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Enhance Your Skin Care Routine with the Latest Trends & Hottest New Products

Enhance Your Skin Care Routine with the Latest Trends & Hottest New Products

Let’s face it, sometimes you need to change up your skin care routine in order to get the results you really want. Here, you’ll discover new products and tips for a more vibrant complexion, consistent tone, and healthier looking, more resilient skin.

Every now and then you may start to feel like your skin care routine is starting to let you down, and not delivering the results you really want. Over time, the needs of our skin changes and our tried-and-true collection of products needs to be shaken up and replaced with something new. If this sounds familiar, then this article should be exactly what you need to refresh your skin care routine and get better results than ever before.

We’ve compiled a wide variety of modern trends, new products, and advanced technology that will open your eyes to a fresh and exciting world of skin care habits that you will certainly benefit from. Whether you’re in search of a better way of exfoliating, moisturizers that don’t feel heavy or greasy, or a gentler, more natural approach to skin care, you’ll find it here. So, without any further delay, let’s get right into it!

Natural, Organic Ingredients & Vegan Formulas

For quite some time now, consumers have been leaning more towards natural ingredients in all kinds of health and beauty products, but this trend has really surged forward recently. Now, there is overwhelming pressure on cosmetic and skin care companies to use 100% organic and naturally occurring ingredients, with many brands even taking the steps necessary to produce vegan-friendly formulas in a wide range of skin care product categories. In addition, this trend has also placed increased focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly approaches to manufacturing and packaging.

The benefits of all-natural ingredients are numerous, but they have been particularly embraced by people who have sensitive skin or conditions that can flare up from the harsh chemicals and heavy oils found in many skin care lotions, creams, and other types of products. Natural ingredients and organic formulas tend to be much lighter and gentler than their chemical-based counterparts.

Bespoke Skin Care & Build-Your-Own

Building off of the trend of gentler formulas, some innovative skin care companies, such as are offering the ability for users to totally customize their skin care products, right down to the specific mix of individual ingredients. For example, do you find that you love the feel of a certain product, but it contains one or more ingredients that simply don’t agree with your skin chemistry? Well, with this bespoke approach, you can get all the benefits of the product you want, with none of the ingredients that could potentially detract from your skin care experience. It’s genius!

Electrolyte Infused Skin Care Products

No, we’re not talking about energy drinks, but the basic science of the importance of electrolytes is the same. Your body needs electrolytes in order to function properly, especially when it comes to maintaining the optimum level of hydration. Since we all know how important proper hydration is to the health and resilience of our skin, it’s only natural that electrolytes have started to make their way on to the ingredient list of certain brands of skin care products.

Generally found in the form of mineral ingredients, electrolytes such as magnesium help to stimulate circulation and blood flow, along with several other beneficial effects to the natural functions of the body. This is definitely a trend that we can get behind!

Emphasis on SPF & UV Protection

Keeping your skin healthy depends on protecting it from damage and harmful environmental effects like the sun’s intense UV rays. High SPF sunscreen has always been advised as a good way to protect the skin from excess UV exposure, but these products are not always intended for everyday use. Often the ingredients in some sunscreens, such as perfumes or other chemical ingredients, can be far heavier or harsher than what most people really need as a daily layer of SPF protection.

Recently, more and more skin care products are incorporating SPF protection into their formulas, allowing you to still effectively block harmful UV rays while keeping the number of products applied to your skin to a minimum. Focusing on a smaller number of top-quality skin care products is a far better approach for maintaining healthy skin than slathering on multiple layers of products, each with a different function and mix of ingredients that may add up to skin troubles.

Moving Away from Chemicals to Physical Treatments

One of the most prominent shifts occurring in the world of skin care is the rise of physical treatments in place of traditional chemical methods. For example, a chemical peel used to be an extremely popular way of dealing with dull complexions, reducing the appearance of fine lines, and removing layers of damaged skin, along with other visible signs of aging. However, a chemical peel process is often quite stressful on the skin and can lead to significant discomfort or irritation afterwards. Fortunately, there are simpler ways to achieve the goals without the use of harsh chemicals, and you can take advantage of them right in the comfort of your own home.

At-Home Microdermabrasion Treatments

Microdermabrasion is a process that offers many of the same benefits as facial peels, without the use of any harsh chemicals on the skin. Microdermabrasion utilizes a specialized device with a very fine abrasive tip that gently but thoroughly removes damaged skin cells, while simultaneously stimulating the natural repair and rejuvenation processes in the skin. After a microdermabrasion treatment, you’ll be left with a visibly improved complexion, more even skin tone, a vibrant glow, reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and a wonderfully soft and smooth feel.

Microdermabrasion is easier than ever to perform at home thanks to the Silk’n ReVit Prestige. This innovative at-home microderm device is amazingly simple to use and incorporates advanced skin care technology to help automate your treatments and guide you through the optimum process to achieve the best possible results each and every time. Users can select from a variety of different microdermabrasion tips on their ReVit Prestige to switch from precision spot treatments to gentle massaging effects quickly and easily. If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to enhance your entire skin care routine and improve the overall health and youthful appearance of your skin, then the Silk’n ReVit Prestige is the microdermabrasion device you’ve been waiting for.

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Enhanced Energy Treatments for Skin Tightening

Fine lines and wrinkles developing as we age is of course a natural thing, however there are ways to slow the process and even turn back the clock on the appearance of these visible signs of aging. Microdermabrasion certainly helps in this regard, but if you want even more dramatic reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and an improvement to the firmness and resilience of skin, then the Silk’n Titan Skin Tightening device is the answer.

The Titan’s unique technology brings the benefits of three different types advanced energy treatments to your skin all at once. Silk’n incorporates Bi-Polar RF energy, LED light energy, and IR heat energy in perfect harmony to help stimulate the circulation deep within the skin, boosting its natural renewing ability and helping to repair collagen and elastin fibers for increased firmness and elasticity. Even after the first treatment, Titan users will start to see noticeable reduction in the appearance of fine lines, increased firmness, and better resilience in their skin.

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Change Up Your Skin Care Routine and Experience the Difference

Freshening up your daily self-care habits is essential from time to time. There’s no need to stay stuck in a rut of mediocre skin care products when there are so many exciting new things to try that can really elevate your skin care results. Once you start to see the positive effects that these products and technologies can have on the look and feel of your skin, we’re confident that you’ll be grateful you chose to make a change!

We hope that you’ve found this list informative, and that you’re now encouraged to try something new in your daily self-care routine. After all, you’re worth it!

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