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Enjoy a Hair Free Vacation!

Enjoy a Hair Free Vacation!

So, you’ve booked a flight, found a hotel with stellar amenities and reviews and you’ve even started shopping and packing. You can’t wait for your vacation and the chance to see some sights and recharge your batteries. This is great and all until you remember your ungroomed bikini line and that unwanted hair under your arms and on your legs. The last thing you want is for your body hair to make you self-conscious about wearing that new bikini.

With the clock ticking toward takeoff, you need to get moving and find the right treatment to eliminate hair from your bikini line, legs and underarms. If your vacation is still months away, certain options like laser hair removal or using the Flash&Go series might be feasible. On the other hand, if you are strapped for time, you might have to turn to the more traditional methods like shaving and waxing. While not the most effective, these options do offer a short-term solution.

The downside to these quick fixes is that you might have to perform maintenance while you’re away. In addition, some treatments require multiple sessions, meaning they might not fit your pre-vacation schedule. A permanent solution is typically the best route for most situations, but that doesn’t mean it can get you hair-free in a short amount of time.


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With respect to hair removal, Silk’n has a line of devices that can produce desirable, and often, permanent hair removal results but the user needs to strictly adhere to the treatment duration. We recognize that some vacations are planned well in advance and others are spur of the moment decisions. Either way, we want to help you be hair-free long before you arrive at your destination.

To help you prepare for your vacation, we will review the pros and cons of traditional hair removal methods, look at why a Silk’n solution might be your best bet, and then review some of the other hair removal methods we recommend avoiding because they take too long or simply will not help to the extent you need.  

Foresight and Planning

You can’t start trying to properly and thoroughly remove unwanted body hair on December 1ST, and expect to be hair-free for a vacation first thing in the new year. You need foresight. This means planning accordingly based on the specific treatment duration for your chosen method. The first thing you must do is pick an option, and secondly, you should plan by working backwards from your departure date. This will reveal if you have enough time to perform a comprehensive hair removal regiment. This approach can also help you determine what hair removal option might be best for your situation.

We can’t stress this point enough. Commit to a hair removal plan as early as possible and make sure your method fits your timeframe. If you don’t leave yourself enough time than keep your expectations in check. 

Traditional Methods

These are the traditional hair removal methods and the time it takes for them to produce results. Keep in mind that these results vary.


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Shaving produces immediate results but there is a significant downside. Hair can grow back in only a few days so unless you plan on shaving your bikini line, leg and underarms while on vacation, then this isn’t the most prudent and efficient option. So, yes, shaving is a cheap option for last minute vacations but it’s cumbersome and potentially counter-intuitive.



Waxing is considered by many to be the most painful option. The good news for travelers is that results can last 3-6 weeks. This makes waxing an intriguing option for people who book their vacation late but not last second. We would recommend only using this option if you can start 4-5 weeks prior to your vacation. Otherwise, there is risk of regrowth and having to wax or shave while on vacation—and that’s what you want to avoid.


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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatments are similar in duration to the Flash&Go hair removal device. They take at least 4-8 sessions spaced at least 4 weeks apart to see a noticeable difference. This difference can range from a 50-70% reduction in body hair. The success of laser hair removal depends on your type of hair, the amount of hair you wish to remove and how often you undergo treatment. Remember, these treatments can be pricy, and it might not be realistic if you have already dropped a ton of money on your vacation.

All things being equal, when it comes to treating even the most stubborn bikini line, we would recommend laser hair removal over shaving and waxing. 


Silk’n Hair Removal Solutions

For over a decade, Silk’n has deployed modern and safe technologies in the form of hair removal devices that offer the best in at-home hair removal treatment. 

The Flash&Go series uses the proprietary Home Pulsed Light (HPL), which deploys an optical light energy to safely remove hair. It is non-invasive, painless and effective.

This series features four options, each designed to fulfill a different need:

The Flash&Go Express hair removal device has shorter session times than most other devices. It has a sleek and ergonomic body that successfully treats body hair (including sensitive areas) without making skin red or leaving bumps and stubble. This is the best option if you are determined to perform at-home treatments but are busy leading up to your vacation.

The Flash&Go Compact hair removal device, a travel-friendly product featuring an upgraded design. Perfect for all your body parts - legs, arms, underarms and bikini line. This is a great option if you intend to continue treatment while you’re travelling.

The Flash&Go Jewel hair removal device can work on small areas due to its smaller and more precise surface area. The Jewel can target the bikini line with ease and uses the same power and technologies as the Express and the Compact.

The Infinity hair removal device features a compact, versatile design, that uses our new eHPL technology. The Infinity uses galvanic energy to open your pores, allowing the device to treat thick, stubborn hairs right at the root more effectively.

If performed as per the hair removal treatment specifications, once every two weeks, you should start to see results between 4-8 weeks. We recommend leaving yourself closer to eight weeks in case you are slower to respond to treatment. The more time you can allow, the less hair you’ll see.

Combining Hair Removal Methods

Unless you book your vacation a year in advance, which most people don’t, you might be wise to combine permanent hair removal methods with faster-acting ones. This means starting a treatment plan using one of our hair removal devices, but also incorporating short-term hair removal measures like waxing. You can also use these 10 proven steps to achieving sexy summer skin.

It takes foresight and creativity but customizing a plan that includes a hair removal device and more traditional methods could give you the beautiful skin that will enhance your vacation. If you plan thoughtfully, you could avoid having to maintain while you’re away.

A Hair Free Vacation!

We want you to plan for a hair free vacation, one filled with sun, sand and good times! To do so, you must understand the time frames associated with hair removal and make sure you plan accordingly. There’s nothing worse than body hair making you feel too self-conscious to wear a bikini or having a bikini line laced with stubble and bumps.

View the Silk’n line of hair removal devices, or learn more about the recommended timeframe by visiting our Resource Centre.

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