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Join the No Shave Wave with the Silk’n Express!

Join the No Shave Wave with the Silk’n Express!

We’ve said it many times, and we’ll say it again. It’s time to ditch your razor for good and get your Silk’n hair removal device. You don’t know what your missing out on! Thousands of people across the world are joining the No Shave Wave! Do yourself a favor and hop on the bandwagon. We promise you won’t regret it. Keep reading to find out what real people are saying about Silk’n hair removal.

Love For Lacquer is a mom of a six year old, which leaves her with barely enough time to shower, let alone shave! The Flash&Go Express gives her more time to do the things she truly enjoys doing. She calls the Express “a Luxurious and chic way to get rid of unwanted hair”, and we have to agree! Treatments are quick, easy, and painless. This summer she will be spending more time at the pool, and less time worrying about shaving. Click her picture below to read the full article!

Mel Rose, owner of the Food and New York City had enough of worrying about the “prickly” factor on dates. The truth is, it seems like you are awarded with just a few hours of smooth skin before stubble starts to reappear—And that’s just silly. Lucky for her, she found the Silk’n Express device! After using the device for just one month, her legs are “SLAYING for the summer”! We are so happy that she is satisfied with the results provided by her device. Slay away, Mel!

Melissa Angert is the force behind All Things Chic, a beauty and fashion blog for the modern mom. Like many women, her hair grows very fast which makes shaving a major pain. One of her favorite things about the device is that it is a one-time purchase—no refill cartridges required. When you compare the $299 (currently 15% off) to the time, money, and effort you spend using razors it’s a no brainer. The Silk’n Express is the way to go! We can’t wait to hear Melissa’s thoughts once she finishes her treatments and joins the No Shave Wave!

Erin Kennedy runs The Thirty Spot, a lifestyle blog dedicated to women in their thirties. Like all of us, Erin hated shaving. Ever since she had a baby, it is the absolute last way she wants to spend her precious free time. Erin looked into professional laser hair removal. Although it is effective, it’s also very expensive—especially if you want more than one area treated. Lucky for her, the Express device brought professional level results into her own home! She was happy to find that treatments were painless (unlike waxing!) and easy to perform. She has seen results in just two treatments and we can’t wait to hear what she thinks after 10 weeks!

Teresa Caruse runs Money Can Buy Lipstick, a beauty blog where she shares her favorite products. She has Italian heritage, and can remember being self conscious about her hairy legs from the time she was ten years old! Teresa has tried every hair removal product out there and finally found the Silk’n Express. She is still in the process of doing treatments, but lucky for her, “GONE are the days [she has] to shave everyday”. The hair is growing back slower, which allows her to go for longer periods of time without shaving!

We hope that you too will join the No Shave Wave. It’s time to make razors a thing of the past.

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