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InStyle Event Recap

InStyle Event Recap

Back in October Silk’n had the opportunity to be a part of InStyle Magazine’s 20th birthday celebration. We gave away tons of prizes, including gift baskets that were filled with every Silk’n device you could imagine! We had such a great time sharing and presenting our products with guests at the InStyle event. There were many great brands that attended, including Jergens, Elizabeth Arden, DSW, Bulova, Etienne Aigner, and many more! Also in attendance were hundreds of beauty bloggers who got hands-on demonstrations of our products and devices. Many of them did reviews of our products, and we want to pass them along to you!

1. Candy Washington – The ReVit & SonicCleanPlus

Candy is a beauty blogger, actress, and fashion lover. She loves the idea of having a Silk’n girls night, with no appointments necessary! Candy used the Silk’n ReVit Diamond Microdermabrasion device to rid her face of the top layer of dead skin. The ReVit helps to reduce the appearance of acne scars, age spots, and fine lines. The diamond tip leaves the user with smooth, flawless, and vibrant skin. Candy also loved the SonicCleanPlus. It helps to deep clean your skin every day, and can be conveniently used in the shower! Using the strongest motor on the market, you won’t get that deep clean from any other product!


2. Ms. Fabulous – The ReVit 

Ms. Fabulous is a beauty blogger who learned the tricks of the trade from Parsons School of Design. She has worked in fashion design, technical design, embroidery design, PR, production, and marketing. She gave the ReVit device a test drive herself. She had always been hesitant to try out microdermabrasion at the salon. However, the three different tip options gave her the confidence to try it out! She found the process to be gentle and effective.


3. Trendy Latina – The ReVit 

Trendy Latina is a brazilian mom, linguist, teacher, blogger, speaker, and entrepreneur. She was excited to find that the ReVit device was an affordable and effective alternative to the expensive spa treatments she has paid money for in the past! She used the device to deliver a youthful, glowing complexion that was a great accessory for her holiday parties!


4. Mommy Tips – The ReVit 

Mommy Cole is new to the blogging world, and is a mother of three. She also has a passion for beauty and fitness. She loved the fact that it uses a diamonds in the tip. The traditional crystal microdermabrasion method can leave aluminum oxide debris behind, leaving behind a less-than-perfect complexion. By using diamonds instead, the Revit only leaves behind youthful and vibrant skin!

Each one of these beauty bloggers loved their experience with Silk’n at-home beauty products and treatments. We know that you will too! Visit to explore the variety of beauty devices and products we offer. You are sure to find something that will suit your individual needs!

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