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Guide to Permanently Removing Unwanted Facial Hairs with an IPL Device

Guide to Permanently Removing Unwanted Facial Hairs with an IPL Device

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with unwanted facial hairs that just keep coming back, wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to permanently remove them forever? Think about how great it would be to never again pluck out random hairs from your cheeks and chin, and to always feel perfectly confident that you’re putting your best face forward.

Well, the great news is that there is a way to get rid of those annoying unwanted facial hairs for good, and the even better news is that you can do it right at home! With an IPL hair removal device, you can achieve long lasting removal of hair from your cheeks, chin, and upper lips. Plus, with Silk’n IPL hair removal technology, you have the added bonus of also being able to use the same device for hair removal on your legs, underarms, and more.

You may be thinking that this sounds too good to be true, but we can assure you that it’s absolutely a reality. Let us clear up any confusion about IPL hair removal by explaining in detail how light-based devices are different from other facial hair removal methods that always seem to fall short in delivering results that last.

How Other Facial Hair Removal Methods Fall Short

Most other methods that are commonly used for hair removal focus on affecting the hair itself in some way, such as cutting via shaving with a razor or pulling out by the root via waxing. Shaving offers a great deal of convenience, and can be quickly done without much time or practice needed. Waxing offers longer-term results, since it removes the entire hair, however it can be uncomfortable or even painful, and often takes much more time.

There seems to always be a trade-off with hair removal methods like shaving and waxing. One is fast and easy, but grows back quickly. The other lasts longer, but can really be a hassle. However, the biggest inherent problem with these methods is that they do absolutely nothing to prevent new hairs from growing back. This means that time and time again, the hairs you worked so hard to get rid of will sooner or later reappear.

So, if shaving and waxing have just as many disadvantages as they do advantages, what’s the better solution for getting rid of unwanted facial hairs? The answer; intense pulsed light hair removal.

The IPL Hair Removal Process

With intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal, the process works by stopping the follicles from regenerating new hair, leaving you with smooth, permanently hair-free skin. The secret to IPL’s success is the energy generated by highly focused, intense bursts of light. As the IPL device is passed over the treatment area, a flash of very intense light is created, and this light is then absorbed by the hairs themselves.

This absorbed light becomes heat energy, which works to affect the cells surrounding the root of the hair that are responsible for the creation of new hairs. The heat energy inhibits the ability for the hair growth cells to regenerate hair, and with each subsequent IPL treatment, the effects eventually become permanent, or as close to it as technologically possible at this point. Read our article titled “Does Permanent Hair Removal Exist” to learn more about how our hair grows.

IPL Works on Darker Hairs, Lighter Hairs, Thicker Hairs, and Thinner Hairs

It’s not unusual for IPL hair removal to be referred to as ‘laser hair removal’, but they are actually different technologies. True laser hair removal uses a very narrow spectrum of light, whereas IPL devices use a broad spectrum of light in each light pulse. While both are effective, because lasers use such a narrow range of light, the light pulses from a laser are not absorbed equally well by different combinations of skin and hair tones.

With IPL, on the other hand, because it uses a broader spectrum of light it is able to successfully treat a wider range of hair and skin tone combinations. This makes it a more versatile hair removal method for achieving permanent results, especially when dealing with unwanted facial hairs.

Often, facial hairs are different than other hairs on our bodies. Sometimes they are thinner, or a lighter shade, and sometimes they are the opposite. As you can see, having a hair removal device that works on multiple different types of hair certainly offers a lot of advantages.

For example, refer to this energy settings chart to see the various ranges of skin and hair tones that Silk’n IPL devices are able to treat.

Permanently Remove Facial Hairs with an IPL Device

Permanently Remove Facial Hairs with an IPL Device

When treating facial hairs with an IPL device, there are certain things to keep in mind in order to ensure that you get the best possible results from each treatment. First, you’ll want to thoroughly review the user guide that came with your device in order to understand the different settings and modes of your device, and make sure you set it correctly for use on the face.

It also needs to be stated that no light-based hair removal device should be used near your eyes, for obvious reasons. The intensity of the light pulses could cause harm to your eyes if the device is used incorrectly, so always take great care in this regard. IPL devices are intended for hair removal on the chin, cheeks, neck, and outer areas of the lips.

Silk’n hair removal devices have added safety features to ensure that light pulses are not created while the device is held away from the skin, preventing accidental flashes. In addition, all Silk’n devices are FDA-approved, with many clinical studies conducted that conclusively show the safety and effectiveness of Silk’n hair removal technology, the results are real.

Discover the Silk’n IPL Difference

When it comes to at-home hair removal, the Silk’n line of IPL hair removal devices has no equal. We’ve perfected the use of intense pulsed light to provide fantastic permanent hair removal results, and have developed all of our IPL devices to be extremely easy to use on all areas of the body, including on unwanted facial hair.

Silk’n IPL devices feature adjustable energy settings that you can match to the unique hair and skin tone combination that you want to treat. In addition, we’ve also integrated the ability to change between an automatic ‘glide’ mode for treating larger areas like legs or arms, and a ‘pulse’ mode for the ultimate in precision hair removal treatments on the face.

The Silk’n Infinity takes permanent hair removal to a whole new level by combining proven IPL technology with galvanic energy for better results in even less time. As you use the Infinity for your IPL treatment, an electrode on the tip of the device emits galvanic energy on to the surface of your skin. This energy produces a stimulating effect on the skin, increasing circulation and encouraging the pores of the skin to open.

With the additional effects of galvanic energy, the light pulses generated by the Infinity are able to penetrate deeper in to each follicle, allowing for increased efficiency and better results from each treatment. This means that you’ll get the smooth, permanently hair-free skin you’ve always wanted, in less time than ever before.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Facial Hair, Permanently

It’s time to ditch the tweezers, skip shaving, and cancel those time-consuming salon appointments. With a Silk’n Infinity hair removal device, you can finally get rid of those bothersome facial hairs forever. You deserve to look your best at all times, and should never have to worry about visible regrowth of unwanted facial hairs again.

Permanently smooth, hair-free skin can quickly become a reality, thanks to the Silk’n line of intense pulsed light hair removal devices! Get yours today, and put those annoying facial hairs in to the rearview mirror for good!

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