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More Join the #NoShaveWave with the Silk’n Express!

More Join the #NoShaveWave with the Silk’n Express!

You are missing out if you haven’t joined the #NoShaveWave! Hundreds of people are ditching their razors everyday and saying hello to smooth, sexy legs without the fuss. Keep reading to find out what these beauty bloggers think of the device!

My Beauty Bunny

My Beauty Bunny is a popular beauty blog run by beauty expert Jen Mathews. She knows that as woman get older, it is very common to see an increase in hair growth—especially on the face. It’s not as embarrassing as everyone thinks. We all deal with it! Jen has received professional laser hair removal with good results. It’s no secret that professional treatments work! The problem is, they are expensive. Jen knows it’s a luxury not everyone can afford. The other problem is they won’t get rid of all the hair.

Silk'n express hair removal device

That’s where the Flash&Go Express comes in. The device allows you to target trouble areas where the hair keeps growing back. It is also more affordable than professional treatments. Jen saw results after just 3 sessions. So whether you get professional treatments, or are just looking to be saved from the torture of shaving, the Express device is a great solution!


Courtney is the face behind Phyrra. She considers herself a beauty addict! An expert on all things beauty, she was excited to try the Flash&Go Express device. She has been using the device for a few months and is very happy that she can finally be stubble free. She loves the fact that the device can be plugged in, so she doesn’t have to worry about charging it. Courtney watches tv while she completes her hair removal treatments.

silk'n express permanent  hair removal

Courtney has seen a significant decrease of hair in most areas. In some the hair has completely disappeared. She has noticed the hair that does grow back is thinner and thinner each time. We are glad that the Express could help Courtney become stubble free!

Chic Street Style

Jenna is the expert behind fashion blog Chic Street Style. She has been fed up with shaving for quite some time, and was over dealing with the dark hair that would always grow back quickly after shaving. She has been using the Flash&Go Express device for two months.

silk'n express permanent  hair removal

So far, she has given herself 6 treatments. Currently, she only has to shave once a week which is much less than what she was doing before. She is happy that she won’t have to worry about shaving on her upcoming trips. Jenna says the Flash&Go Express is a “luxurious yet cost effective way to control unwanted hair in your own home.”


Beauty411 is a centralized place for expert beauty and skincare product reviews. Like the above bloggers, she started using the Express device in July. She has had dark hair that has made her feel self-conscious her whole life and was very happy for the opportunity to get rid of it forever!

silk'n express permanent  hair removal

Beauty411 says “This is the first summer that I can honestly say I wasn’t worried about hair removal and shaving everyday.” Seeing great results kept her motivated to stay on schedule with her treatments and it has definitely payed off! She has noticed that the hair that grows back does so lighter and thinner. We are so happy to be able to help her with her self confidence!

Women across the globe are joining the #NoShaveWave. For a limited time, you can take the Silk’n not shaven Challenge. If you aren’t happy with the results of your hair removal device after 10 weeks, we will refund your money and buy you razors for a YEAR. You truly have nothing to lose! Join the #NoShaveWave today!

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