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Winter is the Best Time for Light-Based Hair Removal

Winter is the Best Time for Light-Based Hair Removal

What is the Perfect Season to Start a Hair Removal Plan?

What does it take to build a proper hair removal plan? One that will have you feeling confident due to your smooth, healthy and youthful looking skin. One important aspect is finding the right hair removal device. Another is to customize a treatment plan that will optimize the device’s effectiveness. Then, you will want to treat in a season where coverage makes sense so that you can enjoy the results while the sun is shining and you’re outdoors doing the activities you love.

Starting in any one of the four seasons won’t necessarily hinder results. The idea is to use the intense, and often harsh, winter climate to your advantage, giving you a leg up when it comes to a complete hair removal regiment. Winter can be rather rough. Sure, there’s pond hockey and hitting the slopes but winter tends to be a reclusive season. Ironically, some of the negative reasons of winter is what makes it the perfect time to start a hair removal regime. It’s cold and most of us tend to stay indoors more often.

We’re here to tell you to use the short days of winter strategically, giving yourself the opportunity to show off your smooth skin once the ice thaws and spring is in full swing.

You should embrace the idea of a winter hair removal treatment plan, knowing it will help you achieve the smooth skin you desire. Let’s start with understanding why the other seasons aren’t ideal and then explore why the winter season makes the most sense and how you can stay motivated as warm weather approaches.


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A Typical Hair Removal Regime

Hair removal is tricky, which is why Silk’n has created a line of products that provide the best at-home treatments. The Flash&Go series features three hair removal devices—the Express, the Compact and the Jewel—that are easy-to-use, ergonomic and utilize proven and modern technologies to successfully and safely remove body and facial hair.

In addition to your preferred Silk’n device, a successful hair removal routine involves following the recommended treatment durations and all aftercare instructions. You also want to consider that after treatment it is recommended that you adopt a maintenance plan. Maintenance varies based on the device and a user’s hair growth cycle. Some require monthly maintenance treatments whereas others need to only treat once every few months. The good news with these devices is that you can begin maintenance as soon as you complete a full treatment. Give the hair removal section in our Resource Center a good read as well, it provides loads of useful information you can incorporate into your hair removal treatment plan.

Spring, Summer, Fall…No Thanks!

Everyone wants beautiful skin that looks and feels smooth, allowing them to wear whatever they want once the weather warms and the beach opens for business. Starting a treatment program in the spring or even the summer, means you might not get to enjoy consistent results until the late fall or early winter. So, by the time you’re feeling confident about your skin, the weather calls for sweaters, parkas and jeans. This means you will be unable to show off your new self. What fun is that? If you’ve got it, won’t you want to be able to flaunt it?

Since winter is cold and our social lives tend to slow down, the thought of hair removal often gets put on the backburner. Before you know it, the thaw is upon us and you’re scrambling to find fast hair removal options, such as creams, waxes or razors. The problem with this is that these options are ineffective, short-term hair removal solutions.

Why not plan to start your hair removal treatments when it makes the most sense?


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Seriously, the Winter?

Why do so many people start thinking about hair removal only once the calendar flips to May? It’s a missed opportunity to hit the ground running once the trees sprout leaves once again.

The spring should be the deadline to accomplish your goal of feeling beautiful in tank tops, sleeveless tops and bikinis. To make this happen, you should start your hair removal routine during late fall, or the very early days of winter. Consider that a complete treatment with any light based hair removal device takes 8-16 weeks for full results. This is one reason why winter is the best time to hunker down and deal with unwanted hair.

Not only does your hair grow 10% faster in the summer, your body also sheds less hair, making winter a more logical time to start the removal process. It’s a preventative measure that will allow you to avoid plucking, shaving and waxing during the summer months. If you can believe it, the winter is your gateway to summer attire and tan lines.

Ideally, you take time near the end of Fall to get yourself set up. This involves buying your preferred hair removal devices, testing each to make sure they work, performing a spot test to see how your skin reacts to the technology and then scheduling treatment sessions in advance. Your device will determine your treatment duration. Make sure you understand what constitutes a full treatment and have it in your calendar to avoid procrastination. Remember, the winter is long but it doesn’t last forever.

Turn the Winter into a Time for Skincare

In general, the winter should be a time for greater skin care. Our skin tends to dry out in cold weather and it receives far less exposure to the sun’s healthy properties. It only makes sense to combine a hair removal treatment plan with a skincare routine. Consider using a microdermabrasion device to help rejuvenate skin. This allows you to turn half the year into a period of skin recovery that will pay off during the warmer months. By doing this, you subvert the winter’s propensity to cause your skin to develop ingrown hairs and flaky, itchy skin.

The winter months let you avoid sun exposure, and subsequently, sun damage while you treat. Since most people have some extra free time in the winter, the treatment duration with any Flash&Go device feels less cumbersome. In fact, winter is a wonderful time to focus on self-care in general. Hair removal treatments can help you feel rejuvenated while you stay indoors.

Let’s Get Started!

No matter when you read this post, we hope it inspires you to develop a hair removal treatment plan that is efficient, strategic and has the ability to provide the results you’re after. If it’s the winter, then it’s time to get moving and start the hair removal process from the comfort of your own home.

Learn more about Silk’n hair removal devices, or start building your treatment plan by reading through the hair removal section in our Resource Centre.


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