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How to Spot a Fake Silk’n Device

How to Spot a Fake Silk’n Device

Have you found a deal on a silk’n device that seems too good to be true? It probably is. Unfortunately, there are many counterfeit Silk’n devices circulating the marketplace. Silk’n recommends purchasing devices from authorized dealers only. Counterfeit Silk’n devices have not undergone the rigorous testing that authentic devices have. For this reason, counterfeit devices could be dangerous to use and will not deliver expected results. Keep reading to find out how to spot a fake Silk’n device and keep your body and your wallet safe!

Flash&Go Luxx

1- Packaging

Real Silk’n devices always comes in the highest-quality packaging. The colors are vibrant and printed clearly.

The packaging of fake Silk’n devices is poor quality. The images are not clear and the colors are yellowed.

2- Device Details

Real Silk’n devices have clean lines, edges, and detailing.

The details on fake Silk’n devices are imperfect and poorly produced.

3. Package Authenticity

Real Silk’n devices come in Gold Letter packaging. This can be found by pulling back the corner on the backside, lower right hand portion of the box slip cover.

The same area on a fake Silk’n device’s box slip cover is blank.

4. Cartridge Window

The cartridge window on a real device is yellow in color.

The cartridge window on a fake device is orange in color.

Flash&Go Compact

1- Cartridge Color

The cartridge on a real Flash&Go Compact is yellow in color.

The cartridge on a fake device is blue in color.

2- Product Logo

A real Silk’n Compact has the official product name, “Flash&Go Compact” printed on the top of the device.

A fake Silk’n Compact has the word “Glide” printed on the device. Note: All devices that say “Glide” are not counterfeit, only those that are fuchsia in color.

3- Product Details

A real Silk’n Compact has high-quality, finished edges.

A counterfeit Silk’n Compact has imperfect, unfinished edges.

We hope these warning signs will help you be a smart shopper to ensure that you purchase an authentic product. Unfortunately Silk’n is not able to offer warranties or refunds on counterfeit products. We ask that you always do your research when shopping online! If you have further questions about counterfeit products, please send us a message on Facebook.

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