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Silk’n at New York and London Fashion Week

Silk’n at New York and London Fashion Week

Silk’n had the amazing opportunity to attend and participate in both New York and London Fashion Week! In New York, Silk’n was backstage at the Charlotte Ronson Fashion Show. Charlotte Ronson is an English fashion designer based out of New York City. We were thrilled to be backstage supporting her show.

Above you can see a Silk’n representative showing guests of the show our popular Flash&Go device and the brand new ReVit device. As you probably know, the Flash&Go is the at home solution for hair removal. The Flash&Go device disables hair growth by delivering gentle, painless pulses of light. The ReVit is an at-home microdermabrasion device. With the use of vacuum power and diamond microdermabrasion, it removes dead skin cells and minimizes dark spots, scarring, and wrinkles. Both devices deliver real results in a short amount of time! Incorporate both of them into your beauty routine to be always ready for any occasion.

We were also able to be a part of the Holly Fulton Show at London Fashion Week! Holly Fulton is a London-based fashion designer. Described as the “Queen of Prints”, Holly is known for her innovative use of textiles and distinctive accessories.

The stunning runway models used two of our devices to prep for the fashion show. The Glide is a hair removal device similar to the Flash&Go. The SonicClean Plus is cleansing device that allows you to give your face and body a deep down clean for younger looking skin! Both products were used to help the models looked their absolute best on the runway. Check out the exclusive video of Silk’n at the Holly Fulton Show below!

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