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Why DentalRF Technology is Your Solution to Cleaner Teeth

Why DentalRF Technology is Your Solution to Cleaner Teeth

Why DentalRF Technology is Your Solution to Cleaner Teeth

DentalRF Technology is the Future

Brushing your teeth is part of everyone’s daily routine. The practice has been engrained into our minds at a very young age, and people never question it. As something we use daily without thought, the history of toothbrushes is extensive and fascinating. Once a luxury, a huge percentage of the global population owns at least one toothbrush now.

When thinking of the history of the toothbrush, the future of them becomes a topic of discussion. If we can go from chewing sticks to modern-day electric toothbrushes that vibrate beyond the limit of human sound, who knows what the future will hold?


The Importance of Brushing Your Teeth

As we all know, brushing your teeth is the foundation of any good oral hygiene routine. Not only does it help the outward appearance of your teeth, but it also betters the overall health of your mouth and gums. By not brushing your teeth regularly, you aren’t able to remove plaque and bacteria that causes cavities, gum disease or even tooth loss. Long-term poor oral hygiene can result in the following serious issues:

  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis
  • Bacterial pneumonia
  • Infective endocarditis
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Cancer
  • Sepsis

Since the mouth is a primary entrance to the body, poor oral health can have negative effects on the whole body. Sore teeth, inflamed or bloody gums, and bad breath are all signs that you should be taking better care of your oral hygiene. Bacteria from the mouth can easily get into your bloodstream, causing serious overall health issues.


The History of the Toothbrush

Toothbrushes as we know them now weren’t invented until 1938. However, early forms of the toothbrush have been used since as early as 3000 BC. Ancient civilizations used to use sticks with small frayed ends to rub against their teeth to clean them. The first bristle toothbrush was invented in China around 1498. They were stiff hairs attached to handles made of bone or bamboo. 

Today, toothbrushes come in many shapes and sizes, both manual and electric. They are primarily made from plastic with molded grips and utilize a variety of different shaped nylon and/or rubber bristles. Toothbrushes are considered a necessity and were deemed one of the top inventions people couldn’t live without, an understatement if there ever were one.

Having such an important role in people’s lives, it’s fascinating to see how we have come from chewing sticks to the modern-day toothbrushes that we all use today.


Types of Toothbrushes

Currently, on the market there are two main types of toothbrushes available: electric and manual. Manual toothbrushes are commonly made of plastic with fine bristles at the top that gently remove plaque buildup. As a child we are taught how to brush our teeth daily, going in small circles and working our way around each tooth from all angles. However, manual toothbrushes can sometimes miss those hard-to-reach spots.

Additionally, if you aren’t brushing correctly or for the right amount of time, you could be missing out on the potential benefits that brushing your teeth correctly will bring.

Electric toothbrushes are battery-operated and are the best traditional option to get a professional-quality clean. They come in different shapes and sizes, with multiple different brush heads to target specific issues. There currently are three popular types of electric toothbrushes: oscillating, sonic, and ultrasonic. Some features that most electric toothbrushes have include:

  • A 2-minute timer that turns the brush off after exactly two minutes.
  • A 30-second timer that helps to break up your mouth into four quadrants so you know your teeth are all getting an even clean.
  • A pressure sensor to ensure you aren’t putting too much pressure and damaging your gums.
  • A long battery life so you can go longer between charges.
  • travel case to keep it clean and damage-free.
  • Multiple cleaning modes including daily clean, gum care, sensitive, whitening, deep clean, and tongue cleaner.

With so many features, electric toothbrushes have become a favourite for many of us, however, that is all about to change.


The Introduction of ToothWave

Silk’n, a global leader in at-home medical aesthetics technology, released its newest product in 2020 - the ToothWave with DentalRF.  The ToothWave cleans at a molecular level, attacking discolouration, stains, and tartar that attach to the tooth’s surface by forming strong molecular bonds. DentalRF releases mild radiofrequency waves that break those bonds. ToothWave is clinically proven to reduce gum inflammation and bleeding, reduce teeth stains, brighten teeth, and reduce existing tartar.

ToothWave looks like any other electric toothbrush with changeable heads, but it offers something no traditional electric toothbrush does. The brush heads on ToothWave use 2 RF electrodes with a silicone strip separating them within the bristles. As you brush your teeth, the bristles will remove any surface-level impurities with the radiofrequency waves. This does not damage the enamel or gums and leaves your teeth beyond clean.

ToothWave is the first and only toothbrush that has been proven to reduce already-existing tartar. Tartar is inevitable, and is when hard calcified deposits form and coat the teeth and gums. It occurs when the mouth mixes with food particles and turns into plaque. When plaque is left untreated and discolours, making tartar. While it is common among children and adults alike, it has conventionally been something that can’t be removed at home. Until now.

According to clinical studies, regular use of the ToothWave resulted in:

  • Reduction of existing tartar
  • 37% reduction of stains
  • 2 shades of teeth whitening
  • 45% reduction of gingivitis

With such high success, ToothWave is quickly becoming a leader in the oral hygiene space. Its innovative technology and affordable price have experts and users alike excited to see where oral RF technology will go in the future.


ToothWave Features

ToothWave has several innovative features worth mentioning:

  • It offers three vibration speeds: high, medium, or low vibration speeds as well as a still feature where the brush can be used as a manual brush. In all four modes, DentalRF technology is active.
  • It comes with a smart 30-second interval timer, reminding you when to move on to the next section of your mouth. After two minutes, the device will automatically shut off. On average, adults brush their teeth for an average of 45 seconds, which is far less than the recommended two minutes.
  • Although it has innovative technology, ToothWave is completely waterproof.
  • It is safe to use on braces, fillings, facings, and any kind of dental implant.
  • It is rechargeable with up to two weeks of battery life.
  • Its replacement heads come in two different sizes.


Using the ToothWave

With such a new product, there might be some questions around how to use it properly. When you purchase a ToothWave, you will receive:

  • ToothWave handle
  • Replaceable brush heads
  • Charger
  • Wall adapter
  • Warranty booklet
  • User manual

It is recommended to brush twice a day for a full two minutes each time, once in the morning and once at night. You use it like any toothbrush by wetting the bristles and applying any kind of toothpaste. Then, brush each section (breaking it down into four quadrants) of your mouth for 30 seconds until you feel a small vibration reminding you to move on to the next section of your mouth. Once two minutes is up, the device will turn off automatically.

The immediate results of using ToothWave are visibly cleaner teeth and the instant removal of any plaque on the teeth. To experience the full results of the DentalRF technology, clinical trials showed that it takes between four and six weeks of daily use.


Where to Purchase

You can buy the ToothWave directly from the Silk’n website, which is available in the US. Ordering directly through the Silk’n website will provide shipping to North America only. However, if you are eager to get your hands on this innovative product, ToothWave is also sold at Amazon, Costco, and The Shopping Channel.


The Future of Dentistry           

Being such a new device, ToothWave is currently the only toothbrush that uses DentalRF technology available on the market today. What makes it so exciting is how innovative this technology is. Inevitably, its success will lead to new devices from different companies. If you want to be ahead of the curve, purchasing the ToothWave now is vital. According to experts, DentalRF technology is one that will shape the future of dentistry. Other dental technologies that are suspected to be popular in the future include:

  1. Smart toothbrushes
  2. Augmented Reality
  3. Virtual Reality
  4. Tele dentistry
  5. Computer-assisted design and 3D printing
  6. Intra-oral cameras
  7. Regenerative dentistry

As a pioneer in the industry, Silk’n has successfully created a device that dentists recommend, scientists support, and experts reinforce as being the future of dentistry.


Experience the Clean

We’ve come a long way from chewing on sticks to clean plaque off of our teeth. With technology constantly evolving, new devices will keep being released. Bigger, better things are yet to come. Being able to own the first toothbrush with DentalRF technology will be something you can brag about for years to come, so go ahead and get brushing!

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