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What Makes the Silk’n Infinity the Best Hair Removal Device of 2022

What Makes the Silk’n Infinity the Best Hair Removal Device of 2022

The Infinity Is the Best Hair Removal Device of 2022

No doubt about it: hair removal has long had a pretty painful past. Waxing, sugaring, plucking, threading, and even shaving (knicks and cuts are a painful nuisance) have never exactly painted a pretty picture when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair on the body. And even when you’re done wincing from the pain, you’re left with the after effects: there’s stubble, ingrown hairs, redness, and irritation to deal with. Then you get to repeat the process all over again before you’ve had a chance to truly get over the trauma of the last time.

Enter the Silk’n Infinity for the digital age: this baby has the ability to seamlessly—and permanently—remove undesired hair growth without an iota of irritation or discomfort and without a trace of those scary side effects.

Read on to learn more about how the Silk’n Infinity is revolutionizing the beauty industry, setting itself apart from other hair removal devices, and being hailed as the best hair removal device of 2022. 


The Beauty Is In The Technology

The Silk’n Infinity’s claim to fame is in its innovation: the electronic hair removal system uses eHPL technology allowing pulses of light to permanently remove unwanted hair. What’s unique about the Infinity is that it brings together two modern technologies: Home Pulsed Light (HPL) and galvanic energy which has the ability to open up the pores so that even stubborn hairs are easily removed right from the root.

HPL is able to both safely and effectively send a steady pulse of optical light energy directly into the skin, and this light energy is absorbed by pigment in the hair shaft. HPL is then transformed into heat, which quite effectively, kills the hair. Low-level currents open the pores, which allows the device to penetrate deeper into the skin. Not only is the unwanted hair removed, but the surrounding skin remains completely unscathed and unharmed.

Make no mistake, it is galvanic energy and its ability to enlarge pores that propels the Infinity to the next level, creating a more potent treatment that won’t bend to the will of stubborn hair. This device will destroy unwanted body and facial hair that you believed would be present forever. The Infinity also has a quartz bulb which allows it to reload much faster than other devices on the market. This allows for more pulses in a shorter amount of time for a quick treatment session to conveniently fit with your schedule.


Skin Is Left Infinitely Smooth, And Leaves No Marks (and Hair) Behind

Not only is the Silk'n Infinity at-home device gentle on the skin, it actually has the ability to improve the look and feel of your skin as well. In fact, the Silk’n Infinity technology stimulates and rejuvenates skin so that products like serums and moisturizers are better absorbed. The result is skin that is smooth, supple, and healthy looking.


Skin Tone & Hair Color Flexibility

The Infinity also works just as effectively on a wide range of different skin tones, and can be used on any hair color. In fact, the Silk'n Infinity has a skin color sensor that is able to detect the color of your skin automatically. The skin color sensor checks your skin color at the start of your first treatment, and even occasionally during, each treatment. The Infinity is recommended for anyone over the age of sixteen.


It’s Cost-Effective

The beauty about the Silk’n Infinity is that you get professional grade hair removal without having to pay those high salon prices. It’s an affordable and advanced hair removal technology system that is available to have right in the convenience and comfort of your own home. There are also a lifetime of pulses in just one device, so you’ll never ever have to worry about replacing the cartridge: that’s a bonus we can get on board with! 

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You Can Customize Your Treatment

The Silk’n Infinity has a versatile way of handling how you want to remove unwanted hair. The device has a number of options to pulse or glide and customize your hair removal for the most effective treatment for you. Individual methods also allow you to target the areas you need. There are five power settings for customized treatment levels.


Benefits of the Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal System

In addition to saving you from the pain and irritation of conventional forms of hair removal, as mentioned, the Silk’n Infinity can also save you money from countless trips to the salon. The quartz bulb also allows for quick reloading and faster pulses. The Silk’n Infinity also includes a free app to schedule treatments.


The Nuts and Bolts of the Infinity Treatment Program

The Infinity is intended for the permanent reduction of long-term hair growth with a stable reduction in the number of hairs that grow back when measured at six, nine, and twelve months after the completion of the treatment regimen. As with any hair removal product, it will take a series of treatments for effective results.

You can expect permanent hair removal when you follow the directions for the Infinity Removal Device, but note that it won’t be instant. Our body is covered with literally thousands of tiny hair follicles, not to mention the fact that our body has a range of different textures. The HPL technology is going to affect each person a little differently. It’s also important to understand that the Infinity HPL treatment plan is built around a full cycle of hair growth: this means that even though each treatment itself only takes about 20 minutes, that the whole process will probably take a few months before you get to the paradise of full and permanent hair removal. If you followed the set schedule exactly, you can expect for it to take about five to six months to achieve permanent hair removal. But you’ll see noticeable changes earlier: within eight to 10 weeks.


Compared To Other Devices, The Silk’n Infinity Comes Out On Top

Good Housekeeping put a range of IPL hair removal devices to the test and they rated the Silk’n Infinity as the Best Compact IPL Removal Device from other hair removal systems such as the Philips Lumea Prestige System, the Braun IPL Silk Expert Pro 5, and the SmoothSkin Pure IPL Hair Removal Device.

Beauty Life Today spent three months testing out the best-selling laser hair removal handsets and the Infinity was highly rated for handheld size and customizable energy settings and its ability to work on a range of skin tones. The Infinity’s sleek, aesthetic design was also a huge plus.

We Are Body Beautiful also lauds the Infinity for using a more gentle IPL than other devices. “The IPL slows and reduces hair regrowth after each treatment. Eventually hair stops growing and periodic use will keep you fuzz and stubble free.”

Cosmopolitan rated the Infinity as the best at-home hair removal device for all skin tones. And while the Infinity can’t literally handle any skin tone, it does a much better job than any of the competitors. They also raved about the size and customizable energy settings.


Like The Girl Guide Motto: Be Prepared

You will need to clean, shave, and dry your skin before using The Infinity. Make sure not to pluck or tweeze out any hairs because that will pull out the whole hair from the root. The device needs a contrast from the skin to target. Also important to do is cover any tattoos, moles, freckles, and birthmarks with either medical tape or with white cloth. The reason for this is that the device doesn’t do well with darker, contrasting colors and there is an off chance that this could result in damaging the skin or causing hyperpigmentation. And of course, please make sure to take off any jewelry before you begin your treatment.

Make sure to avoid extreme sun exposure for four weeks before treatment because the Infinity will not work on tanned skin (use good sunblock). There is also a chance of causing burns and blisters in this case. Remember to conduct a spot test once your skin is appropriately prepped. It’s wise not to skip this step even if you’ve used the Infinity before, because the hair and skin is actually different on different parts of the body (after all, leg and and armpit hair, for example, are totally different).

To run a spot test, press the “control” button. When you do this, the Level 1 energy light will turn on and you’ll hear a whirring fan sound. Once the green “ready” light comes on, place the device on your skin and do one pulse. See how it feels: if everything is fine, go ahead and increase to level 2 and run another test. You can keep going until you’ve found the energy level that you’re most comfortable with. This is the level you should stay at for the rest of your treatment for this particular part of your body.


If You Want Unwanted Hair To Be Forever Lost, The Silk’n Infinity Is The Way To Go

Imagine being able to complete a treatment system and never having to worry about unwanted hair ever again. In our jam packed world, hair removal is one less thing to spend time on so you can go on that spur of the moment beach trip, or wear a mini skirt or dress whenever the mood hits and not have to worry about covering up for lack of time. A hair-free world in all the right places gives a sense of freedom that you’ll love.

Learn even more about the features and benefits of the Infinity hair removal device.

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