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Silk'n Technology - A Doctor's Perspective

Silk'n Technology - A Doctor's Perspective

Dr. Michael Gold, MD Talks About Silk'n Technology

Doctor Gold talks about his relationship with Silk'n, how he has been involved with various Silk'n products over the years, including his role in helping with FDA and EU approvals for Silk'n at home hair removal, acne and anti-aging devices - and why this is important for consumers. 


About Dr. Gold

Dr. Michael H. Gold, MD - FAAD

The founder of Gold Skin Care Center, Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa, The Laser & Rejuvenation Center, and Tennessee Clinical Research Center located in Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Gold obtained his M.D. degree at The Chicago Medical School, and completed his dermatology residency at Northwestern University.

Complete Video Transcript

Hey everyone, this is Dr. Michael gold and I'm coming to you from Nashville Tennessee. I'm a dermatologist here and excited to talk about Silk'n technology. Silk'n is a home device company based in Israel and I've had the incredible fortune to help them along the way over the last several years with a lot of their FDA approvals. Starting with acne moving on to the hair removal business and the home hair removal devices, including the new Silk'n Infinity which adds galvanic energy among other interesting features and then we also are working with the Silk'n Titan, which is an RF device for home use.

This is a company that spends its time allowing us to produce therapies that our patients can use as adjuncts to what we do in our office or they can do it on their own. The nice part is that every one of their devices has an FDA approval which is very important in the home use device world. We want to make sure that the devices that are being used by our clients or our patients have this FDA approval or an EU approval, and that's important just for safety and efficacy purposes. Again it's been my pleasure to work with them over the years and I look forward to many new exciting devices that are coming out in the home device world by Silk'n.

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