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The Truth is Here: Busting the Myths About At-Home Hair Removal Devices

The Truth is Here: Busting the Myths About At-Home Hair Removal Devices

Are you caught up in a seemingly never-ending cycle of expensive laser hair removal treatments and clinic or salon appointments, but are apprehensive about changing to an at-home solution?

Perhaps you’re feeling like that because you’ve heard some of these common myths about at-home IPL hair removal. If so, let us help clear the air and set the record straight on what intense pulsed light hair removal devices can really do, and the kinds of results that you can expect.

There are a lot of benefits to at-home IPL hair removal devices, and many people have already discovered the comfort and convenience that they offer. However, it’s not unusual for some people to be cautious about their purchase, especially with the misconceptions that tend to occur around beauty-related products. That’s why it’s important to cut through the noise and get right to the facts about at-home intense pulsed light hair removal devices.

Now, let’s start off our list of common myths and get to the truth behind each of them!

Myth #1 – “It won’t work with my skin tone.”

Probably one of the most common myths about IPL hair removal treatments is that they don’t work with all types of skin or hair tones. In fact, it’s really laser hair removal that often has the most trouble treating a diverse range of skin and hair tones. Since laser hair removal uses a much narrower spectrum of light, it is limited in the range of skin and hair tones that it can treat.

Intense pulsed light hair removal, which is the technology used in Silk’n at-home hair removal devices, uses a broad range of visible light in each pulse. This wide spectrum allows for more effective treatment of darker skin tones, lighter hair tones, and a far more diverse range of hair/skin combinations than what some laser treatments can achieve.

If you’re curious about your unique combination of skin and hair tone, and whether IPL hair removal will work for you, check out our handy reference chart. It shows the range of skin tones and hair tones that can be effectively treated for permanent hair removal with a Silk’n hair removal device.


Myth #2 – “The results aren’t really permanent.”

This myth can be a tough one to dispel, because it all depends on what you picture in your mind when you hear the word ‘permanent hair removal’. This misconception often occurs due to the lack of understanding around how our hair actually grows. People think that after treatments the hair will be gone and stay gone forever, when in fact that’s not actually how the human body works.

The most important thing to understand with respect to the way our hair grows is that growth is cyclical. This means even after you’ve completed a full treatment plan, and all of your hair has been targeted and it appears to have stopped growing, it’s completely normal for new hair to appear from a different follicle.

Read our article about permanent hair removal for more details.

Myth #3 – “IPL and laser hair removal treatments hurt.”

Well, if they are performed incorrectly, this is definitely possible. However, we certainly don’t see any reason why this would need to occur. All laser hair removal treatments should be performed at a licensed clinic, and only by a trained and certified laser technician. While this typically means that clinical treatments will be costly, going the cheap route for laser hair removal is not something that anyone should attempt, given the risks associated with it.

IPL devices, on the other hand, carry an extremely low risk of potential discomfort. Built-in safety sensors turn off the device when not on the skin, so there’s no risk of exposure to your eyes. The power settings are easy to adjust and make it simple to follow the recommended intensity for your skin and hair tone combination.

People who use IPL devices consistently report a very comfortable experience with their treatments, even when compared to an expensive clinical laser treatment. While high-powered laser treatments can come with some lingering irritation or discomfort, IPL treatments are very gentle and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Myth #4 – “The devices are very expensive.”

Well, let’s be honest here. Compared to a single home waxing kit or a set of replacement razor blades, yes, an IPL hair removal device is more expensive. However, when you compare the cost of a hair removal device to what it would take to achieve the same results with clinical laser or electrolysis treatments, an IPL device is a fantastic bargain.

Silk’n intense pulsed light hair removal devices range from about $165 up to $340, whereas professional laser treatments can cost upwards of $300 or more just for ONE SESSION! Add up the number of sessions you will need to get permanent results, as well as the time required and inconvenience from all of those appointments, and you can easily see which method provides the better value.

Even when you compare the cost of a typical IPL device to the cost of waxing kits, replacement razors, shaving creams, depilatory creams, or other hair removal products that you need to rebuy and reuse frequently, an IPL device is still a way more affordable option over the long run.

Myth #5 – “You can’t use a hair removal device in the summer.”

We understand why this myth persists, but in reality, it just takes a little forethought and you can most certainly use your IPL device no matter what the weather is like outside. The most critical thing to pay attention to is the amount of direct UV exposure you may have in the few days after your IPL treatment. You’ll want to keep this to a minimum, and be sure to protect your skin from UV exposure. Shade is your friend, as is light clothing that covers the treated area, and of course you’ll want to use a sunscreen with a strong SPF rating of 45 or more.

On the flip side, you’ll also want to avoid using your device on skin that has been damaged by a sunburn until it has healed. Any type of hair removal, whether it is light-based, waxing, shaving, or other method, should be avoided on sunburned skin, since it could cause the affected area to be even more uncomfortable. When it comes to managing sunburned skin along with your hair removal treatments, a little common sense goes a long way.

Trust the Silk’n Experience!

Now that you’ve learned the truth about some of the most common myths related to at-home hair removal, don’t you think it’s time to ditch the razor, toss the wax strips, and cancel those costly laser appointments? With an at-home IPL device like the amazing Silk’n Infinity, you’ll get silky smooth, hair-free skin that lasts, all thanks to fast and easy treatments that you can perform right in the comfort of your own home.

The Silk’n Infinity has an ultra-long-life emitter bulb for a lifetime of hair removal treatments, and combines our exclusive pulsed light technology with galvanic energy for greater comfort and even faster results. Adjustable power settings make it perfect for virtually any combination of skin and hair tone. With the Silk’n Infinity, you’ll definitely get the hair removal results that you’ve always wanted.

We hope that you’ve found this myth-busting to be helpful, and that you’ve got a new view on what intense pulsed light hair removal is all about. We’re confident that once you give it a try for yourself, you’ll be a believer!

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