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Removing Under Arm Hair with an IPL Device

Removing Under Arm Hair with an IPL Device

You know what sounds like a great idea?

Permanently removing stubborn unwanted underarm hair.

Add IPL hair removal to your new year's resolution this year - and get it done at home!

You may be thinking, “well, it’s not as easy as it sounds.” But here’s the thing: removing itchy, thick underarm hair permanently is absolutely doable if you’ve got the right tools and techniques to guide you.

One of the greatest obstacles to hair-removal is often cost and timing. In fact, that's the argument that comes up most often when discussing professional laser treatments at salons and laser clinics. But what if hair removal was available at a fraction of the price, on your schedule, and with guaranteed results?

Enter, Silk’n at-home IPL hair removal devices for underarm hair removal.

Here, we’ll walk you through commonly asked questions, how to choose the right device for you, and what you can expect from each treatment.

Backup, What’s an IPL Device?

Good question.

The practice of at home hair removal has evolved significantly over time - from shaving to waxing to irritating creams, to finally, advanced IPL hair removal.

And if you’re on the wagon to embrace the changes, then grasping and making sense of at-home hair removal devices is a great first step to a better hair removal experience.

IPL devices, meaning “intense pulse light,” is a type of hair removal therapy that's used for long lasting semi-permanent results. IPL work by releasing lights of different wavelengths onto your skin. As the light scatters across the treatment area, it penetrates the pigmented cells in your skin with heat caused by the pulsed light, effectively removing stubborn hair without irritation.

Unsurprisingly, this treatment has become an all-time fan-favorite for removing unwanted and stubborn armpit hair. Since the device was designed for at-home use, the process is pretty straight-forward and works best with regular use.

Silk'n Infinity Hair Removal Device

Silk’n presents a brand-new innovation in IPL device technology, the Infinity! The Infinity is revolutionary in many ways, virtually rendering traditional hair removal methods such as shaving, plucking and waxing obsolete. This new eHPL technology uses pulses of light to remove undesired hair without the risk of stubble, ingrown hairs, redness or other irritations.  We highly recommend trying out Infinity for removing underarm hair.

With the Infinity, you’ll possess the best method of hair removal in a handheld device. The Infinity is already regarded as the gold standard for at home IPL devices.  After using this brand new device, you will experience infinitely smoother skin all in the comfort of your own home.

Get the Silk'N Flash&Go Infinity for smooth hair free underarms!

What Should I Expect Using an IPL Device?

In a few words, semi-permanent results.  We’d say permanent, but there’s really no such thing thanks to the way our hair grows in cycles. Learn more about how hair grows in our Hair Removal Resource Center.

But how do you get there? let's take a look.

For Best Results, Be Consistent

While IPL devices won’t permanently remove your underarm hair with one treatment, regularly scheduled treatments every four weeks will significantly slow down the hair's growth cycle. Meaning results in as early as 3 months!

Patience is a Practice

Remember armpit hair removal is especially tricky, as hair tends to be extra coarse in the region. While the first few sessions may not seem effective, smoother underarms with thinner hair are just around the corner.

Some Hair is Easier to Work With

Because IPL’s light targets hair’s pigments, darker colored hair is easier to remove. Grey, blonde and red pigments can be trickier to target, as well as darker skin tones. 

Winter’s Calling

Exposure to the sun after an IPL treatment could result in significant sunburn to the treatment area. Remember, your skin will be extremely sensitive after each treatment, meaning the best time to take on hair removal is during the winter months where we tend to cover up.  This should not entirely affect the underarm area, but important to keep in mind if you’re planning on getting some vitamin c.

You can Shave in Between IPL Sessions

We know what you’re thinking, “but won't it grow back thicker?”

First, that’s completely false! Some hair removal methods change the appearance of hair as it grows back, such as shaving which cuts the hair and leaves a coarse end, but the volume and speed of hair growth are not affected by shaving.

Second, due to the nature of IPL treatments targeting the root of the hair, it’s not only an option but it’s encouraged to shave the day before the treatment, so you are silky and smooth ahead of the session.

Silk’n IPL Hair Removal Devices

Silkn’s at-home IPL devices have become one of the most popular brands internationally. Our designs combine the expertise of physicians and are crafted for optimal ease. Our patented technology provides a worry-free hair removal process every time. Effective, reliable removal of hair, while at the same time providing naturally enhanced skin, with a beautiful glow.

The Flash & Go Express features:

  • 5 Adjustable Energy Levels
  • No Refill Cartridges Needed
  • 3cm Treatment Area
  • Lifetime of Use
  • Touch & Go Technology
  • 2x Faster Treatment for Treatment in Less Than 20 Minutes

All of our IPL devices are FDA approved and cleared by health Canada.

So, I Can Do This on my Own? Tell Me More!

Permanent underarm hair removal is absolutely possible from the comfort of your own. Here’s how to prepare:

  1. Your skin should be cleansed, shaved, towel-dried and free of any powders, antiperspirants or deodorants.
  2. Remove the IPL device and the other components from the box.
  3. Plug the power cord into the device socket.
  4. Plug the other end of the power cord into an electrical outlet.
  5. Once everything is turned on you are ready to start.

Now that you’re all set up, here’s our quick step-by-step guide to underarm hair removal:

Step 1: Press the central button briefly. The energy level 1 LED will turn on. About one second later, the ready Indicator light will turn on. The IPL device is now set to deliver the lowest energy level pulses. The first pulse is ready to be triggered.

Step 2: Customize your comfort from 5 energy levels by pressing the central button quickly and repeatedly. Start on low and work your way up to a higher setting, cycling until the desired energy level is set.  The energy level indicator lights will indicate the energy level setting. In clinical case studies, higher levels were found to be 2-3 times more effective.

Step 3: Apply the surface of the device to your skin, making sure that the ready Indicator light starts blinking slowly.

Step 4: Press and hold the pulse trigger. The device will first work to determine the color of your skin on its own.  If your skin is light enough for a safe application, the device will flash a pulse of light onto your treatment area, accompanied with a subtle pop sound.  At this time, you may experience a slight tingling sensation.  After a few seconds (the time will be dependent on the energy level chosen) the ready indicator light will turn on again and start blinking. There is no need to charge the device as this will be done automatically. 

Step 5: Lift the laser and place it back on another part of your armpit that overlaps the previous spot. Keep going until you have completely covered the area you want to treat. Using the pressure marks that the Silk’n makes in your skin, will help guide you for proper positioning of the next pulse. Flash&Go Express can be applied in two ways: “Pulsing” and “Gliding”.

Step 6: Repeat the process starting again with Step 1. The treatment should take approximately four to five minutes per side.

Step 7: Once a session has been completed, press and hold the central button to remember the last energy level setting you used. Then, unplug the power chord from the electric outlet. Remember to repeat the treatment every four weeks for up to three months or until you reach the desired results.

Cross Smoother Looking Underarms Off Your Wish List!

Prickly and irritated underarms are a thing of the past with Silkn’s collection of at-home hair removal devices. Tested and recommended by renowned dermatologists and cosmetic physicians, our remarkable devices guarantee permanent results.

The Silk’n Infinity and Flash & Go Express are affordable, lightweight and portable hair removal devices that provide professional level results in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

If you have questions about building out a proper underarm hair removal treatment plan, contact us, and one of our knowledgeable Silk’n representatives will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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