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Anti-Aging - Make Your Skin Glow with Antioxidants

Anti-Aging - Make Your Skin Glow with Antioxidants

Why can’t caring for our skin be simple and straightforward? The truth is that skin is a complicated organ. It naturally creates substances that are necessary for your health but can also expedite its decline. This decline is unpleasant and can result in acne, blotchy and uneven skin tone and reduced elasticity. Skincare is one of the most time-consuming aspects of our daily health requirements. Worse of all, one bad cream or slightly too much sun will undermine even the most stringent efforts.

Skin’s fragility and propensity for deterioration isn’t your fault unless you are completely negligent. Consider what skin is forced to endure every day. There’s the persistent sun, the unhealthy foods and liquids we consume, and an endless parade of skincare products that are laced with harsh chemicals. How can we protect our skin against an environment aimed to harm it? And how can we promote its health and look and feel amazing?

The answer is antioxidants. This compound offers a ton of health benefits for skin to counteract the impact of damaged cells. Antioxidants can be found in fruits and vegetables and should be a required part of a diet. They can tighten skin, reduce inflammation, diminish wrinkles and treat acne. Best of all, it’s natural and can be part of the foods and drinks you regularly enjoy.

This isn’t cod oil that tasted terrible and no one was quite sure if it worked. By understanding how antioxidants work, their benefits and how they can improve your skin, you will finally get why so many people have been talking about them for years. You will appreciate that it is more than a buzzword.

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What are Oxidants?

To understand antioxidants, you first need to examine oxidants—the other side of the coin.  

Oxidants are the product of the oxidation process that happens in the cells in our bodies. The purpose of this process is to produce energy and build proteins that our bodies require to kill bacteria, create collagen fibers, among other functions.

The problem lies in the fact that oxidants, also known as free radicals, are unstable and overactive. Their overactive nature compels them to attack other molecules, harming them. This is the start of a long process that can lead to premature aging, chronic diseases and the development of carcinogens, which can eventually cause cancer.

Anti-aging practices have long focused on oxidants (and its neutralizing counterpoint, which we’ll get to), believing it to be the gateway to making skin smooth and taut. The idea is that great skin health comes from striking a balance between oxidants and the compounds that can contain them. Unfortunately, external factors like pollution, sun, smoking, makeup, cleaners, detergents and certain foods and drinks speed up the creation of oxidants, making the goal of finding that balance difficult.

Now that you know what oxidants are and how they are both vital and harmful, let’s look at antioxidants, the best way to keep oxidants in check.

What are Antioxidants?

For years, you’ve heard the word “antioxidants”. It’s been featured on consumer goods packaging and in commercials as a selling feature for various products in the food and drink and the health and beauty sectors. It has been labelled the protector of cells, vanquishing oxidants before they get out of hand. While it would be easy to shrug it off as another buzzword created and perpetrated by the health industry, doing so would be a great disservice to your skin.

Certain plant-based foods—coffee, tea, wine, fruits, vegetables and chocolate—can naturally create antioxidants.  Therefore, these foods are in high demand for healthy diets. There isn’t just one type of antioxidant. There’s lutein that is usually found in eggs and certain vegetables. There’s resveratrol which gives red wine a healthy dose of antioxidants. There is also Vitamins A, C and E, Lycopene, Niacinamide and Genistein to name a few. You can find many of these in over-the-counter vitamins, that don’t taste very pleasant, but the best method is to incorporate antioxidant-rich foods into your regular diet.

Remember, certain antioxidants are designed for different parts of your body. For instance, beta-carotene is great for eye health but it won’t help your prostate. For your skin, astaxanthin and a combination of beta-carotene and vitamin E are believed to provide excellent results.

With their uncanny ability to repair cell damage, antioxidants will be one of the best things to ever happen to your skin.


Balance of Antioxidants and Oxidants

You’re probably thinking, why not overload on antioxidants? Well, because human biology and physiology are never that simple. The goal is to find the right balance. As previously mentioned, oxidants serve a vital cellular function so you can’t eradicate them nor would you want to.

By making significant adjustments to your diet and by using the right health and beauty products, you can combat oxidants with enough antioxidants to create the necessary balance. It’s this balance which will help your skin glow and let you say goodbye to acne, crow’s feet and wrinkles. Antioxidants protect both your cells and your skin without containing any negative side effects. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Best Sources of Antioxidants?

Now that you know how amazing antioxidants are for your skin, you need to figure out where to find the food with the most bang for the buck. Since so many products claim to be a source of antioxidants, the search can be long, arduous and frustrating.

Doctors and dermatologists typically regard the following foods as the best for your skin: fatty fishes like salmon and mackerel, avocados, walnuts, nuts, seeds, sweet potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, green tea, chocolate and red wine.

You can reverse the effects of the sun and other environmental damages by eating these foods on a regular basis, or by making simple adjustments to the ingredients in your favourite dishes. 

Create a Comprehensive Skincare Routine

For impeccably smooth skin, you should create and commit to a routine that includes an antioxidant-rich diet and skincare devices that are safe with a proven track record of success. By pairing a proper diet with devices designed and developed by Silk’n you can have the skin you’ve always dreamed about.

You just need to find the right device for the type of skin you want to achieve.

Silk’n Skincare Products & Devices

Silk’n offers several skincare devices that are used by millions of people all over the world. 

For anti-aging devices, you can choose from the FaceFX or the Titan. The FaceFX minimizes pores and improves skin color, while the Titan effectively tightens skin and removes wrinkles and age spots.

Fans of microdermabrasion devices will want to look at the ReVit & ReVit Prestige. If you want to remove pesky cellulite than the Silhouette is the only device you will need

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Finally, the Blue Acne Eliminator Device leverages blue light technology to kill acne-causing bacteria beneath the skin’s surface.

If you are unsure of what device is best for you, we recommend reviewing our Resource Center section of the site. If you’re still unsure, or would rather talk to someone, call us toll free at: 1-877-367-4556  (Monday to Friday 9am - 8pm EST). You can also talk with us via the live chat feature that can be found on any page. Just look for the “We’re here to help” icon, floating on the left-hand side of the page.  

We can answer your questions and point you to the right device.

Young and healthy skin is within your reach. Commit to the right diet today and order a device or two and you will be well on your way to having skin with a youthful glow.

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