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Permanently Remove Upper Lip Hair, the Silk’n IPL Way

Permanently Remove Upper Lip Hair, the Silk’n IPL Way

When we think of all the different areas of our bodies that we work to remove unwanted hair, there are very few of them that are visible 24/7. Depending on what we’re wearing, bikini areas, legs, underarms, and other areas that we perform hair removal on are often covered and not visible. However, when it comes to the upper lip, there’s not a lot of clothing aside from heavy-duty winter scarves that cover up this area.

Our faces are generally uncovered most of the time, and the upper lip can become one of the most frustrating areas of hair removal for many people, since even small amounts of regrowth can become visible in a very short period of time. Let’s face it; you want that annoying upper lip hair gone, and you want it to stay gone, permanently.

When you consider all the different methods that are common for dealing with upper lip hair, very few are pleasant experiences, and even fewer provide the long-lasting results that you really want. Let’s take a quick look at some of the different ways people deal with upper lip hair, and what advantages or disadvantages these hair removal options offer.

Common Methods for Dealing with Upper Lip Hair


For many people, waxing offers a solution for upper lip hair that’s relatively fast, effective, and fairly long-lasting. Unfortunately, it comes with the downside of being uncomfortable, and even painful for some people. Furthermore, waxing is merely a temporary fix, and the hair will grow back after several days, which is another unfortunate aspect of waxing.

Since waxing won’t work if there’s no hair for the wax to grip, you need a certain amount of regrowth before you can do it again. This means that in the days leading up to your next waxing, you’re probably going to have some visible hair regrowth on your upper lip.

Depilatory Creams

These types of creams consist of a special chemical mixture that is applied to the treatment area, and removed after a predetermined period of time. The chemicals in depilatory creams work to dissolve the protein bonds of the hair strands, and allows the hair to simply be wiped away. This process is effective, but the results don’t last as long as waxing, since the chemicals only dissolve the portion of the hair that is above the skin and leaves the root intact.

While a common option, depilatory creams are not without their drawbacks. Many people dislike the mess, and find the harsh chemicals to be irritating, particularly for people with sensitive skin. It’s not unusual to experience a temporary redness or soreness afterwards. Some depilatory creams can also have a strong odor, which is less than desirable, especially when treating the upper lip area directly beneath the nose.


As far as fast and easy hair removal methods go, shaving has got it down. However, as simple and convenient as shaving is, there are also risks. Nicks, cuts, and scrapes are common, especially where the shape of the lip causes the skin to not be perfectly flat. Razors can also cause irritation if too much pressure is applied, or if the razor is worn.

Another aspect of shaving that many people find frustrating is the short-lived effects. Hair often grows back visibly in as little as one day, and the stubble produces a rough feel to the skin. For these reasons, shaving must be done much more frequently than many of the other methods.


Another common method for making upper lip hair less noticeable is to bleach the hair, making it lighter. While this method does nothing to actually remove the hair, it can provide an option for people who have finer, thinner hair and simply want to reduce the visibility of it. Similar to depilatory creams, these hair bleaches are applied to the treatment area for a set period of time, and then wiped away.

Unfortunately, upper lip hair bleaches share other traits with depilatory creams, including being a bit messy to work with, potentially irritating to sensitive skin, and often have strong odors that are unpleasant.


Threading, like waxing, works by pulling the entire hair out of the follicles, right down to the root. However, threading does not use any type of sticky material like a wax. It is instead performed by an aesthetician or dermatologist who uses a thin thread to wind around each hair, which is then pulled sharply to extract the hairs from the follicles. This method can be uncomfortable or even painful for some people, but it offers longer-lasting results, similar to those of waxing.

Threading is not something most people do at home, since it requires a special technique that can be difficult to master. Most of the time it’s done at spas, salons, or other beauty clinics by professionals. This means that it can be costlier than many at-home hair removal methods.

At-Home IPL Devices

While the previous methods we’ve discussed are only temporary solutions, intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal devices offer permanent results to your upper lip hair troubles. Unlike methods that only work to bleach, cut, or pull out the hair, IPL works to prevent hair from re-growing over time by affecting the follicles themselves.

IPL devices works by directing an intense burst of light at the treatment area, which is absorbed by the hairs and is converted in to heat energy. The heat energy is transferred to the cells in the follicle that surround the root of the hair, thereby inhibiting their ability to regrow new hairs. With each successive IPL treatment, hair growth slows dramatically and eventually results in permanent hair removal.

This means no more plucking, shaving, waxing, bleaching, or threading, because the unwanted facial hair is gone forever thanks to IPL hair removal technology!

What Makes Silk’n IPL Devices Different?

Silk’n is renowned worldwide as the leading innovator of at-home IPL technology, with a range of devices that are proven to deliver smooth, hair-free skin without any pain or discomfort. Silk’n IPL devices feature a range of adjustable power settings, allowing them to effectively produce permanent hair removal results for a wide range of skin and hair tone combinations that other light-based hair removal methods are unable to achieve.

In addition, Silk’n hair removal devices include two selectable modes for treating different areas of the body. Glide mode allows for fast and easy treatments of larger areas such as the legs or back, while the Pulse mode is ideal for precision targeting of more sensitive areas, such as the upper lip.

This combination of adjustable power settings and modes makes a Silk’n IPL device the perfect all-in-one choice for permanent hair removal results!

The Silk’n Infinity for Permanent Upper Lip Hair Removal

With the introduction of the Silk’n Infinity, at-home IPL hair removal has been taken to a whole new level. Building on the clinically-proven IPL hair removal technology that has made Silk’n famous, our engineers designed the Infinity to be the next-generation hair removal solution. In addition to adjustable power settings and mode selector, the Silk’n Infinity features an ultra-long-life light pulse emitter that is capable of delivering over 400,000 flashes. With the Infinity, you’ll never need to replace the cartridge, ever.

In addition, the Infinity combines at-home IPL hair removal with galvanic energy, allowing the device to produce better results in less time than ever before. As the Infinity glides over the treatment area, galvanic energy is produced in an electrode on the tip of the device. This energy is transferred to the skin, producing a stimulating effect which increases circulation and boosts the skin’s natural repair and rejuvenation processes. Your skin is left feeling soft and smooth after each treatment.

With the Silk’n Infinity, you can easily treat your upper lip in the comfort of your own home, and get rid of those annoying unwanted upper lip hairs for good.

The days of painful waxes, sharp razors, and smelly creams are long gone, thanks to Silk’n. We’re confident that you’ll be amazed with the results you can achieve, and delighted with the comfort and convenience that only comes from the Silk’n Infinity IPL hair removal device!

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