX can be used around the eyes to attack crow’s feet. It can also be used on cheeks, forehead and around the mouth and neck. The Titan can be used on cheeks, upper lip, forehead, jawline, neck and around the eyes.

Remember, results increase gradually. You will notice and feel a difference right away but its important to understand that the more treatments you do, the better the results will be. It’s the anti-aging equivalent of working out in a gym, so it's imperative to use the device consistently, and exactly as directed.

Facial Skin – The Aging Process

We spend a lifetime trying to keep our skin looking young and healthy. From the time we enter adolescence, many people begin applying lotions and creams in an effort to slow the aging process before it claims the health of our skin. To create a plan that can actually work, it helps to have a handle on what skin is, how it ages and what devices are best suited to make skin look younger.

Skin is a large and complex organ that measures approximately 20 square feet and contains millions of nerve receptors. It protects us from elements and regulates body temperature. Skin has three layers, all of which play a vital part in our overall health.


Silk'n anti-aging process

The three layers of skin are:

1. The Epidermis

2. The Dermis

3. The Hypodermis


Silk'n anti-aging process

1) The Epidermis:

The epidermis is the top layer that provides a non-permeable barrier to protect our organs and it also dictates skin tone.

2) The Dermis:

The dermis is comprised of connective tissue, hair follicles and vital glands.

3) The Hypodermis:

The hypodermis is where fat and loose connective tissue live, and it contains larger blood vessels and nerves than the dermis.

Silk'n anti-aging process

The change in our skin tone and texture (wrinkles, fine lines, etc.) is the most visible evidence of aging. As we get older, the epidermis thins, and pigment decreases causing skin to lose color and develop age and liver spots, especially in sun exposed areas. Connective tissue undergoes several changes, including making skin lose its elasticity. This can also be exasperated by sun exposure, which is why those who work outdoors, and those who were sun worshippers in their youth tend to have older looking skin.

The Titan and FaceFX use cutting-edge technologies to heal the layers of skin. They are your best bet in the fight against time.


Anti-Aging Treatment How To

To experience desirable results, you need to use Silk’n devices properly. The first step is to choose a device.

You have two options, the FaceFX and/or the Titan.

After making your decision, you’ll want to start the recommended treatment plan right away. Treatments are quick and committing to a complete routine (roughly 10 weeks) increases the likelihood of success.

To use the FaceFX, follow these simple instructions:

Make sure your skin is clean and dry. Place the treatment surface against your skin. This will activate the LED light. Move the device in tight circular motions, applying gentle pressure. The treatment surface will gradually grow warmer. Treat each area of skin for 5-7 minutes. Once you have completed treatment, use a small amount of moisturizing cream on the treatment areas.

Silk'n Titan

To use the Titan, follow these simple instructions:

Ensure the protective plastic over the device’s treatment surface has been peeled off. Apply the slider gel on the treatment areas. This gel is necessary as it activates the device’s sensor, and radio frequency energy. Press the start button and place the device against a small section of your skin. We recommend starting at energy level 1 or 2 for the first 5 minutes, then increasing the energy to 3-5 (whatever you’re comfortable with), for the remaining 10 minutes of your first session. Move the device in a linear, upward motion to treat an area. Be sure to move the device slowly, giving it time to work the skin. Once you have finished your treatment, wash your face to remove the gel. Then, rub lotion on your face or use a facial mask.

Silk'n anti-aging FaceFX

Anti Aging Treatment Durations

As part of a complete skincare routine, Silk’n users need to treat targeted areas for a specific amount of time to experience positive results. Follow each device’s treatment protocol below precisely to enjoy the best anti-aging results.

If the FaceFX is your device of choice, then we suggest that for the first month, conduct treatments at least three times a week. Each session should be between 15 and 20 minutes. Once you move into the maintenance stage, decrease usage to once a week keeping the same treatment duration.

TIP:  For a quick “pick me up”, use before a special occasion to give your skin a little more life!

Silk'n anti-aging titan

For the Silk’n Titan, we recommend performing treatments twice a week, per area, with each session lasting 10 to 15 minutes. While you may start to see gradual improvements throughout your treatment program, a full treatment should last 10 weeks for full results. Once you are happy with the results, start a maintenance program where you treat once every two weeks. Session durations should still run between 10 and 15 minutes.

There’s a reason why our treatment duration is designed a certain way. The first few minutes heat the cells. When the device reaches 107 Fahrenheit (42 Celsius), it’s ready to work. To maintain the heat, you need to stay in one area for the full duration. If you treat the entire face in one shot, it won't keep the skin consistently heated at the appropriate temperature.

The temperature and duration work together to make these devices perfectly safe for home use. Silk’n uses the same technology and treatments that are found in professional clinics and spas, the only difference being that our devices have built-in safety features that limit the heat. Treatments take longer but can produce similar results at the fraction of the price.