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Who Has the Best Hair Removal Device?

Who Has the Best Hair Removal Device?

Big Challenge: Who Makes the Best Hair Removal Device?

It’s a crazy world of options we live in. You want something, and of course, you only want the best. But there are a million possibilities to choose from.

How do you pick? How do you figure out which one’s right for you?

That’s where we come in. To help you choose the right hair removal device, we’ve put together the definitive guide to what’s available. A useful, comprehensive list of benefits and features offered by each to help you make a well-informed decision.

You’re not just buying a gadget. You’re altering your life. You’ve decided to make a change for the better, and you need reliable technology to help you get there. The ultimate tool to facilitate your personal transformation.

We want you to choose wisely. To help you get it right. The first time.

1.   Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device

There’s no need to ever replace the cartridge with the Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device. As its name suggests, this unit comes preloaded with everything you’ll ever need—for life.

The Infinity uses eHPL technology, a combination of optical and galvanic energies. A gentle current opens your pores, so the light energy goes deeper into the hair follicle, making each flash that much more effective. This technology will permanently remove hair over prolonged treatments, while at the same time leaving your skin supple and smooth.

Infinity has a built-in safety mechanism that only lets the laser window flash when it’s completely covered by skin. And the device lets you to switch between pulse and glide mode easily, letting you effectively customize your treatment any way you want.

MSRP: $399

2.   Remington iLight Ultra Face & Body Hair Removal System

The iLight Ultra Hair Removal System by Remington uses a xenon flash bulb to safely remove unwanted hair from your face and body. It also has a mobile app that helps you track your sessions.

It gets its power from a socket, saving the hassle of charging batteries. And, if you’d rather not have the same device that treats your body treat your face, it comes with two treatment heads to keep all that separated.

The iLight has an ultra-fast flash for quicker treatments in the long stretches. But it only comes loaded with 65,000 flashes.

And it’s not suitable for dark skin or light hair colors.

MSRP: $449

3.   Tria Beauty Hair Removal 4X

The Beauty Hair Removal 4X by Tria uses diode laser tech to do the job on your unwanted hair. It’s battery-powered, so you can’t use it if you’ve let the battery run down.

It does feature a pulse counter in its digital display, so you can keep track of how many pulses you use in a session. And to help you save battery power, it comes with a 3-minute auto shut-off feature. And you’ll never need to replace the cartridge.

This device is not without its drawbacks, though. It has a small treatment head compared to other devices. It can take a while to treat larger areas because of this. Also, some users have reported that the device is slightly painful. And, like many hair removal devices, it is limited in the range of skin and hair types it can effectively treat.

MSRP: $449

4.   Venus Silk-expert 5 IPL BD 5001 powered by Braun

The Venus Silk-expert 5 IPL BD 5001 by Braun boldly claims to deliver permanent visible hair removal with the only IPL technology that automatically adapts to your skin tone. What this means is that it has a sensor — the SensoAdapt sensor — that checks your skin tone 80 times a second to make sure it’s flashing at the right intensity level.

You should not interpret this as meaning it adapts to every skin tone. It does not.

The device comes loaded with 300,000 flashes. Treatments are fast, and the device is comfortable to use. And you can switch it to extra-gentle mode for use on more delicate areas.

Some users report that the treatment area is too big for use on smaller areas, especially the upper lip. And the benefits offered by this unit may not be enough to justify the higher-end price tag.

MSRP: $445.99

5.   Iluminage TOUCH Permanent Hair Reduction System

The TOUCH Permanent Hair Reduction System by Iluminage was one of the first hair removal systems to prove itself effective across a broad color spectrum. And they priced the unit accordingly.

This device uses Dual-Wave technology, a combo of intense pulsed light (IPL) and radiofrequency energy to do the trick. And it draws power from a socket. No battery. But you need to replace cartridges after 120,000 flashes.

TOUCH comes with a large treatment window for the big stretches. But it also has a precision attachment that narrows the field for detail work.

MSRP: $445

6.   SmoothSkin Gold 300 IPL Hair Removal System

The SmoothSkin Gold 300 IPL Hair Removal System has two sensors that auto-adjust the unit’s intensity level for optimum safety. It also has a gentle mode to go easier on your more sensitive areas. And it’s quick enough to do a full-body treatment in about a half an hour.

It can treat a broader than usual range of the color spectrum. But it still has limitations with the darkest skin tones and the lightest hair colors.  And although you don’t have to worry about charging batteries, some users report the power chord is a little short.

There are also reports that the big treatment window makes use on smaller areas, like the upper lip or the bikini line, a little tricky.

MSRP: $349

7.   Veet Infini’Silk PRO Permanent Hair Reduction

The Infini’Silk PRO Permanent Hair Reduction device by Veet features an ergonomic design that’s easy to hold and control. It’s great for removing body hair. But it’s not recommended for use on your face.

The device plugs in, and it comes with a trio of power adapters, just in case you’re a jet-setting globe-trotter. But the laser cartridge may have to be replaced when it runs out. There are only 5,000 pulses in each cartridge.

Infini’Silk also has a limited color range. It is, however, one of the more reasonably-priced hair removal devices on the market.

MSRP: $260.58

8.   Silk’n Flash&Go Express Hair Removal Device

The Flash&Go Express Hair Removal Device by Silk’n comes pre-loaded with 300,000 light pulses. You’ll never need to replace the laser cartridge. Ever.

And it draws its power straight from the wall, so you never have to worry about charging a battery. Just plug in and go.

Treatments on larger areas, like your arms and legs, go quickly thanks to Flash&Go’s big treatment window. And the quartz bulb recharges twice as fast, compared to earlier models, cutting your session time in half. 

The development team at Silk’n took great pains to ensure that Flash&Go is not painful.

Its biggest drawback is that it’s not very effective for darker skin or lighter hair (blond, red, or grey). But they fixed this problem with the Infinity model (see below).

MSRP: $299

Choices, choices, choices

In a world full of options, it’s good to narrow things down a little. Hopefully, this guide has helped you figure out which hair removal device will be the best investment for you.

There’s a wide array of hair removal devices to choose from these days. They all do essentially the same thing — harnessing light energy to destroy hair follicles. But there are subtle differences between them.

If you want to remove dark hair from light skin, your options are wide open. If not, make sure you look for devices that can give you the benefits you want at a price point you can tolerate.

If you want to treat facial hair, make sure the unit you’re looking at is safe for use on the face. Decide if you prefer battery power or a good, old-fashioned cord. And when you’ve got your list narrowed down to two or three options, make a point of checking out the latest, most-reputable online reviews.

This list is big, but not exhaustive, and new products come to market all the time. But hopefully, this will help you make the best-informed purchase possible when you decide the time is right to get your own hair removal device.

If we might be so bold

If you’re truly looking for the best solution for removing unwanted hair, Silk’n offers a complete line of personal hair removal devices to match all your needs. Our devices work for both women and men, and they safely, permanently remove both facial and body hair. All our devices ship for free to the US with an exclusive double warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee. That’s how confident we are that one of our devices is the perfect match for your specific hair removal needs.

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