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Brush Heads & Brushes

Silk’n brushes and brush heads gently exfoliate your skin. The soft bristles cleanse your skin, removing dirt and oil and leaving your body and face feeling supple and rejuvenated. You will feel totally relaxed as you treat your face with the best dual-speed brush on the market. Your skin will not only feel sensational and tingly from being so clean, it will look younger and more balanced.
Target bacteria embedded deep within pores with a device that is powerful enough to remove even the smallest traces of makeup. It also reduces pore size to prevent contaminants from causing future breakouts and blemishes. With our brush head replacements, you’ll never have to replace the device. Simply purchase a replacement brush head and continue with your Silk’n treatment.
The Silk’n family of brushes include the Swirl Facial Cleansing Brush, the Pure Facial Cleansing Brush, and the new Swirl Facial Cleansing Brush. All these devices are designed with an ergonomic handle, are water resistant and are appropriate for all ages. For best results, combine with the Silk’n FaceFX and the Silk’n Blue for a more penetrating cleanse that will heal and soothe your skin.

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