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Skin Rejuvenation & Anti-Aging Devices

Skin Rejuvenation & Anti-Aging Devices

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Silk'n FaceFx In Use

Silk'n anti-aging skin care treatments take years off your skin*

Silk’n has an unparalleled reputation for delivering consistent and exceptional anti-aging devices that safely rejuvenates skin, including wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, fine lines, and other issues associated with aging skin. Our anti-aging skin care and tightening products have become synonymous with high-quality skin care products and are enjoyed world wide.

Stop and reverse the aging process and recapture your youthful glow and skin tone with Silkn’s anti-aging devices to firm and tighten the skin.* Our family of anti-aging skin care treatments will satisfy your skin and make you look years younger.

After a few treatments, you’ll notice the changes in your skin, which may include:
Enjoy comfortable treatment at home by choosing the device to match the benefits you’re seeking, including:

Soothing of facial lines and wrinkles*
Refresh the feel of your skin for a rejuvenated glow*
Enhance and reduce pore size for healthier skin*
Tightening of loose, damaged skin, making it look younger *
Convenience for your skin at home whenever you want
Inexpensive alternative to expensive spa treatments

Explore our affordable, convenient and easy to use anti-aging products, or learn more about skin care and other interesting health and beauty related topics in our Blog.

*Results may vary based on skin type and texture.

Trusted by Accredited Healthcare Professionals:

Silk’n is proud to offer proven skin care products that are safe, simple and produce real results. All of our anti-aging device technology is FDA cleared and are available for online purchase.

"After just six weeks of using Silk'n Anti-Aging,* 90% of users reported dramatic results: 91% saw improvement in skin texture, 70% saw visible improvement in more than one area, and 69% saw a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles"
- Dr. Tina Alster

*Results may vary based on skin type.


Harnessing the Power of Light and Heat Energy

Silkn’s anti-aging and skin rejuvenating capabilities brighten your appearance by using light and heat energy sources. These effective sources of energy are combined and delivered with expert precision, giving you that youthful glow.* As a result of these state-of-the-art anti-aging device innovations, you can easily enjoy spa-like treatments at home without complicated, invasive and expensive spa or clinic anti-aging treatments. Silk’n anti-aging procedures are pain-free, worry-free and produce results in the comfort of your own home.*

*Your results could vary depending on skin type and texture

Anti-Aging Woman on Couch
Face FX Technology Illustration

Heat and Red Light + Heat Section

Our skin rejuvenation treatments achieve anti-aging results by bringing together fractional red-light therapy and deep thermal heating to encourage collagen creation, which helps produce healthy, younger looking skin*. Silkn’s anti-aging products, like FaceFX, use phototherapy red light and light emitting diodes (LED) to rejuvenate your skin, diminish blemishes and enhance your skin – side effects may include increased confidence levels.*

*Changes will vary depending on type & texture of your skin.

Three Times the Power

We’re proud to offer anti-aging HT (Home Tightening) technology. Used to power our popular Titan and Silhouette anti-aging devices, this technology combines Bi-Polar RF Energy, LED light Energy and IR Heat Energy, which stimulates the healthy growth of skin cells and produces results the world will notice.*

*Outcome may vary based on skin type.

Titan Technology Illustration

Anti-Aging Product Comparisons

Silk'n FaceFX Anti-Aging Device
Silk'n Titan Anti-Aging Device



Smooths skin*
Reduces pore size*
Improves skin tone*
Fades age and sun spots*
Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles*
Smooths skin*
Reduces pore size*
Improves skin tone*
Fades age and sun spots*
Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles*
Lifts, firms and strengthens deep within the layers of the skin*

*Results may vary based on skin type.