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Body Hair Challenges

Body Hair Challenges

To achieve smooth skin and the confidence to wear bikinis, tank tops and shorts, women must endure costly and painful grooming – fun stuff isn’t it? While unwanted body hair presents a ton of challenges, for most women and men, its removal is a necessity.  

Choosing the most common forms of hair removal, shaving, waxing or plucking, shackles you to daily or weekly treatments - in addition to paying for supplies or professional help. This is why millions of people have opted for more permanent methods such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or Home Pulsed Light (HPL), which can be life-changing.

To help you understand the value of overcoming body hair challenges, let’s review what permanent hair removal means and what a complete treatment entails. Then, we’ll illustrate the emotional impact it can have on one’s life.

Defining Permanent Hair Removal

While technically, there is no such thing as “permanent hair removal”, the phrase is commonly used with many hair removal products and devices. For a product or device to claim that it permanently removes body hair, it must reduce the number of hairs that grow back post-treatment. This means hair is permanently reduced, not removed. An important distinction to understand, as you don’t want to set unrealistic expectations before you even get started with the body hair removal process.

Because hair grows in cycles its nearly impossible to eliminate forever. As your hair growth cycle progresses, hair will begin to grow, but in different locations. Therefore, it’s key that you commit to a life-long hair removal regime if you’re looking for long-lasting and fantastic results that will free you from the grip of constant shaving and waxing.

Traditional Hair Removal Methods

The biggest challenge to achieving permanent hairless skin is the cumbersome and archaic methods that most of us have become accustomed to over the centuries. There are pros and cons associated with each hair removal method, with some offering short-term benefits when you need to remove hair in a pinch.

Here are the traditional hair removal methods and the challenges that each present.


Shaving is the most popular hair removal method. It is an effective way to remove hair from chin, upper lip, legs, arms and underarms. It is quick, easy and painless. The cons are that it can leave stubble and can cause razor burn and ingrown hairs. It typically only lasts a week and requires some hair growth to work.  


Waxing produces silky smooth skin without fail but there are drawbacks. It’s painful, time consuming, can leave the treated areas irritated, and create a series of tiny wounds that could lead to infection.

Laser Hair Removal

These treatments involve a laser safely penetrating skin to inhibit hair growth directly at the shaft. This type of permanent hair removal includes costly appointments and undergoing a procedure that can be quite painful. On average, a session costs between $50-$150 and it is recommended that a client books a minimum of six sessions.

Other Hair Removal Methods

There are other simple, cost-effective options like plucking and threading. Plucking is a good way to remove the odd stray hair but it would be a very inefficient way to tackle an entire leg or an underarm. Threading can expertly remove or sculpt hair but should be exclusively reserved for eyebrows as other body parts would take too long and be too painful.


removing body hair


The Emotional Impact

There’s a lot of pressure put on people, especially women, to be hairless in certain areas. This can cause a lot of stress and send people down a rabbit hole of grooming that begins in early adolescence and doesn’t end for decades.

By not regularly removing your body hair, you could feel self-conscious at work or social events. You could feel like certain outfits are off-limits because they are too revealing. The bottom line is that body hair can negatively impact your relationships, emotions and confidence and make you feel as if you are constantly being judged.

With permanent hair removal, you can break your commitment to weekly hair removal and leave your home looking and feeling your best. It can have a truly profound effect on your life, imagine not having to shave your legs ever again.

Cost and Time Commitment

If you want to deal with your body hair, then you must carve out time every week and invest in supplies and treatments to make sure your skin becomes the smoothest it can possibly be. 

Whatever hair removal method you choose, there will be an associated cost and time commitment. Shaving must be done weekly and you must buy shaving gel and expensive blades or razors. For waxing, you need to buy wax, applicators and warmer, or pay for monthly waxing treatments at a salon. If you opt for laser treatments, you must pay a premium to a clinic or spa and put aside time for appointments.

If body hair removal is so painful, costly and such a chore, then why do we bother? For many of us, it’s the social consequences, as anyone on the dating scene knows, while for others it’s for looks or other personal reasons.


One way of the newer ways to permanently remove hair is through IPL. It is a form of light therapy used by aestheticians and dermatologists. Unlike laser treatments, IPL emits wavelengths based on the target area. While a drawback is that it must be performed by a trained professional, it does offer greater flexibility and can treat multiple or larger areas.

Then there is HPL, a version of IPL designed and developed by Silk’n for the at-home market. It allows users to enjoy permanent hair removal in the comfort of their home. It is cost-effective, safe and the most reliable option on the market.

 body hair removal 

The Flash & Go Series

Silk’n offers a line of at-home hair removal devices known as the Flash & Go Series. You can build a treatment plan with one or more of these products:

The Infinity, the newest device in the line-up, which combines HPL with galvanic energy to offer users a more thorough and comprehensive treatment.

The Express is built with faster reload times and quicker pulses, which shortens treatment times. You can treat each leg in just 10 minutes.

The Jewel is an adjustable device that can treat different skin types, colours or area sizes.

The Compact is your favorite new travel companion. It can fit in your luggage, carry-on bag or purse and can remove even the most stubborn hair with ease.

You can create a hair removal treatment plan with more than one device. For instance, you can perform treatments with the Infinity but still use the Express for when you get busy and require quicker sessions. You can also combine one or more devices with other methods to achieve an impeccably hairless body.

Discover Silk’n

Body hair is a cumbersome and annoying challenge for most people regardless of gender, stature or geography. After years of dealing with body hair, it’s time to try something new. 

By replacing traditional hair removal methods with permanent ones, you can free yourself from the responsibility and cost of grooming. Silk’n offers the best in at-home devices which allow you to perform exceptional treatments at your convenience and only pay a one-time fee. They are a way to avoid the social stigmatism associated with body hair and to feel confident about your skin.

Read more about hair removal in the Hair Removal section of our Resource Center, or view all the Silk’n hair removal devices to decide which is best for your situation.

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