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Hair Removal Devices - What Makes Silk'n Products Unique

Hair Removal Devices - What Makes Silk'n Products Unique

At home hair removal devices are the best way to achieve smooth, hair-free skin. Now, with award-winning HPL technology, Silk'n is providing these results worldwide.

What Makes Silk’n Hair Removal Devices Unique & Better Than Other Devices

At-home hair removal devices have quickly become one of the most popular methods for hair removal. Mixing professional-quality devices with the ease of being able to do it from the comfort of your own home, at-home devices have gained popularity drastically over the past few decades. If you’re tired of shaving daily to maintain subpar results, consider the switch to light based hair removal. With professional-quality results, at-home hair removal devices are the way of the future for hair removal.

The History of Hair Removal

Hair removal has been around since Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians used sugaring in order to maintain smooth, hairless results. Since having excessive hair was considered a sign of being a part of the lower class, they invented a few different methods to get rid of bodily hair. They used a variety of hair removal methods, including tweezers made from pumice stones, flint and bronze razors, and sugaring. About 5000 years ago in Persia, threading was invented with the same purpose. Threading would be used to remove unwanted bodily and facial hair. In the 16th century in Europe, Queen Elizabeth I popularized the removal of eyebrows. They would follow up removing their eyebrows with rubbing certain substances that would prevent hair growth, such as walnut oil, vinegar, or ammonia. The first straight razor was invented in 1760, and the modern razor was developed in 1880 for men and 1915 for women.

The Introduction of Laser Hair Removal Technology

Millions of people worldwide have switched over to using permanent hair removal solutions. With such a new technology in the beauty market, the growth seen by laser hair removal companies is astounding. Laser hair removal technology has only been available commercially since around 1997. With such a new development, what has made laser hair removal so popular in such a short amount of time?

The first laser used for hair removal was invented by a physicist named Theodore Maiman. He took laser technology that already existed and adapted it to be a device that created short wavelengths of light. Through testing, it was discovered that this laser could minimize hair growth. Through the years, the first version of this laser was approved by the FDA for hair removal in 1964. It was found to reduce hair growth without permanent scarring or skin damage. However, it was not designed specifically to remove hair yet.

In 1994, Dr. Melanie Grossman suggested testing these types of lasers could be used specifically for hair removal. She began testing these lasers and adapting them to serve a certain purpose. In 1994, they released research into how these lasers could be beneficial for hair removal. This was the beginning of laser hair removal technology, approved to be used on humans.

Laser Hair Removal Technology Today

Laser hair removal is more successful today than ever before, with a 95% success rate of permanently reducing hair growth. Problems that arose before, such as treating patients with darker skin tones, have now been solved with different lasers. There is significantly less risk of damage to the skin and surrounding hair follicles, as well. There are also several cooling technologies to make laser hair removal as painless and comfortable as possible.

Laser hair removal has been growing in popularity ever since, with some companies earning over $12 million in revenue over the last year. There are professional-grade laser machines that offer professional-quality results that tend to last longer than at-home devices. However, the increase in at-home devices is steadily increasing as technology develops.

Different Types of Laser Hair Removal Devices

With technology constantly developing, there are a variety of different types of lasers available for at-home and professional use. Some of these include:

  • Ruby Hair Removal Lasers. The Ruby hair removal laser was the first system developed for permanent hair reduction. This type of device uses a shorter wavelength of light, and makes it ideal for removing hair that is light and thin. However, this device is not recommended for skin that is darker or hair that is thicker. Due to the shorter wavelengths, this type of laser is less painful than some other devices. This makes the Rube laser ideal for smaller treatment areas such as the upper lip or bikini line.
  • Alexandrite Hair Removal Lasers. This is the most popular hair removal device available, and is also the fastest laser hair removal system available. This means it can target large areas such as the arms or legs in 30 minutes or less. The downside to this is that it is one of the more painful lasers out there. Although newer devices are built with cooling technology to reduce pain, the Alexandrite is still of the least comfortable laser hair removal systems. It also operates at a longer wavelength, making it ideal for targeting light to olive skin tones.
  • Diodide Hair Removal Lasers. These machines are relatively new to the market. Their energy sources consists of semiconductors, known as diodes, grouped together to create a laser beam with a longer wavelength than the two lasers listed above. This deeper penetration into the skin makes it safer on darker skin types and ideal for removing thick or coarse hair. Because of this, it’s a popular option for men seeking hair removal treatments on back or chest hair.
  • Nd:YAG Hair Removal Lasers. These systems provide the latest advancements in cosmetic laser technology. Besides hair removal, this system offers other applications such as tattoo removal and laser skin resurfacing that can correct sun damage. They operate at a longer wavelength, making it safe for all skin types, even tan skin tones.
  • IPL Laser Hair Removal. IPL doesn’t actually use a true laser, but something equivalent to one. IPL stands for intense pulsed light, which uses thermal energy instead of light wavelengths. The advantage of this is that it offers a customizable wavelength, energy level, and pulse duration, and it’s much safer for at home use.

What To Expect from Laser & Light Based Hair Removal

While laser hair removal may seem like a magic solution to an age-old problem, there are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to preparing for this hair removal method.

  1. If you want to see results, you need to be patient and consistent.

Unfortunately, laser and light-based hair removal devices aren’t magic. Your hair follicles are on their own individual growth cycles, so you need to be consistent with treatments. Laser hair removal will “zap” the hair follicles that are present at the time, but in four weeks there will be new hair follicles to target. Different devices have their own instructions (read them very carefully and follow them explicitly), on how long you should wait in between treatments, but a good rule of thumb is to wait two to four weeks to allow the growth cycle to reveal new follicles. Hair removal devices slow down the growth of new hair follicles, so after several full treatment processes, you should be able to only have to use your device for touch-ups every few months.

  1. Results aren’t instant; you’ll see best results after three months.

After a few treatments, you may feel disappointed that you can still see hair on treated areas. However, after the three-month mark, you will start to notice that much of your hair is not growing back. Try to not feel discouraged by this, as it’s completely normal.

  1. It’s not a quick fix.

While your shaving routine might take a few minutes out of your shower time, at-home hair removal sessions with lasers or IPL, aren’t that fast. It is recommended that you set up with a towel, an outlet nearby (if your device has a cord), and find a YouTube video or show on Netflix that you enjoy. The whole process depends on what area you are treating, but doing your legs typically takes about 20 minutes.

  1. Some hair and skin types are a bit trickier to treat.

Darker hair follicles are easiest to treat because laser hair removal machines pick up on the melanin in the hair. Grey, blonde, and red pigments can be harder to pick up, as well as darker skin tones. However, there are newer hair removal devices that have settings and instructions to be able to target these harder-to-target pigments. If you have a darker skin tone or lighter hair colour, it’s best to do your research on which hair removal device is recommended for you.

  1. Fall/winter is the best time to start.

In order to see the best results, it is recommended that your skin is at its natural pigment. This means no natural or fake tanning. The device works best when the contrast between your hair follicles and skin pigment is greatest, so be sure to avoid being out in the sun in between treatments.

Now that you’re aware of a few key aspects to using at-home hair removal devices, how do you know which device is right for you?

The Best Devices on the Market

For over a decade, Silk’n has been offering effective, reliable, and affordable hair removal devices for customers all over the world. Often listed as one of the best at-home hair removal device sellers, Silk’n has a range of devices to suit your every need. Here is a list of their award-winning devices:

  • Silk’n Infinity: The Infinity offers the same smooth, hairless results as any device by Silk’n. Improving on their HPL technology, this device features new eHPL technology in order to open your pores and target thick, stubborn hairs better than ever before. The Infinity also features a quartz bulb, allowing it to reload faster, making the total treatment time faster than other devices on the market. It includes different modes in order to target darker skin tones or lighter hair colours, as well. With its compact design, the Infinity is perfect for travel and is able to treat smaller areas with precision.
  • Silk’n Flash&Go Express: This device features Silk’n patented HPL (Home Pulsed Light) technology to target undesired hair from the body or face. The Flash&Go Express provides long-lsating effects in half the time of previous models, thanks to its quartz bulb. This bulb allows the device to reload twice as fast as older products, so your treatment time is cut in half.
  • Silk’n Flash&Go Jewel: With state of the art “touch and glide” technology, hair removal is easier than ever. This feature makes hair removal effortless in that you don’t have to worry about pressing the trigger over and over again. The Flash&Go Jewel features the same award-winning HPL technology that has brought exceptional results to all Silk’n customers. It is safe for your body and face, and is portable and compact enough to target even your most delicate areas.
  • Silk’n Flash&Go Pro: The Flash&Go Pro uses HPL technology to remove unwanted hair painlessly. It offers Touch&Glide, a triggerless feature that provides an easy treatment experience. It is suited for your entire body and face, has a built-in colour sensor, and offers five power levels to choose from. Due to its large treatment area, it’s perfect for larger or smaller areas alike.

Silk’n currently offers four of the most innovative hair removal devices for at-home use, thanks to their award-winning HPL technology. With decades of experience and development, Silk’n prides itself on being a first choice for many people looking for easy, permanent hair removal solutions.

Results That Last

Over the past few decades, at home hair removal devices have quickly become a fan favourite for people looking for traditional hair removal solutions. Avoid the inconvenience of shaving and pain of plucking by investing in an at-home IPL and HPL hair removal device for a painless hair removal experience. With a wide variety of models to choose from, Silk’n hair removal devices offer affordable, professional-quality results that last.

Now, put down the razor and get shopping!

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