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Silk’n Pedi: A Spring & Summer Must Have

Silk’n Pedi: A Spring & Summer Must Have

We can’t believe it’s already May. Soon the summer season will be in full swing. We all know that summer is the time to shed the layers and show a little skin, and there is no exception for the feet. Who doesn’t love a cute pair of open-toed heels or flip flops?! Unfortunately, the feet are often neglected this time of year. We are here to help change that! Keep reading to find out just what the Silk’n Pedi can do for you!

What it Does

This Silk’n Pedi is an award-winning at-home pedicure device. It works wonders on your feet and toes and will get them in the perfect condition for sandal season! The pedi device comes with two rollers that help to eliminate dry, callused skin. The turquoise head is coarse grained. This makes it perfect for treating areas which have very tough skin. This is most common on the heel as well as the inner part of your big toe. These areas experience constant contact with closed-toed shoes during the winter months which causes buildup of very rough skin.

The purple head is great for all other areas on the foot that do not require intensive treatment. It is great for the feet’s sensitive areas. Using  both the turquoise and purple heads will ensure that your feet are treated in the most effective way possible. The best thing about the Silk’n Pedi device is that you do not have to go through the trouble of making an appointment at the salon, and you don’t run the risk of unsanitary treatment. Since treatments with the Pedi can be completed in your own home, you can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth!

Silk’n Pedi pedicure tool

How to Use It

The Silk’n Pedi is extremely easy to use. It is important that you start with dry skin. If you are treating after a bath or shower, make sure your feet are completely dry (not damp) before you treat. Since the pedi removes dead and dry skin, it can make a mess. Lay down a towel or something to help make clean up as easy as possible! Once everything is prepped, you are ready to start treatment!

We recommend treating the areas that require the coarse grain head first, then moving on to the fine grain head. Press the safety button down, then move the switch to the On position. Place the roller gently but firmly to the desired treatment area. For safety precautions, do not treat one area longer than 2-3 seconds. That is all that is required to get great results! Follow the same steps on the other foot, then repeat the process with the fine grain head. Once finished, simply move the switch to the off position.

For best results, complete your treatments by applying a foot cream or lotion to your feet. The Pedi will help to increase absorption in your skin, making it feel silky smooth! We recommend using the Silk’n Foot Cream, which moisturizes and prevents calluses from forming in the future.

Why You Need It

The Silk’n Pedi is a total Spring and Summer must-have. For just $29.00 you can get professional level treatments without every stepping foot outside your door! Using the Pedi as needed throughout the Spring and Summer months will ensure that your feet look and feel healthy throughout all of sandal season! Oh, and did we mention it comes in two colors? Take your pick between silver and pink!

soft feet at home with Silk'n pedicure

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