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Silk'n Home Innovations Warns Consumers About Imitations



Silk'n, a global leader in at-home beauty technologies, wants to warn consumers about the risks of fraudulent devices as the demand for at-home beauty products have skyrocketed over the past few months. Consumers are seeking out alternative ways to achieve professional results without having to leave their homes. Silk’n emphasizes that consumers should educate themselves prior to selecting an at-home beauty device. There are numerous fraudulent devices on the market, some of which can cause severe skin damage.

 “Though customers may approach cheaper options with the sense that they are scoring a deal, lower quality products can be extremely dangerous, and discrepancies within skin sensors and the energy control can result in permanent damage to the skin” says Michael Bank, President of Home Skinovations.

The Silk’n Research and Development Department’s policy is to examine these devices and report products to Health Canada that do not comply with its standards. The Silk’n Legal Team also frequently scans the internet, taking legal action against counterfeit products in an attempt to remove them entirely from the North American market.

Fraudulent devices still find their way into the homes of consumers, but there are steps people can take to avoid potentially dangerous devices. It is important to know what to look out for. Typically, hair removal devices use concentrated beams of light to target the hair follicle, thereby inhibiting future hair growth. Ideal candidates for this treatment are those with fair skin and dark hair, as the contrast allows the light to target the hair follicle specifically, ensuring the skin is not affected. Many fraudulent products don’t have a skin type sensor, meaning the device can not properly recognize the user’s skin tone. This can lead to pulsations on deeper complexions, resulting in burns.

It is also important to note if the product has a rating plate, and if so, what information is included there. Typically, these plates list the voltage of the device, along with important manufacturer information. A rating plate is a compulsory element that is laser printed on a device and cannot be removed. It should also appear in the user manual.

“At Silk’n our manufacturing facility is audited annually to ensure that we’re in compliance with the rating plate regulation, and regulatory bodies around the world,” says Bank. “Our Canadian facilities are also audited by Health Canada on a regular basis.”

Consumers should be mindful of where the product is being sold. Devices should be bought directly from the company, or from one of its verified retailers. There are websites that will try to trick customers into buying illegitimate versions of mainstream product, so verifying where a device is sold can help eliminate this issue. If a customer is concerned about whether or not a product is legitimate, they can request compliance certificates from Health Canada or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In addition, the customer can request the Health Canada or FDA license number which, if provided, should confirm the device is safe to use.

Silk’n’s technologies are developed for safety and efficacy. All are clinically tested and in compliance with medical regulation. “Our products and factories are all cleared for use and approved by organizations like the FDA, GMP, ISO Medical and Health Canada,” says Bank. “And all of our certificates of approval are available and accessible to retailers and consumers. We’ve become a trusted name within the beauty technology industry because of how transparent we are with our customers.”

Consumers who would like to report fraudulent devices should contact Health Canada or the FDA

ABOUT Silk’n
Silk'n and its parent company, Home Skinovations Ltd, is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed leader who has been pioneering the at-home beauty business for more than a decade. Silk'n stands for authentic beauty and is a private company with a mission to develop, manufacture and sell the safest and most effective consumer devices to help people improve their appearance, defy aging and reshape their bodies. Over 10 million Silk'n Beautiful Technology devices are currently used world-wide.

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