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Silk’n IPL Hair Removal Device Clinical Studies

Silk’n IPL Hair Removal Device Clinical Studies

The world of personal care products is overflowing with all kinds of promises and taglines, many of which sound way too good to be true. If all we had to base our purchase decisions on were flashy commercials and bold sales claims, chances are we wouldn’t always get exactly what we expected. This is certainly true when it comes to hair removal products.

Waxing kits that claim to be ‘pain-free’ turn out to be ‘pain-full’. Razors that boast about the closest shave ever still produce patchy results. Bleaches and depilatory creams available in all kinds of fresh floral scents still smell like a chemical factory. How can you really separate the flashy claims from those that are backed up by real-world tests & proven results?

That’s where clinical research studies come in to play. These studies are crucial in providing the real-world proof that a product actually does what it says it does, which is extremely important for manufacturers of at-home hair removal devices like Silk’n. After all, if you’re going to invest in a product designed to produce permanent hair removal results, you want to be sure that you’re getting what you paid for.

Why are clinical studies so valuable for IPL hair removal device users?

There are several reasons why clinical studies should be considered beneficial to people who are looking to buy an IPL hair removal device. First, clinical studies are evidence that the manufacturer of the device stands by their product with enough confidence to have an independent test conducted, with the results published publicly.

Second, clinical studies provide a detailed breakdown of the type of individuals that were involved in the study, allowing you to compare your personal traits to those of the test subjects. This allows you to have some type of personal reference point when you evaluate your options for IPL hair removal devices.

Third, by reviewing the clinical studies of the hair removal device you are considering, you educate yourself on the type of results that are typically achieved by the product within the time frames indicated by the criteria of the study.

Fourth, clinical studies can also provide additional guidance on how to use the product properly in order to achieve the desired results. By understanding how the results of the study were achieved using a precisely controlled process, you can gain greater insight in to how you can correctly use the device at home.

Fifth, and finally, clinical studies are an important part of the product testing process to further ensure the safety for end-users. In addition to testing the ability of the product to achieve the results as advertised, these studies are also used to verify the safety compliance and user-friendliness of IPL hair removal products.

Of course, each different clinical study will have its own unique scope of testing, with certain considerations taken in order to answer a very specific set of questions. For example, some studies could be oriented more towards testing the performance of the devices on a specific skin and hair tone combination, while a different study could focus on the durability and lifespan of IPL devices. Regardless of the purpose, most clinical studies follow a fairly similar process. Let’s take a look at what generally makes up a clinical study for IPL hair removal devices.

What’s involved in a typical clinical study for IPL hair removal?

The first thing that’s done when creating a clinical study is to determine the question or set of questions that are to be answered. Whether they focus on the performance of the devices for specific types of users, or general usage patterns for all users, these questions will more or less determine the types of people that will be recruited to participated in the study.

For example, in a recent study of Silk’n IPL hair removal devices, the researchers intended to test the safety and efficacy of Silk’n IPL hair removal device technology for at-home use. For this general test, twenty different women were selected who had a variety of skin tones, but similar hair tones. Each candidate was carefully evaluated to minimize any external factors that could affect the results, such as the presence of a suntan or a variety of other skin conditions.

The testing itself was confined to a specific set of non-facial areas of the body including legs, arms, and underarms. Prior to testing, the skin areas were prepared in identical ways to ensure consistency in treatments and minimize the potential for anomalies.

3 individual treatments were applied at two-week intervals over the course of 6 weeks, and each treatment was self-administered. This means that the users themselves performed their own treatments, rather than having each treatment performed by a clinical technician.

Following the completion of the treatments, patients returned for observation after 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months so that hair counts could be documented and the results compiled. These results were very positive, with user satisfaction rated very high and a significant reduction in hair growth in all the areas that were treated.

While this is just one example of how a typical clinical study is performed, there are many different variations that researchers may find necessary in order to meet the needs of the study.

For example, a larger group of individuals may be selected to obtain a more representative sample size of the general population. Contrarily, other studies may be restricted to only those with a very specific and similar set of physical characteristics for a precise result applicable to users who fit those criteria. Other studies may require the treatments to be performed by a clinical technician instead of by the participants in order to ensure greater consistency.

How do Silk’n devices perform in these types of clinical studies?

There have been many studies performed over the years that involved Silk’n products, and you can find them all on our IPL hair removal clinical studies archive.  We are quite proud of the results of these studies, and encourage you to review them to see for yourself just how well Silk’n IPL hair removal technology works to provide you the permanent hair removal results that you want.

For example, another recent clinical hair removal study was completed to test the ability of the Silk’n Infinity IPL hair removal device to achieve safe, successful hair removal results on patients with darker skin tones. This test is particularly interesting in the world of hair removal, as traditional laser hair removal treatments were not suitable for those individuals with darker skin tones. Silk’n IPL technology, however, is able to provide the results for these individuals that true lasers cannot.

Using the Silk’n Infinity, 15 test participants with skin tones of types V and VI and dark hair were treated 6 times at two-week intervals, with follow-up observation sessions at 1-month and 3-months after the treatments were completed. The test concluded that the Silk’n Infinity was able to successfully provide permanent hair removal for users with very dark skin tones, and the overall satisfaction of the test participants was very high.

Similar instances of user satisfaction and device performance can be seen in all the clinical studies for Silk’n products, and with good reason. We have perfected the use of IPL to deliver perfectly smooth, hair-free skin that you can achieve in the comfort of your own home. Our IPL hair removal devices are user-friendly, pain-free, and deliver the results you want, fast.

For Clinically-Proven Results, Get Silk’n

The evidence is clear, the science is indisputable, and the experiences of Silk’n users are well-documented. With a Silk’n IPL hair removal device, you can finally get the gorgeous, smooth, hair-free skin you’ve always desired, permanently. Isn’t it time that you experienced the difference for yourself? You deserve the best in IPL hair removal, and that’s exactly what you get from Silk’n!

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