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Pedicure Care

No one wants discomfort when walking or running. You should move through your day with ease, not hindered by calluses and dry heels. Treat your feet with Silk’n devices that will have you feeling as if you’re walking on a cloud. Best of all, you can avoid regular trips to the salon that cost you a ton of money.
The Silk’n Pedi Pro 2 in 1 Mani and Pedi Device is an affordable alternative to the salon. It effortlessly heals calluses and smooths nails with a variety of tips. Finally, you’ll be able to reach those hidden areas. Feel comfortable using the “Best DIY Pedi Tool” chosen by the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards.
The Pedi Callus Remover is the perfect solution to soften your feet, and will make walking and wearing shoes a lot more comfortable. This battery-operated device lets you employ one of two rollers to eliminate pesky and painful calluses. One coarse grain head helps treat more difficult areas. One fine grain head is designed for areas that are more sensitive. The result is silky and sexy feet every time. Also, available in pink.

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