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Acne Treatments

Acne Treatments

Clear and Healthy Skin

Acne has the uncanny ability to undermine our efforts to look great and feel our most confident. No matter what we wear or how we style our hair, acne wins out by zapping our self-esteem and making us feel like there’s a spotlight on our blemishes. Most people who struggle with acne and/or acne scarring have endured the ups and downs of treatments, most of which are ineffective.

The common types of acne are blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, papules and nodules. Symptoms include visible inflammation of the skin and most treatments use harsh chemicals. Silk’n has developed the Blue Acne Eliminator Device, a chemical-free and non-invasive treatment to heal skin marred by acne and acne scarring. Best of all, it can decrease the user’s chance of experiencing future breakouts.

In this section of the Resource Center, you can learn how to properly use Blue, and why it is such an effective method to treat even the most severe acne. You will also gain a better understanding of what causes acne and why your skin might be prone to breakouts. We have articles, videos and expert opinions to help you customize a treatment plan that will deliver clear skin. 

Enjoy the resources offered in this section and experience an acne-free life that will have you feeling and looking your best in every situation.

Acne Device

The market is filled with acne devices that promise some sort of miracle cure. Rarely do they fulfil this promise costing the user time, money and added stress as their acne continues to hinder their life. If this sounds familiar, then meet the Blue Acne Eliminator Device—a non-invasive treatment that is safe, natural and has a proven track record of success.  

Clinical trials performed in three clinics proved Blue’s effectiveness in treating acne. 50 subjects of mild-to-moderate acne used Blue for 10 minutes twice a week for 4 consecutive weeks equalling 8 total treatments. The study concluded that 47 out of 50 users experienced a reduction in acne of at least 40%.

Blue can finally solve your acne issues. It’s FDA-cleared and was developed and designed by experts for the at-home market. Blue allows users to enjoy professional-level results in the comfort and privacy of their home. It’s truly revolutionary!

How Blue Works

Silk’n utilizes the best technologies to craft devices that produce the most desirable results. It’s part of what makes Silk’n a global leader in at-home skincare treatment. Evidence of this is the Blue Acne Eliminator Device, a safe and advanced method to eliminate acne once and for all.

Blue works by combining fractional blue light and deep thermal heating. Together, they work deep beneath the skin’s surface to deliver the ultimate at-home acne treatment. An excellent alternative to prescription medication and over-the-counter ointments and creams, Blue is perfectly safe for private use on most skin types including the more sensitive ones.

Blue’s professional acne light therapy replaces chemical-laced medication that is expensive and comes with having to repeatedly visit the dermatologist. You don’t have to worry about safety as this device comes with built-in temperature-control safeguards, ensuring you can treat without any concern. These treatments are safe and effective for teenagers and adults. For teenagers, it’s advisable to create a skincare routine to combat acne as it is beginning to form on their face and bodies. It’s never too early to proactively treat acne. In fact, our skin in our forties is determined by how we care for it in our twenties.

Blue can treat different types of facial and body acne. The technology penetrates the surface of your skin to work where oil-producing glands live. This is how Blue successfully eliminates acne and prevents breakouts from occurring in the future. By targeting acne-causing bacteria, Blue is the best device for people who have been searching for an advanced solution.

Use this Resource Center to learn more about the Blue Acne Eliminator Device, and why it will be the last treatment you will ever have to use.

Acne Treatment Process

The Blue Acne Eliminator Device offers a simple treatment that will rid your face and body of acne in 4 weeks. Treatments are exceptionally quick, requiring 3-4 minutes for each area being treated. For treating the entire face as a preventative measure, 10-15 minutes.

Quick doesn’t come at the expense of quality, though. Blue provides in-depth beauty treatments that were developed to eliminate different types of acne. This treatment process helps people deal with both small breakouts that happen from time to time or solves the most persistent blemishes.

After a few weeks of consistent treatments, you should start seeing positive results on the targeted areas, including clearer skin that has the appearance of health and youth. Once you are happy with the results, you should immediately start an ongoing maintenance routine.

By completing a full four-week treatment on your active acne, users will have smoother and softer skin with a more balanced complexion. Blemishes will be reduced or eradicated and skin will look much healthier. In addition, you can perform preventative treatments by moving the device across your whole face – requiring 5-7 minutes for each area. Be sure not to do this when treating active acne as it will spread the bacteria and result in more breakouts. Remember, results can vary based on skin type and other variables.

Additional Acne Fighting Tools

Silk’n has created a collection of acne fighting tools to help you achieve the most beautiful skin imaginable, the skin you deserve. The device to build your treatment around is the Blue Acne Eliminator Device, which has proven to be one of the most effective skincare devices in the world, having garnered millions of fans.

Don’t stop with just the Blue device. Add the Silk’n Pure Facial Cleansing Brush to your collection to make sure you achieve long-lasting results for your face. This cleansing brush expertly removes all traces of makeup while improving impurities and reducing the effects that stress has on skin. In addition, this cleansing brush removes 6x more makeup, dirt and oil than similar products. It comes with two brushes and a stand to conveniently store the brush in between uses. You also get two speeds so it’s your choice if you want a deep clean or something gentler. Either way, you will get skin that is cleaner and more radiant. It beats the traditional methods, many of which have let you down in the past.

By combining Blue with the Pure Facial Cleansing Brush, you can reduce pore size and clean your face and neck of all contaminants.

You could also consider using our microdermabrasion devices – ReVit & ReVit Prestige. Get salon quality exfoliation results right in the comfort of your own home. Combined with the Blue, you can truly put your acne issues in the past.

Together, these products help make your skin healthy and maximize the odds of winning your battle against acne.

How to Use the Blue Device

How to Use the Blue Device

To get the results you want within a realistic timeframe, you need to use the Blue Acne Eliminator Device the way it was designed to be used.

Prior to treatment ensure you do the following:

Wash your face with water and dry with a clean towel. This will ensure that your face is clean of makeup, creams or powders. Prepare Blue for treatment by pressing the ON/OFF button. The indicator light will turn on and the Ready/Treatment indicator light will be lit. This means the device is ready for treatment.

Follow these instructions to perform a Blue treatment:

Press the treatment surface to the area of your skin you want treat for acne. The LED light will automatically activate. The device is designed to only activate when in contact with skin. It will deactivate when removed from skin. Perform treatment on each targeted area for 3-4 minutes (See “Treatment Duration” for more information). When your session is complete, turn the device off by pressing the ON/OFF button. It is off once the indicator lights turn orange. The device will automatically turn off after five minutes of inactivity. To store the device, unplug the adaptor from the outlet and remove the plug from the applicator.

You should clean the device after each session by following these instructions:

Make sure the device is turned off and unplugged. Allow the device to cool down. You can clean the exterior of the device by wiping it with a dry cloth or isopropyl alcohol wipe. Do no use any other cleaning product(s) as you could irreversibly damage the plastic parts. Do not immerse Blue or any of its components in water. Never place Blue under tap water or in the dishwater.

Once clean, you should store Blue in a safe place that is dry and free of dust.

Treatment Duration

Silk’n acne treatments are not only safe, they are quick and easy to perform, making committing to a routine a breeze. You will enjoy positive results after only a few weeks.

A complete Blue treatment that targets active acne includes daily treatments. Users should perform treatments up to twice daily for a period of 4 weeks. Treatments should last 3-4 minutes for each area. If you plan to use the device to proactively combat acne before it occurs, treat your entire face for 10-15 minutes.

By not sacrificing power or technology, Blue users enjoy the most positive results in the shortest possible treatment time. Post-treatment, there is no waiting so you are ready to get on with your day or evening. The commitment is low but the results are exceptional. There’s a reason that people all over the world have found success with Blue!