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How to Remove Pubic Hair and Take Care of your Bikini Line

How to Remove Pubic Hair and Take Care of your Bikini Line

Pubic Hair Removal – How to Remove Hair Down There!

Dealing with pubic hair is a personal choice, meaning there’s no right or wrong because all that matters is your own style. Women, in particular, face a lot of pressure to regularly remove or trim their pubic hair, having to devote a lot of time and money.

Removing pubic hair is cumbersome, doesn’t offer a ton of health benefits but is still a popular aspect of many women’s grooming routine. Furthermore, choosing the best method can be confusing. Are trimmers and/or razors a good way to remove pubic hair? What about waxing? Are there devices that offer a better, and more effective treatment?

Let’s review the different ways women can remove or trim the hair “down there” and offer some tips to make sure the process is as smooth as possible.

Does Shaving Work?

The issue with shaving is the same no matter the area. It is inexpensive but offers only short-term results. Shaving also takes precision and time, which makes the fact that hair quickly grows back even more frustrating. In some cases, stubble can appear a couple of days afterwards and can cause redness, bumps, irritation and itchiness. Don’t worry about your hair growing back thicker because that doesn’t happen, and is a common misconception about shaving.

Yes, shaving does work but since the pubic area tends to be sensitive, this really isn’t the best method unless you’re strapped for time or on a tight budget.


pubic hair removal


What About Waxing?

Many women graduate to waxing as it offers more benefits like greater smoothness and longer-lasting results.

With waxing, the treatments are relatively simple to perform but can be painful. We always recommend following the instructions on the packaging but the usual process involves applying an even layer of warm wax over your pubic hair. Then immediately place a cloth-like strip over the wax and press down so that it adheres. Speed is key for this step as you need to apply the strip before the wax hardens. The last step—and the one most dread—is to rip the strip off, pulling your hair along with it.

The waxing method removes hair from the root, which slows its regrowth. If time and money aren’t factors, it’s wise to have your pubic area and bikini line waxed at a salon or spa by a professional. If you chose to do it yourself, make sure the wax isn’t too hot as you could burn your skin. You could buy a wax warmer to make sure it’s the right temperature every time.

Some important tips to remember:

  • Never shave before waxing.
  • Try shaving after a hot bath or shower. The combination of hot water and steam open the pores making hair removal easier.
  • Use a sharp razor. A dull razor can cut your skin more frequently or leave irritated red bumps. Additionally, a dull blade makes the job more difficult.


Trimming involves shortening your pubic hair instead of removing it completely. Trimming is a quick and simple process so it’s a good option for people in a rush and for those who enjoy a somewhat natural look.

Unlike shaving, make sure the area is dry. You should wash the area first because in the event of a cut or nick, the presence of bacteria could lead to infection.

If trimming is your thing, then invest in the right equipment. You shouldn’t use your regular kitchen scissors or garden scissors (really don’t). You should buy the right tools specific for pubic hair removal. This can minimize infection and other potential hygienic issues.

Consider buying the following:

  • Nail scissors. These are small and easy to maneuver making them ideal for a sensitive pubic area. You’ll want to invest in a pair with blunted ends. These can usually be found in the nail care section of a drug store or at certain salons.
  • Adjustable trimmer. Pay a little more for a good one, because this device will provide a uniform length for your trimmed hair. These can also be found at most drug stores.
  • Hand mirror or compact. Either of these will help you monitor your progress and ensure that you don’t miss a spot.

Put some thought into where in your home you trim. The most common ways are in the shower or while sitting on the toilet. This way, to clean up all you must do is rinse the shower or flush, just be mindful that you can plug your shower drain if too much hair is rinsed down the drain.


bikini line hair removal


Trimming Styles

Trimming allows you to choose a style. Here are the more popular ones:

  • Faux-natural: by doing only minimal trimming, it can look natural. All you must do is trim it evenly and get as close to the skin as you wish.
  • Bikini-style: This is the perfect style for people who regularly go to the beach or hang by the pool. To achieve this style, trim the hair but shave cleanly along the creases of your legs. This achieves a natural look without having hair poking out of a bikini bottom.
  • Shaped patch: For the more playful personalities, you can shave your pubic hair next to bare, leaving only a fun shape. Two of the more common shapes are a triangle or a heart.
  • Landing Strip: This hybrid style removes all your hair save for one thin rectangular strip in the center. Start by giving the hair a trim as this will help the remaining hair look more pronounced. Make sure the hair of your landing strip is uniform length.

Laser Treatments

This treatment uses a strong and focused laser beam to penetrate the skin to attack pubic hair at the follicle. This causes the hair to fall out over time. Despite some temporary redness, these treatments are safe especially when you consider that they are performed by professionals.

Keep in mind that these treatments can be expensive and usually require multiple sessions. Not all hair and skin responds to laser treatment so start the process by speaking with a professional (dermatologist or aesthetician, preferably).


pubic hair removal


Permanent Hair Removal Devices

One way to remove public hair is with the help of a state-of-the-art hair removal device. Silk’n has designed and developed a line of FDA approved hair removal products that are safe, easy-to-use and provide impeccable results that last. It’s also an inexpensive method when you consider the overall investment.

Silk’n Hair Removal Devices include:

  • The Express is perfect for busy people. It offers painless, convenient treatments.
  • The Jewel can target small areas with adjustable precision.
  • The Compact is the travel-friendly option that’s perfect to take on vacation.
  • The Infinity is the newest product that uses galvanic energy for a stronger and less time-consuming treatment.

Trim or Shave Today!

However you choose to deal with your pubic hair is up to you but make sure you know what you’re doing and have the right tools. Whether it’s total hair removal or just a slight trim, you want the job done right. You should love the results and getting there should be relatively easy.

Browse the full line of Silk'n hair removal devices to learn which product or products are right for you. Learn more about hair removal in our Hair Removal Resource Center.



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