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Silk’n Spring Beauty Tips 2016

Silk’n Spring Beauty Tips 2016

We are thrilled that Spring is finally here! Flowers are in bloom, the days are longer, and the sun is shining more often. There is something about the Spring season that makes us want to freshen up our beauty routines. That includes everything from makeup to hair to skincare. Keep reading to get some of the best spring beauty tips!

1- Switch up Your Lipstick

We aren’t alone in loving to mimic the colors of the season with our makeup. One of the funnest things to do in Spring is purchase a few new lipsticks in brighter pinks and corals. It is amazing what the pop of color can do for your overall look (and your mood). Right now we are loving Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-In-Stick Lipstick in Bright Strawberry Pink.

Silk’n Spring Beauty Tips 2016

2- Tame Your Mane

Spring is the perfect time to try something new with your hair. The feeling of a fresh cut and highlights is one of the best in the world! Lighten up your hair by adding some dimensional blonde highlights. Make sure to use a dry shampoo often to ensure the new color stays vibrant for as long as possible! If you are feeling daring, chop off some length and go for a lob haircut like the one pictured below. For all the best hair inspiration, follow our ‘Perfectly Styled‘ board on Pinterest!

Silk’n Spring Beauty Tips 2016

3- Shed Your Layers

The winter season can truly wreak havoc on your skin. The dry, harsh weather causes nasty buildup of dead, dry skin that ages you like crazy. Lucky for you, there is the ReVit. The at-home microdermabrasion device uses a diamond tip to gently remove that layer of dead, dry skin. Users are left with a fresh, glowing complexion that is completely natural and the perfect canvas for your favorite makeup!

Silk’n Spring Beauty Tips microderm device reVit

4- Say So Long to Heavy Makeup

We know, we know—everyone wants the perfectly contoured face. The problem with this is it requires so much makeup (and effort). If you are wanting to go for a more natural look this season, ditch the heavy creams and extreme contouring. Instead, bring out your favorite features with a subtle highlighter. The internet is obsessed with the new PRISM rainbow highlighter, and for good reason! It will bring out your inner unicorn!

Silk’n Spring Beauty Tips 2016

5- Take Control of Your Acne

With warmer weather comes sweat, which can cause acne. If you suffer from acne during the Spring and Summer months, you are in luck. The Silk’n Blue uses dermatologist recommended blue light therapy to destroy acne-causing bacteria while dehydrating oil producing glands. The result? Improved complexion both short and long term!

Silk’n Spring Acne Blue treatment device

6- Spring Clean Your Makeup Tools

The dreaded job of cleaning your makeup brushes. We all hate to do it, but it must be done. Technically, you should clean your makeup brushes every few weeks. But who actually does that?! Now is a great time quit procrastinating and rid your brushes of dead skin cells, bacteria, old makeup, and lots of other gross stuff. Get some tips on how the makeup pros clean their brushes here.

Silk’n Spring Beauty Tips 2016

7- Treat Your Toes

We LOVE sandal season. Who doesn’t like wearing a cute pair of open-toed heels with a fun floral dress? It’s the perfect spring outfit! What we don’t love is the price of pedicures. Sure, they are fun to have done every once in a while. But they are also super expensive. You can give yourself an at-home pedicure for way cheaper. Get yourself a Silk’n Pedi device, which sloughs off the dead skin, leaving your feet soft and smooth. Top it off with some nourishing foot cream and a fun color of polish and you have a perfect manicure without stepping out your door!

Silk’n Spring Beauty Tips pedicure device

8- Get Your Glow On

Give yourself some sunkissed color without the sun damage. Start using a sunless tanner to get that surfer girl glow. There are tons of awesome sunless tanners available. They are not longer streaky and won’t make you look like an oompa loompa! We love the Kate Summerville Tanning Towelettes for easy application and a super natural looking glow.

Silk’n Spring Beauty Tips 2016

9- Become a #FormerShaver

Ditch your razor and become a Former Shaver this summer. Use the Flash&Go Compact hair removal device to remove hair and get permanent results. That’s right, no more shaving nicks or cuts, no more $$$ wasted on razors. Just smooth, silky skin 24/7! The Flash&Go uses HPL technology to disable growth at the root. Within 10 weeks, you could be hair free. What are you waiting for!?

Silk’n Spring hair removal device

Whether you use just one or all of these Spring beauty tips, we hope they help you to feel beautiful this season!

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