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Health & Beauty Articles

Health & Beauty Articles

Health and beauty is a complicated process, one that can cause a lot of confusion and frustration. Misinformation can prevent people from achieving their health and beauty goals. In fairness, there is a lot to understand about skincare, anti-aging, cellulite, acne treatment, hair removal and general health and beauty. How do you wade through the infinite number of articles to find the right ones for your needs?

There are so many conflicting opinions on the topic of health and beauty that trying to get a simple tip can make your head spin. This blog will demystify health and beauty to give you the necessary guidance to achieve the most glorious skin. This is also where you can learn to use Silk’n products to their fullest abilities and how they will help you achieve your best self.

In this blog, you will get advice, insights and opinions about Silk’n devices and how to craft an at-home beauty routine that’s easy, affordable and will produce stunning results. This section will highlight the devices you’ll want to have for the spring and summer, or can help you develop a foolproof skincare and grooming routine for the fall. If you are searching for informative and compelling content that can help you look your best, then you’re in the right place.

We regularly update our blog to make sure you get the most current and relevant health and beauty advice. By subscribing to our newsletter, you will be notified when the latest content is published.

You can also browse our Resource Center if you’re looking for product specific information, like what to expect with at home hair removal devices, and much more.

Silk'n silhouette cellulite reduction device

Introducing the Silk’n Silhouette

The newest product to join the Silk’n family is something you don’t want to miss out on! Sometimes, even diet and exercise can’t get rid of trouble spots on your body. That’s where we come...

Silk’n Spring Beauty Tips

Silk’n Spring Beauty Tips 2016

We are thrilled that Spring is finally here! Flowers are in bloom, the days are longer, and the sun is shining more often. There is something about the Spring season that makes us want to freshen...

Silk'n pedi foot and pedicure device

2018 Holiday Party Beauty Tips

Holiday parties are one of the best things about the season. You get to dress up, be festive, and celebrate with people you love. We have some great pointers on how to make the most...

Silk’n at the American Music Awards

Silk’n at the American Music Awards

Silk’n had the wonderful opportunity to be an official backstage sponsor at the American Music Awards. We were there for the Westwood One backstage event, and had a total blast! The Flash&Go hair...

Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

So, Halloween is tomorrow. We aren’t sure how that happened. But somehow we are finding ourselves in the same situation as nearly every other year: the day before, with no idea what we are going...

Silk'n pedi pedicure device

Silk’n to Donate for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At Silk’n, we realize that millions of people are affected each year by breast cancer. The statistics on the disease are staggering. Did you know that 1 in every...