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Getting Technical about Hair Removal

Getting Technical about Hair Removal

Temporary hair removal is simple and rather archaic. You can shave, pluck or even slather hot wax on your legs, arms, underarms and upper lip and then painfully rip off clumps of hair in one swift tug. Besides only helping in the short-term, these methods are painful, inconvenient and force you to continuously spend money on items like blades, wax and strips.

Permanent hair removal, on the other hand, is a much more complicated process that requires a modern scientific approach. To tackle the issue at the root of the problem, you need a cutting-edge technology that is clinically tested and proven to deliver results. A technology that penetrates skin to remove hair with the utmost efficiency.

Since the market is flooded with hair removal products, it’s hard for people to know what technology or method will deliver the most positive results. Understanding how Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Home Pulsed Light (HPL) work will help you invest your time and money in a treatment plan that will deliver results with minimal stress.

To meet the needs of the at-home market, we designed and developed the Flash&Go series, which is powered by the proprietary HPL. To understand how IPL and HPL work, the benefits to at-home treatments and how to build an effective treatment plan with the right device.


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Intense Pulsed Light

While it is considered a non-laser technology, IPL works on the same scientific principles as laser therapy. It is a safe, painless and non-invasive technology that uses a flashlamp. This flashlamp produces and distributes pulses at a specific duration and intensity level so that it is safe and can effectively remove hair regardless of its coarseness.

IPL is non-ablative, meaning it heats the treatment area without harming the surrounding skin. This energy pulses light that targets follicles, causing the hair to fall out while also preventing future growth. By combining light energy with filters that help focus it on a specific area, IPL treats without damaging the layers of skin.

This technology is used worldwide to help people achieve skin that is hairless, healthy and smooth. Unfortunately, clinical treatments can be pricy or unavailable if you don’t live near a salon or spa. To offer this technology to the at-home market, we developed an advanced version that was just as safe and equally effective.

Home Pulsed Light

We developed HPL as an at-home version of IPL. The goal was to offer IPL’s unparalleled ability to remove hair in a safe manner with treatment parameters that were realistic for the average person to perform. By committing to a routine, you can permanently reduce hair as precisely as you would in a clinic and without paying a small fortune.

HPL emits gentle and short pulses of light energy at optimal power to treat each follicle at its root. The hair shaft absorbs the entire pulse of light and distributes throughout the follicle. This leaves the skin unaffected while still achieving thorough hair removal. This light energy painlessly heats and damages the follicle which removes hair and prevents regrowth. It was developed for use on legs, arms, underarms, bikini line and on the lower half of the face.

Skin tone plays a key role in HPL’s ability to treat facial and body hair. There needs to be a distinct contrast between hair color and skin tone for the device to detect the treatment area. While this technology can remove hair equally well for both men and women of various ages and skin types, it works best with light skin and dark hair. In fact, the device won’t activate if skin is too dark.

Use the Fitzpatrick Scale to determine your skin type. If you fall into skin type 1 or 2, these devices might not be the answer for you. You can also connect with a hair removal expert via this website’s live chat feature. Our experts would be happy to answer all your questions or provide advice on your particular hair removal situation.

Benefits of HPL Hair Removal

Now that you have a better understanding of the HPL, here are some of its benefits:

  • Salon quality treatments.
  • It’s completely safe.
  • Accurate and precise meaning you can finally say goodbye to that hard to reach hair.
  • Can improve skin texture.
  • You don’t have to keep buying new cartridges.
  • Won’t negatively affect skin like other methods, including IPL.
  • Much more cost-effective than salon or spa treatments.
  • Since it’s manufactured for at-home use you are in complete control of when and where your sessions take place. This is perfect for people with busy lifestyles or those who prefer to groom in the comfort of their home.

The Flash&Go Series

The Flash&Go series is comprised of four hair removal devices. Each device leverages HPL technology but with an added benefit or feature like quicker treatment times or a more compact body. You need to choose the device or devices that best suit your life, and rest assured that you are still using the best technology to efficiently remove unwanted hair.

The Infinity is the only member of the Flash&Go series that doesn’t exclusively use HPL. It steps up the at-home hair removal treatment results by combining HPL with galvanic energy. Galvanic energy opens pores allowing the device to safely treat the coarsest and most stubborn hair at its root, which also allows for deeper moisturizing – leaving your skin silky smooth!

This device emits light via a quartz bulb. The brilliance of this is that it can reload at a quicker speed, which means shorter treatments. This upgraded technology makes the Infinity a more convenient and more powerful option than others on the market.

Silkn Infinity

The Infinity

  • The latest addition to our family of hair removal products. It is a more powerful and less time-consuming hair removal method.

The Express

  • The Express gives users access to HPL technology but with more convenient treatments in only 20 minutes. Gentle and painless treatments in an ergonomic device.


The Jewel

  • This device is adjustable, so you can precisely target small areas and different kinds of skin types and hair colors.

The Compact

  • HPL technology that’s perfect to toss in your suitcase for traveling during hair removal treatments.

A Complete Hair Removal Treatment

To permanently remove hair, you need the right device, but you also need to commit to a proper and thorough treatment plan. Consult with the user manuals and product page for each device to understand how to use your hair removal product and what a session should entail.

We have also dedicated an entire section of our Resource Center to hair removal. There, you can learn about hair anatomy, hair removal facts and more about HPL, the Flash&Go series and what kind of results you can expect.

Discover the power of HPL technology today - view all the Silk’n hair removal devices!


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