The Silk’n Flash&Go Luxx

The Silk’n Flash&Go Luxx

If you are anything like us, you loathe shaving. The regular maintenance makes it a major time suck. Even though waxing lasts longer than shaving, who has time for weekly trips to the salon? Taking care of the house, kids, relationships, and hundreds of other things leaves very little time for you. We don’t want you to have to spend that precious time shaving! The Flash&Go Luxx will give you more time to do the things that are important to you. Using it regularly, you can be hair free in a matter of months.

Why Use the Flash&Go Luxx?

Did you know that the average woman spends 72 days shaving over the course of her lifetime? That is 72 days that you will never get back! The Luxx will give you more free time to spend with your family and those that you care about. The device will also save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over a lifetime of use. How much do you spend yearly on razors or wax treatments? If you shutter to think about the money you are wasting, then the Flash&Go Luxx is for you.

The Flash&Go Luxx is the top tier model and  will last you a lifetime. Unlike the other available models, it does not require any refills. It is a one-time purchase that will benefit you for the rest of your life! We know that after chasing the kids, cleaning the house, and making meals, the last thing you feel is sexy. You deserve to feel sexy all the time, regardless of the things you are doing! Using the hair removal device regularly, you will have silky smooth legs 24/7! Don’t believe us? Read the reviews from many satisfied customers here.

How It Works

The device uses breakthrough technology to deliver permanent results. Gentle pulses of light disable hair growth at the root. When the light energy is absorbed by the hair follicle, the tissue surrounding it remains a normal temperature. This is what allows the process to be virtually painless. Thousands of people have had successful results using this technology. The FDA has cleared the Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology because it is safe and effective. Most people begin to see noticeable results after four treatments, and great results within six treatments.

How To Use

Treatments with the device are very easy, and can be completed in the comfort of your own home. Simply plug in the device, adjust it to the desired setting, and place directly on the area you wish to treat. Push the button and you will see and feel a gentle pulse of light. Keep in mind that in order for the hair growth to be disabled, it must come in direct contact with the light. For the most effective treatment sessions, we recommend using the Flash&Go device in combination with the Silk’n HydraMist. The HydraMist will replenish your skin with moisture after your hair removal treatment. It helps to nourish your skin, leaving it silky and smooth.

Purchasing the Flash&Go Luxx is a no brainer! It will save you time. It will save you money. It will allow you to do the things you want to do. You are a woman who deserves to feel sexy no matter what you are doing. Let us help you do that! To purchase or learn more about the Flash&Go Luxx, click here!

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  • Alyssa Naccarato