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Get the Best Results from Your Silk’n IPL Hair Removal Device

Get the Best Results from Your Silk’n IPL Hair Removal Device

If you opened up your bathroom cabinets and drawers and took stock of every hair removal and skin care product that you’ve got in there, we bet there’s a lot more than you’d expect! If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably got some random stuff that you don’t ever remember using before or buying in the first place.

Plus, if you looked at each product and really evaluated their true usefulness, we bet you’d come to the same conclusion that we do; most of the stuff just doesn’t cut it. Wouldn’t it be great to trim down this collection of products and get right down to the ones that really help you get the most from your hair removal and skin care routines?

Here, we’re going to give you a handful of excellent recommendations for products and tips that you can use to really make sure that you’re getting the absolute most from each and every treatment with your Silk’n hair removal device. With just a small collection of products, you can streamline your daily routines, save time, save money, and prep your skin in the best way to get the permanently silky-smooth hair-free skin you want. Let’s get right to it!

For starters, let’s talk about the essentials.

Before you can begin your hair removal treatments with your Silk’n IPL device, you’ll need to shave the area first. The reason that shaving is recommended, and not waxing for example, is because shaving leaves a portion of the hair intact inside the follicles. This small portion of hair is necessary in order for the IPL light energy to be absorbed and produce the growth-inhibiting effects that result in permanent hair removal.

Now, in order to get a nice, smooth shave and minimize the risk of cuts, nicks, and scrapes, you’ll need a good quality razor. This can be confusing, since the razor selection at your local store will likely have dozens of different types. To help you decide, Good Housekeeping pulled together a list of the top 10 razors for women as rated by a top-notch team of beauty experts. Their reviews and insights should prove invaluable to pick a good quality razor.

In addition to having an excellent razor to prep your skin prior to your IPL treatment, a good shaving cream can make your shaving experience significantly more comfortable. These creams are designed specifically to lubricate the skin and provide a friction-free surface for your razor to glide over, minimizing the risk of scrapes and razor burn. Many also have moisturizing properties or cooling effects, too.

Much like choosing a razor, there are countless options available for shaving creams. However, you can narrow down your choices using this helpful list from of their picks for the 8 best shaving creams for legs. There is a good variety of gels and creams offered for your consideration, with some that are specially formulated for dry skin, sensitive skin, and bikini areas.

Of course, there are always going to be some areas of your body that you want to treat with your IPL device, but don’t necessarily want to use a standard razor to prep them. For those spots, say hello to the Silk’n Trim Precision Hair Trimmer! This compact electric precision trimmer is the perfect tool to shave, shape and prep any area that you don’t want to use a razor on before you use your Silk’n IPL device.

Another important thing to consider when caring for your skin in the lead up to your next IPL treatment is to ensure that your skin stays moisturized and hydrated in order to avoid potential dry skin situations. Drinking lots of water each day makes a big difference in the health and resilience of your skin and using a good quality moisturizer will help take care of any recurring dryness while keeping your skin soft and smooth.

Not all moisturizers are equal, however. Many are loaded with oils or other ingredients that can clog your pores and feel heavy on your skin. It’s best to look for a gentle, natural-feeling moisturizer that absorbs fast and leaves a fresh feeling on your skin. We recommend our very own Silk’n Lux Body Lotion. Lux body lotion has a special formula to lock-in moisture all day long, without feeling heavy or greasy. It is infused with stimulating vitamin D3, a light chamomile scent that is natural and calming, and is free of parabens and strong fragrances. It’s the perfect lotion to keep your skin smooth, soft, and vibrant all year long.

So, let’s assume now that you’ve taken great care of your skin, it’s well-hydrated and regularly-moisturized, and you’ve freshly shaven your treatment area using your excellent new razor and shave cream. Now you’re totally ready to get the most from your Silk’n IPL hair removal treatment! But, once you’re done your treatment, what’s next?

Prepping your skin for IPL hair removal is one thing, but you also need to include post-treatment care as part of the process. Fortunately, this is a very easy and simple task, and you’ll find it a breeze to take care of after your IPL session is done.

After completing your hair removal treatment, follow it up with Silk’n Calm E Post-HPL Soothing Cream. It feels incredible, leaves you’re the treatment area feeling unbelievably soft and smooth, and gives your skin a boost of vitamin E. This powerful anti-oxidant provides protection from oxidative stress and stimulates the natural rejuvenation processes of the skin.

One last thing to keep in mind, especially after your IPL hair removal treatment, is to minimize your skins exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Be sure to always use a strong SPF sunscreen before heading out in to the sun, wear light, comfortable clothing, and seek shade whenever possible. This will help in your efforts to ensure your skin stays healthy and vibrant, and minimizes the potential damages that are associated with excess sun exposure.

The Next Generation of At-Home IPL Hair Removal Devices

If you follow all of these suggestions, you’re already well on your way to getting amazing results from your at-home IPL hair removal treatments, but you still need to have the right device! To achieve the smooth, permanently hair-free skin you’ve always wanted in the least amount of time, you’ll want the IPL device that leads the way in at-home hair removal; the Silk’n Infinity.

With the Silk’n Infinity, our team of designers combined all the amazing features and user-friendliness that have made all Silk’n IPL devices famous around the world, and added new technologies that help you get better results in less time than ever before. The Infinity comes with our longest-lasting light emitter, capable of producing 400,000 light pulses, which is more than enough for an entire lifetime of IPL treatments.

But that’s not all! The Infinity combines Silk’n IPL technology with galvanic energy to speed up treatment times and provide even greater comfort. Through an electrode on the tip of the device, galvanic energy is delivered to the skin as the Infinity glides over the treatment area. This energy stimulates the skin, encouraging pores to open and kickstarting the body’s natural repair and healing processes for softer, smoother skin.

Prepare for Hair-Free Skin with Silk’n

We certainly hope that you’ve found these tips helpful, and that our recommendations have provided some clarity on what to look for when you start hunting for the best products to improve your hair removal routine. With a little bit of preparation, and the right mix of products, your skin will be in optimum condition so you can get the most from your Silk’n IPL hair removal treatments. Get the permanent hair removal results you want, starting today!

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