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Halloween Makeup Inspiration

Halloween Makeup Inspiration

If you are anything like us, Halloween can be a stressful time for you. We tend to put off coming up with a costume until the last possible minute, and then end up going as something relatively ‘lame’. We are here to help you avoid that! These easy halloween makeup ideas will ensure that no matter how long your procrastinate, you can still pull something fierce together. Keep reading for all the best halloween makeup inspiration!

1- Twiggy

Everyone knows the face of iconic 60’s supermodel Twiggy, but few have channeled her in a halloween costume. This look dramatizes Twiggy’s famous eyelashes to ensure everyone knows who you are! Use black liquid eyeliner to do this, and don’t forget to use white liner on the inside of your lower lid to make your eyes ‘pop’. Finish the look off with some matte nude lipstick and some serious back combing and you’ll be good to go!

2- Jungle Cat

We know, we know. This girls eye makeup is on fleek! If your eye makeup skills are lacking, don’t worry! A great jungle cat look can still be achieved. Use black eye liner to create random ‘spots’ on one side of your face. Fill the inner part of each spot with a gold metallic eyeshadow. Do your best cat eye (get it?), and finish it off with some big bold lashes. The mouth and nose is pretty self-explanatory and can also be achieved with black eyeliner!

3- David Bowie

What better way to show your love for David Bowie than by channeling his iconic lightning look?! Using scotch tape to create the lightning shape will make this super easy. Finish it off with some pink blush and your favorite 80’s garb and you’ll be all set!

4- Fortune Teller

This fierce look might take a little more pre-planning, but it’s so great we had to include it in our list! It’s an original idea with a somewhat creepy twist that we really love. Dark, rich eye and lip colors with big lashes, stunning accessories, and voluminous hair make this look really work. We love the glitter ‘tears’!

5- Wednesday Addams

In contrast to the above makeup, this one is super straightforward and really can be done last minute! We recommend starting off with a very fair foundation. Use black eyeliner to create a small cat eye and the widow’s peak on your forehead. Add some black lipstick and a black braided wig and wah-lah! You’re ready for your Halloween party.

6- Dia De Los Muertos Skull

This is an easier take on the popular sugar skull, perfect for when your time and resources are limited! Use a dark color to fill in around your eyes. We love the use of blue in the below picture, but black will work fine too. Use black eyeliner on the nose and for the ‘teeth’ on the lips. Then use a black or gray eyeshadow to contour your cheekbones. What really makes this look work is the use of fake roses as a headpiece!

7- Forest Fawn

A little more involved (but still do-able), this look requires the use of white and brown makeup. Use the brown makeup to contour your cheeks and your forehead. Do a dramatic cat eye, and line the lower lid below your actual eye, filling in the gap with white to make your eyes look bigger. Use big, over the top eye lashes on both the top and faux bottom lids. Finally, use an old headband and some sticks to create your antlers and you’ll be the cutest forest fawn ever.

8- Plastic Surgery Patient

If you are looking for a little gore, this is an easy look that will let you check that box! Do your makeup as you normally would. Then take a black eyeliner pencil and make the marks a plastic surgeon would. Want a brow lift? Add some arrows. Nose job? Add some dotted lines. Lip injections? No problem! Finish it off with some purple makeup for the bruises and fake blood where you’ve been sliced  (yikes!).

No matter what you decide to be, have fun with it! We hope these ideas have helped give you some Halloween makeup inspiration. But PLEASE make sure you don’t sleep with all that makeup on. Grab yourself a Silk’n Swirl and Silk’n Cleanse to make sure your skin fresh and clean all the time—You won’t regret it!

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