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Ultimate Guide to Silk’n Hair Removal Accessories

Ultimate Guide to Silk’n Hair Removal Accessories

Amazing Skin Care Accessories to Complement Hair Removal Treatments

Intense pulsed light hair removal achieves such amazing results, you may be wondering how on earth things could get any better. Well, when you combine the effectiveness of Silk’n hair removal devices with fantastic skin care products and accessories like these, your skin will look and feel better than ever!

In order to have the best-looking and best-feeling skin, you need to make sure you’re taking care of all the aspects that influence the health of your skin. First and foremost, this includes a proper diet and plenty of water. This is one of the most easily overlooked, yet most critical factors, that play a role in the health of your skin and your overall well-being. In addition, you also need to care for your skin by avoiding UV exposure & using sunscreen, as well as moisturizing regularly.

If you take care of all of those aspects, you’re well on your way to having healthy, great-looking skin that will also help you get great results from your IPL treatments. Of course, there can be a big difference in all the brands and types of skin care products, so we decided it would be helpful to provide our own recommendations for these kinds of products.

We’re going to take a look at a selection of the best skin care products and accessories that perfectly complement the hair removal results that you’ll get from your Silk’n IPL treatments. In this list, you’ll find lotions, cleansers, brushes, trimmers, and more. Let’s get right to it!

Silk’n Pure Facial Cleansing Brush

What? Did you think that all Silk’n made was hair removal devices? We’ve also perfected the art of facial cleansing with our Silk’n Fresh Facial Cleansing Brush!

You won’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on salon or boutique facials when you’ve got the Silk’n Fresh at home. It features a gentle vibrating brush head that uses our exclusive 360º Vibration Technology for a complete, all-over clean. In addition, we’ve added a built-in dispenser that ensures you use just the right amount of cleanser each and every time.

With the Silk’n Fresh, you get a deep clean that leaves your skin feeling fresh and vibrant.


Jergens 3 Days to Glow Moisturizer

If you’re looking to add a little color to your skin, without the harmful UV exposure or costly spray-on tan appointments, then give the Jergens 3 Days to Glow Moisturizer a try and see the difference it can make in just a few days.

Available in two types, for Fair-to-Medium skin tones and for Medium-to-Tan skin tones, this lotion contains antioxidants to promote skin health, and is free from the typical odors found in many sunless tanners.

Get an instant skin tone boost with the first application, and see it gradually increase with each successive application until you reach your ideal sun-kissed look.

Silk’n Trim

For those places that pesky hair needs to be gone, but you just can’t do it with your Silk’n hair removal device, the Silk’n Trim is ready for action!

The Trim is a precision electric trimmer, shaper and shaver that is ideal for accompanying your IPL treatments, as well as handling eyebrow shaping and other precision hair shaping needs. It features an adjustable trimming comb to ensure you can get exactly the right length that you want. It’s also a great way to trim and prep those areas that you want to treat with IPL in order to get better results from the treatments.

Silk’n Lux Body Lotion

Having the right moisturizer makes a huge difference in the feel and look of your skin. Well, look no further than Silk’n Lux Body Lotion.

With up to 24-hours of locked-in moisture, Lux body lotion soothes and treats dry, irritated skin and leaves it looking radiant and soft. With a light scent of calming natural Chamomile, Lux lotion does not contain paraben or artificial fragrances.

This lotion has a luxurious, non-greasy feel and absorbs quickly to deliver its moisture right to the places you need it most.

Sephora Collection PRO On The Go Traincase

Staying organized with your hair removal device, accessories, and skin care products can help save a lot of time and make things easier, so it’s helpful to have a good storage case, especially when you have to pack for traveling.

The Sephora Collection PRO On The Go Traincase is a super-durable beauty product travel case with plenty of space for all your products, and the ability to adjust the compartments to customize it for your unique needs.

This case is built to last and looks very stylish and is one of the most functional travel cases we’ve ever seen. It’s fantastic!

Silk’n Flash&Go Long Life Cartridge

If you have one of our previous generation Flash&Go hair removal devices, it just got even better with this long-life replacement cartridge! Capable of delivering up to 120,000 intense light pulses, it’s the perfect upgrade for your Flash&Go IPL hair removal device and will ensure that your Silk’n IPL device is always ready to use whenever you need it.

Compatible with the following models: 

  • Flash&Go 2k
  • Flash&Go 5k
  • Flash&Go Luxx 120k
  • BellaFlash

Replacement of the cartridge is super easy, as it just pops in and out of the device with no tools needed. With the Silk’n Flash&Go Long Life Cartridge in your IPL device, you’ll have enough pulses to last for a lifetime of hair-free skin!

Revlon Expert Slant-Tip Tweezers

Finally, no hair removal regimen would be complete without a really good set of precision tweezers for the final shaping and plucking of your brows.

This stylish set of precision tweezers from Revlon is perfect for getting those last few strays taken care of. It’s got a comfortable handle and a slanted tip that allows you to grip single hairs or multiple hairs with ease. Their solid metal design means they won’t bend or lose their spring.

In addition, they’re quite affordable at less than $10 each, so you can easily get a pair for your bathroom, a pair for your travel kit, and even one for your purse, all for under $30.

Get the Look You Want with Silk’n & the Right Collection of Accessories

You already know that hair removal with Silk’n hair removal products is the best way to get smooth, hair-free skin in the comfort of your own home. It’s the perfect hair removal solution that’s pain-free, fast, easy, affordable, convenient, and effective for a wide range of skin and hair tones that some other & more-costly hair removal treatments just won’t work with.

Now, with products like these available to you, it’s even easier to get the beautiful complexion, healthy glow, and soft, supple skin that will make you look and feel your best before and after your at-home hair removal treatments.

These Silk’n accessories and skin care products will help you shape, smooth, enhance, soften, and style until you achieve the ultimate look that you’ve been working for.

We hope that you’ve found this list to be helpful, and that you’re already looking ahead to making your beauty regimen even better with these great products and accessories from Silk’n.

And now, we don’t think there’s anything left to say except “stay beautiful”!