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Changing Everything About At-Home Laser Hair Removal

Changing Everything About At-Home Laser Hair Removal

Infinity Changes Everything About At-Home Laser Hair Removal

Introducing the latest breakthrough in at-home laser hair removal—the Silk’n Infinity. With its unique combination of pulsed light and galvanic energy, the Infinity removes even your most stubborn hairs. All while leaving your skin noticeably soft and supple.

The Infinity treats a wider range of hair colors and skin types than ever before. Gone are the days of paying top dollar for a speciality device to handle light colored hair or darker skin tones. This device works for almost everyone, does the job faster than ever before, and does it with almost no risk of irritation.

And not only is the Infinity an improvement on earlier Silk’n devices, it also offers features the competition hasn’t even thought of yet.

Permanently remove hair from your armpits, legs, bikini line and upper lip faster than ever before, reducing growth by over 90%. And improve your skin tone in the process. What’s not to love?

The Infinity is revolutionizing the world of at-home laser hair removal. To find out how it does all this, and just what it can do for you, just keep reading.

Do it all at home—no more salon treatments

You’ll never need to book an expensive salon treatment for laser hair removal or electrolysis again. The innovative blend of technologies in the Silk’n Infinity puts the power of a professional treatment in the palm of your hand. It removes hair almost anywhere on your face or body, and it’s perfect for both women and men. Whether it’s legs or arms, bikini line or upper lip, Infinity is up to the task, permanently removing that problem hair without irritating your skin.

Trying to get rid of unwelcome facial hair? No problem. The Infinity can safely remove anything below the cheekbone, giving you that smooth, hair-free upper lip you’ve always dreamed of.

In fact, it’s safe to use almost anywhere on your body. All we ask is that you take care to avoid using pulsed light devices near your eyes, nipples, and genitals. Also, steer clear of skin that is already injured or irritated. Let these areas heal completely if you plan on treating them with any at-home hair removal device.

Infinity takes the much-lauded effectiveness of our patented home pulsed light (HPL™) technology and takes it to the next level. Stubborn hairs don’t stand a chance anymore. Send them packing for good this time with the one tool that’s proven fast, painless, and irritation-free.

With its new and improved eHPL™ technology, Infinity exposes your skin to only a fraction of the energy dished out by pro salon laser treatments. To us, nothing matters more than your safety and comfort. We’ve done everything possible to take the risk of harm or complication out of at-home laser hair removal.

Treats most hair colors & all skin types

Infinity now makes affordable at-home laser hair removal a possibility to the widest audience ever. Every device has its limitations, with many of them only being effective tools for removing dark hair from light skin tones. All that changes with the new Infinity. We’ve opened the doors as wide as we can to make this product work for as many people as possible. The Infinity has significantly improved color recognition technology for almost everyone.

Enter a whole new realm of seemingly limitless possibilities with our most inclusive permanent hair removal device yet.

Revolutionary blend of technologies

With the Infinity, we’ve taken two safe, clinically proven technologies and blended them together to create a better way to permanently remove hair in the privacy of your own home.

  1. Pulsed light – We’ve taken our already awesome pulsed light technology and made it even better with this new product
  2. Galvanic energy – We’ve added a gentle galvanizing electrode plate to the Infinity to open your pores for improved hair removal and better after-treatment moisturizing

The combination of these technologies allows for something truly remarkable to happen. The galvanized plate stimulates the pores of your skin to open while the device is in operation. This allows for better light penetration, rooting out even the most stubborn, problematic hairs for good.

And your pores will still be open at the end of your treatment, letting you moisturize deeper and more effectively than ever before. This significantly reduces your risk of post-session skin irritation while locking in moisture for better rehydration. This is the one hair removal device that improves your tone, rejuvenating your skin while it eliminates unwanted hair.

Better skin tone through laser hair removal

We’re striving to make the stubble, ingrown hairs, and irritation sometimes associated with at-home hair removal systems a distant memory. As such, we’ve designed the Infinity to be the first device that actually makes it easier for you to nourish your skin with post-treatment moisturizers while permanently removing your hair.

As you might expect, some mild irritation has been common in the past when using pulsed light technology. But the Infinity is changing that by combining pulsed light with galvanic energy, leading to more effective aftercare.

Make redness and irritation a distant memory with Silk’n Infinity.

No refills required — Ever!

With some at-home hair removal devices, there comes a time when you need to replace a cartridge to continue using the device. Not so with the Infinity.

The Infinity ships with enough pulses built into it to last you a lifetime. 400,000 pulses, to be precise.

The price you pay for the Infinity is truly a onetime expense. Not only is the device more affordable than some salon laser treatments, but you’ll never need to buy any add-ons or upgrades.

Pulse or glide according to your needs

To help your treatments go faster, the Infinity can be used in two modes: pulsing and gliding.

We recommend pulsing for working in smaller areas. It’s perfect for working on spots like your upper lip, for example.

In pulse mode, cover the treatment area working in vertical or horizontal rows. Move the device to a new spot after each pulse, taking care to avoid gaps or overlaps. Repeat until finished.

We recommend gliding for bigger areas. Longer stretches, like your legs.

In glide mode, hold the device to your skin without breaking contact. As the name suggests, slowly glide the device down or across the treatment area. Go at a regular and even pace. The device will pulse every 1.5 seconds while you do this, so adjust your timing to avoid gaps and overlaps.

Custom power control

The infinity has five power levels to control the intensity of the light used in your treatments. This gives you more power to control and customize your hair removal experience, but it also raises the potential for sensitivity issues to arise.

Most users only feel a mild tingling sensation when using the Infinity. But we understand every person is unique. And the most important thing is making this experience as comfortable as we can for you.

We recommend starting at the lowest setting when you do your first treatment. From there, gradually increase the intensity and see how it goes.

To minimize the potential for irritation, make sure you never treat a specific area of skin twice in the same session.

Keep on top of your schedule

Permanent hair removal using pulsed light technology only works on hairs that are in an active growth phase at the time of the treatment. This means that no system will be able to remove all hairs in a single session. In order to get the most out of the Infinity, we recommend sticking to the following schedule:

  • Treatments 1–4: Two weeks apart
  • Treatments 5–7: Four weeks apart
  • Treatments 8+: As needed until desired results achieved

But life is busy enough already. To help you keep on top of your treatment schedule, use the free app we’ve made available for Android and iOS. It keeps track of your sessions for you and notifies you when your next one is coming up. It’s the best way to make sure you never miss a treatment.

Stacking up against the competition

So how does the new Infinity compare to some other top laser hair removal devices on the market? All the top devices use similar pulsed light technology. But none of them have incorporated galvanic energy to help open your pores the way Infinity does. And no other product goes as far as Infinity to include lighter hair colors and darker skin tones.

  • Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X – The first at-home laser hair removal device approved by the FDA still holds up well. But it can’t match Infinity’s ability to work on light hair or dark skin.
  • Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz – The iLIGHT also has limited skin and hair tone options.
  • Philips Lumea Comfort – The Lumea offers a more versatile range of skin tones than most of its competitors, but it still has limitations with lighter hair colors.
  • Elos Touch – The Elos used to be unique when it came to effective laser hair removal for darker skin tones. A factor that affected the price of the unit, too. But, thanks to Infinity, that’s an advantage the Elos can no longer enjoy.

Pulsed light and galvanic energy — together at last, at your command

The Silk’n Infinity has a unique combination of optical and galvanic energy that puts unprecedented power at your disposal. Permanently remove unwanted hair like never before while better hydrating your skin, leaving it visibly smoother.

At-home laser hair removal that’s irritation-free for all skin tones and most hair colors is no longer just a dream. The Infinity is the most flexible system available for all your hair removal needs. Your search is over.

Put the power of Infinity at your fingertips

Say goodbye to all your unwelcome hairs and revitalize your skin in the process. Get the most advanced at-home laser hair removal technology available today and enjoy your most effective treatments ever.

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