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The Flash&Go Express

The Flash&Go Express

You may have heard that there is a brand new addition to the Silk’n hair removal family. The newest version of the Flash&Go is the best yet. It makes hair removal treatments a breeze. Keep reading to learn more about the Flash&Go Express.

How It’s Different

Although all versions of the Flash&Go device are very easy to use, the Express is the next step in innovation for at-home hair removal. The light-based hair removal technology has been integrated into an even more ergonomic design. The original Flash&Go models require the user to push the trigger in order to release the pulse of light that disables the hair follicle growth. With the express, the user only has to hold down the trigger once. Doing this enables the device to emit steady, evenly-spaced pulses of light. This new innovation helps to make treatments even faster, reducing them by up to 50%. This will enable you to complete an entire treatment and be on your way in no time, giving you more time to do the things that are important to you!

The Silk'n  Flash&Go Express

The new device is also much smaller than the previous models. It will take up less space in your cupboard, help to make treatments easier, and fit right in your purse! Finally, the Express has 300,000 pulses! That is more than 2x the pulses given by the Flash&Go Luxx. With the Flash&Go Express, you will never need another hair removal cartridge or device. It will give you all the pulses you need to get rid of unwanted hair anywhere!

How It Works

The Flash&Go Express uses the same technology as the other Flash&Go models. The devices are FDA approved and use the same patented HPL technology to target hair follicles and disable growth. Here’s how it works: the light energy from HPL is absorbed through the hair shaft, while the surrounding skin is cooled. The heat disables the growth of the hair shaft. After a series of treatments, you will notice hair growing back less and less, until your skin is finally silky and smooth.

Silk'n permanent hair removal treatment process

How To Use It

Treatments with the device are extremely simple! Make sure you start with clean shaven skin. This will enable the device to target your hair follicles most effectively. Start on the lowest setting (1) and work your way up. If you are comfortable treatments at level 5, you should use it. Level 5 will give you the quickest results. Treat the desired areas by holding down the trigger. Do not treat the same spot more than once. Do this until the entire area has been treated. Moisturize your skin after use. Treat your skin once every two weeks for the first 3-4 treatment sessions. After that, treat each area as needed. Most people begin to see noticeable results after the first 3-4 treatment sessions. See the below before and after photos of people who have use the device!

permanent hair removal before and after  permanent hair removal before and after

Why You Need It

We all know that shaving is a pain. It wastes your precious time every time you have to stop and shave your legs in the shower. It wastes tons of money – how often do you find yourself having to buy new razors? With the Flash&Go, it is a one time purchase for a lifetime of smooth skin. In the long run, using the Flash&Go will save you hundreds of dollars that would be more wisely spent elsewhere. And last but definitely not least, smooth skin is sexy! Imagine never having to worry about stubbly armpits, legs, or bikini lines ever again. You can throw on your swimsuit and hit the beach without thinking twice! Stop the madness of shaving and waxing and get the Flash&Go Express!

The Flash&Go Express is just $299, only $10 more than the Flash&Go Luxx. Trust us, you won’t regret your decision to purchase it! Click here if you want to read some of the most frequently asked questions about the Flash&Go models.

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