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Hair Removal Articles

Hair Removal Articles

How long have you wanted to remove facial and body hair? Have you tried an endless parade of techniques and technologies without success? What’s missing from your hair removal efforts isn’t just effective treatments, it’s knowledge and expert advice. This blog will ensure you create a grooming routine that doesn’t waste your time and money, and most importantly, doesn’t cause undue frustration.

Your body and facial hair situation is unique to you and requires a specialized treatment plan. In this blog section, you will be given access to the inside scoop on Silk’n hair removal devices, and how they easily deliver the most thorough hair removal for your neck, legs, arms, face, underarms and sensitive areas. You won’t be able to find content of this quality anywhere else, aside from our Resource Center of course.

Written by beauty experts, these hair removal posts will help you gain a better understanding of relevant devices to help you determine a treatment plan that will provide superior results. You can also expand your knowledge base to learn everything there is to know about hair removal, all of which can produce the smooth skin you want. For instance, our Beginners Guide to Hair Removal breaks down techniques that don’t work, the benefits of hair removal and debunks popular myths like how shaving makes hair grow back thicker. You can also learn about the pros and cons of shaving or waxing body hair. We have a wealth of hair removal advice that we want to share with you.

Our hair removal blogs ensure you have the right device for your needs, and that you are using it to the best of its abilities. You can expect to learn what devices pair well together and what accessories could complete the perfect at-home hair removal treatment. Our goal is to make sure you have everything you need to get rid of unwanted hair once and for all.

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Express permanent hair removal device

Start Using Your Flash&Go NOW

Were you lucky enough to receive the Flash&Go for Christmas? If so, listen up! This blog is for YOU! We get it. You are excited about your brand new Flash&Go, but you are feeling lazy...

Silk'n Express permanent hair removal device

The Flash&Go Express

You may have heard that there is a brand new addition to the Silk’n hair removal family. The newest version of the Flash&Go is the best yet. It makes hair removal treatments a breeze. Keep...

Hair Removal Products

Hair Removal Products

Hair removal products are those that aid in the removal of unwanted hair either temporarily or permanently. Silk’n™ is one of the simplest hair removal products today.

Hair removal products today are...

Pubic Hair Removal

Pubic Hair Removal

Silk’n hair removal devices work to remove hair from the genital area, but not directly on the genitals. This process is done by both men and women for different reasons. The compulsions of hygiene may...

At home permanent hair removal

Get With the Times and Get The Silk’n Flash&Go

It’s 2015, why are you still shaving?


In 1901, the razor was invented. That’s when people looked like this…

Get With the Times and Get The Silk’n Flash&Go


at home permanent hair removal

The Silk’n Flash&Go: What You Need to Know

If you are like us, you hate the hassle of shaving every few days. No one has time for that! Even waxing, although it lasts longer than shaving, it is still time consuming. We get...