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Sensitive Skin Hair Removal Tips

Sensitive Skin Hair Removal Tips

Sensitive skin is a condition that’s much more common than you’d think. Studies have shown that between 50% and 60% of women describe their skin as ‘sensitive, irritable, or intolerant’ to a wide variety of products and cosmetics.

While this number may seem surprising, it’s important to note that the sensitivity of your skin to a particular product may be very different from someone else, sometimes more, sometimes less. Because of this, choosing the best hair removal methods can be a bit of a challenge for someone with sensitive skin. What may work perfectly well for one person, could be a cause for irritation or discomfort for someone else.

Skin sensitivity can be due to a wide variety of factors, including dryness, excessive exposure to sun, wind and cold, as well as common skin disorders like eczema, rosacea, or contact dermatitis. Many people believe that sensitive skin is inherited genetically, or determined by age or gender. While these factors may be part of the cause, it has not yet been proven definitively that these are directly linked to skin sensitivity, so don’t automatically blame genetics for it!

We’ve put together these tips to help sort out which hair removal methods are more prone to cause discomfort or irritation, and which are more gentle and effective for people with sensitive skin. Let’s take a look at two common hair removal methods that people with sensitive skin may want to avoid.

Depilatories & Hair Removal Creams

While depilatory creams are very common, and you can find them at virtually any place that sells health and beauty products, they are the most likely hair removal method to cause irritation and discomfort for people with sensitive skin. Due to the strength of the chemicals needed to dissolve and remove the hair, these types of products should be avoided by people with sensitive skin, as they have been known to cause rashes, redness, and itchiness.


While electrolysis has the advantage of being a permanent solution to hair removal, the process itself can be quite irritating to some people’s skin. Depending on exactly which process and equipment is used to perform your electrolysis, some procedures are more likely to produce irritation, and can even be a bit painful. This is why there is often an anesthetic administered to the skin, in order to reduce the discomfort some people experience. In spite of these side effects, electrolysis is often the method of choice for those looking for a permanent hair removal solution.

While these methods can cause irritation for some, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different, and your results may vary from the results achieved by someone else. With that in mind, now let’s take a look at two hair removal methods that have been reported to have great success for people with sensitive skin.


Sugaring is a very popular hair removal method. Although similar in process to waxing, sugaring differs by using a more natural set of ingredients to make the sugar paste, which are less likely to cause irritation to sensitive skin. In addition to a more natural set of ingredients, sugaring also requires the hair to be removed in the direction of its growth, instead of against it, which results in less painful hair removal and is also less likely to irritate the skin.

Read this sugaring blog post that goes into great detail about how sugaring works. They also have a number of other great hair removal related articles, as well as general health, beauty and fashion information.

Overall, sugaring is an excellent choice for many people with sensitive skin, but make sure you conduct a small test on an inconspicuous area of your body to be sure that sugaring is right for you.

Light-Based Hair Removal Devices

Unlike other permanent hair removal methods like electrolysis or laser hair removal, devices that use light to achieve permanent hair removal are much less irritating to the skin. The Silk’n Flash&Go Hair Removal Devices use light pulses to safely remove unwanted hair in a gentle and easy method, even on your cheeks and lip areas. The Flash&Go devices have the added advantage of being easily used at home, so you don’t need to arrange for multiple appointments like you would with laser or electrolysis treatments. Hair removal using the Flash&Go is safe, painless, and easy on any part of your body from your cheeks to your toes.


In general, the hair removal treatment methods that work best for people with sensitive skin are typically those that are less aggressive in how they remove hair, use fewer harsh chemicals, and either provide a longer time between removal treatments or result in permanent hair removal.

If you have sensitive skin, and are struggling to find a hair removal method that doesn’t result in irritation or discomfort, we suggest trying something new. Whether you choose to give sugaring a try, or opt for something more convenient that you can easily use at home, such as a Silk’n Flash&Go, we’re confident that you’ll find an option that provides better results and less discomfort for your skin.

We certainly hope that you’ve found this article helpful, let us know what worked for you on the Silkn Facebook page.

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