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Tips, Filters & Rollers

Silk’n offers affordable, effective and luxurious pedicure and manicure treatments that can be enjoyed at home. Our devices are long-lasting and easy to use. Users can simply replace the filters or use a different roller to maximize the experience and get the most out of their devices.
The ReVit Microdermabrasion Device and the Reveal Diamond Microderm Wand are two devices that exfoliates and removes unhealthy skin cells. Purchase a 30 filter refill pack to help collect skin particles that are removed during treatment. A clean filter ensures that the product works to its fullest capability and extends its longevity.
Silk’n Pedi Refill Rollers and Silk’n Pedi Pro Nail Polishing refills make your manicure and pedicure devices more versatile. Our Pedi Refill Rollers comes in a two-pack and can be used with the Silk’n Pedi. One roller is designed to polish and smooth out feet, freeing them of dead, dry skin. The other roller is coarser to attack cracked heels and calluses. Pedi Pro Nail Polishing Refills helps you achieve flawless nails in only seconds. These refills come with two polishing heads:  one to buff the nail and one to polish. Together, they give you impeccable nail surfaces.

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