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Understanding Silk’n Hair Removal Device Modes – Glide -vs- Pulse

Understanding Silk’n Hair Removal Device Modes – Glide -vs- Pulse

Whether you’re a new owner of a Silk’n IPL hair removal device, or are just starting to learn more about them before you buy, you’ll definitely want to know that one of the biggest advantages that Silk’n devices offer is the ability to adjust multiple settings and switch between modes to totally customize your hair removal treatments.

Why is this important? Well, it should come as no surprise that you may already prefer one type of hair removal method for your legs, another for your underarms, and so on. This is because the hair and skin characteristics in each area will be slightly different, and therefore will respond differently to various methods of hair removal. This pretty much means that it’s almost impossible to find a one-size-fits-all method that works best on all of them.

We say ‘almost impossible’, because Silk’n IPL hair removal devices offer all the adjustability you need to achieve perfectly smooth, hair-free skin no matter what area you want to treat. Let’s learn a bit more about how Silk’n products can do this.

About Silk’n At Home Hair Removal Products

Silk’n IPL hair removal devices are proven to deliver permanent hair removal results and are renowned for their ease of use and clever engineering.

That aside, you may still be left wondering if you’ll need to use multiple hair removal products (along with your Silk’n device), to deal with the various areas of your body. After all, the hair on your legs may be lighter than the hair of your underarms, and both may be different from those unwanted facial hairs. Fortunately, the different mode selections and adjustable power settings of your Silk’n IPL device will provide the same great results on any part of your body, including your legs, underarms, bikini area, and unwanted facial hair.

How is one hair removal device able to achieve all this? Well, it all starts with the way intense pulsed light hair removal devices work.

How IPL Hair Removal Devices Work

Many hair removal methods, such as shaving, tweezing, waxing, and epilators, all focus solely on cutting or removing just the hair itself, and don’t do anything to inhibit the hairs from coming back over and over again. This means that, no matter what, you will have to shave, pluck and wax at regular intervals to maintain the smooth skin you want.

Light-based hair removal is different from those other methods in that it works directly in the root of the hair inside the follicle to prevent hair from growing back. That’s what makes light-based hair removal methods such as laser and intense pulsed light able to deliver permanent results.

The light pulses directed at the treatment area are absorbed by the hairs, at which point the light is converted to heat energy deep down inside the follicle at the root of the hair. This heat energy then begins to affect the cells surrounding the hair root that are responsible for hair growth, slowing their ability to generate new hairs. With each successive IPL treatment, hair growth is inhibited to the point where the results virtually become permanent. Over time, you are left with the smooth, hair-free skin that you’ve always wanted on your legs, underarms, cheeks, chin, lips, and more.

How are Lasers & IPL Hair Removal Devices Different?

Quite simply, it all comes down to the type of light used in the device. True lasers use only a very narrow spectrum of light that consists of a single color, typically blue, red, or green. Because of this, the success of laser hair removal is very dependent on the level of contrast between the skin tone and the hair tone, with darker hair and lighter skin being the ideal combination.

IPL, on the other hand, uses a broader spectrum of visible light in each pulse. This allows for a wider range of skin and hair tones to be treated, making it a much more viable option for most people. It also means that the same device can be used on finer, lighter hairs as well as coarser, darker hairs.

To do this, however, the IPL device must be able to increase and decrease the intensity of the light pulses to suit the different types of hair and skin that are to be treated.

Different Settings on Silk’n IPL Devices

There is more than one way that you can adjust your Silk’n IPL device to perfectly suit the hair and skin that you are treating, no matter where it is. With Silk’n IPL devices, you can increase and decrease the intensity of each light pulse, as well as switch between manual (pulse) and automatic (glide) modes. Let’s take a look at each of these adjustments in more detail.

Adjustable Light Energy Settings

In general, the closer in tone the skin and hair are to each other, the lower the energy setting you will want to use. This is to allow for the hair to absorb as much light as possible, and the skin to absorb as little as possible to achieve the desired results from each treatment.

As a guideline, it is recommended to start off with lower energy settings, and then gradually increase to higher energy levels as needed for optimum comfort and best hair removal results.

To further illustrate the different energy settings as they relate to skin and hair tone combinations, here is a helpful chart.

Adjustable Light Energy Settings

What is Pulsing Mode?

When you first open your Silk’n hair removal device and remove it from the box, it will be set to ‘pulse’ mode. This setting provides you with direct control over each light pulse, with the device producing a single pulse each time you press the activation button. Basically, each time you squeeze the button, a pulse of light will be delivered to the treatment area. With pulse mode, you’re in complete control.

What is Gliding Mode?

By changing over to ‘glide’ mode, your Silk’n IPL device will automatically generate a light pulse at regular intervals as you move the unit over the treatment area. This allows for continuous treatment without having to manually activate the pulse with the button each time. Simply move the device over the skin with smooth, steady motions and the glide mode will take care of producing all the light pulses you need.

All Silk’n devices feature a built-in safety mechanism, ensuring that the light flash will not be generated if the device is not in proper contact with the skins surface. This applies to both pulse and glide modes.

When to Choose Pulsing vs. Gliding Modes

The key to understanding which mode is best comes down to this question: Do you need precision, or speed?

For spot treatments, greater precision, and ultimate control, using the pulse mode is recommended. This allows for easy treatment of smaller areas on your body, such as underarms, chin, cheeks, and lips, as well as more sensitive places such as the bikini area. For precision on small areas, PULSE mode is the way to go.

For treating legs, arms, or other larger areas, you should switch to the glide mode to make the treatment faster and easier. Most users notice more consistent results in less time over large treatment areas when using the glide method. For speed on larger areas, GLIDE mode is what you’re going to want.

Meet the Silk’n Infinity IPL Hair Removal Device

The latest IPL innovation from Silk’n is the Infinity. This amazing device is the perfect at-home hair removal method to achieve beautifully smooth, hair-free skin in less time and with greater ease than ever before.

The Infinity features adjustable energy levels, as well as pulse and glide modes, but that’s just the beginning. Our engineers developed an ultra-long-life emitter bulb for the Infinity that is capable of producing 400,000 light pulses, which is more than enough to glide and pulse for an entire lifetime!

In addition, the Infinity also incorporates galvanic energy to improve the results of the IPL treatment and achieve the desired effects in even less time. On the tip of the Infinity, a built-in electrode delivers galvanic energy to the skin as the device passes over the treatment area. This energy helps to stimulate the skin, open up the pores, and allow the light pulses to more efficiently reach the roots of the hair deep down in the follicles.

All these features and technological advancements mean that the Silk’n Infinity is the only hair removal device you’ll ever need, period. Your legs, underarms, and bikini zone will always be silky smooth, and those pesky unwanted facial hairs will be gone forever.

Watch an unbiased video review of the Infinity by Amy Sousa, along with the blog post that goes with the video.

Get Smooth Skin, Permanently, with Silk’n

Now you know how to use all the features of your Silk’n IPL hair removal device to get gorgeous, silky smooth, hair-free skin. We’re confident that once you experience the difference that Silk’n technology can make, and how easy to use devices like the Infinity are, you’ll never want to go back to your old hair removal methods. With Silk’n, you’ve definitely found a better way!

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