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New! Hair Removal Success Stories

New! Hair Removal Success Stories

For ten years, Silk’n has been designing and developing devices for the at home hair removal market. Millions of people across the globe have discovered the benefits and reliable, long-lasting effects of a complete treatment.

With respect to hair removal, it’s hard to blame people for being skeptical and jaded. After years of dealing with razors that leave stubble and irritate skin or painful hot wax that requires continuous maintenance, ineffective hair removal gadgets, or seemingly never-ending and expensive laser treatments, it’s easy to throw your hands up and let unwanted body and facial hair run amok.

To find success, you need to overcome the challenges to your life created or exacerbated by body hair. These challenges can include going to the beach because you’re self-conscious in a bathing suit, or playing a sport because you don’t want to wear shorts or a tank top, or maybe it’s meeting new people because you’re worried about what they’ll think. 




We’re here to supply you with inspiration in the form of genuine success stories in addition to providing the information and direction you need to perform hair removal treatments that will yield results. This will help you take that big first step toward having the hairless skin you have always dreamed about and writing your own success story.

We’ve chosen three stories to help you understand the impact that Silk’n devices have had and can have on the lives of real people. Let’s be honest, you’re bombarded with marketing and ads that communicate how effective a product is. These testimonials offer a glimpse into actual women who have not only enjoyed the products but found them to be life-changing.

To begin, we’ll define hair removal success and how users should personalize it to their needs. You’ll then get to meet Melinda, Geraldine and Danielle who want to share their hair removal success stories. Additionally, we’ll review how to undergo a complete treatment, explore the devices you should consider and, lastly, you’ll learn about the Silk’n community, including Instagram and YouTube, where you can read more success stories and meet other like-minded fans. 


What is Hair Removal Success?

Like any aspect of grooming, body and facial hair are personal choices and no one should be shamed or pressured into feeling as if they need to remove any or all of it. It comes down to personal choice and what style you want to rock.

For those who want to remove hair, the desire can grow so intense that they are willing to withstand intense pain in exchange for results. This shouldn’t be the case. You need to decide what results you want per body area and then craft a plan to achieve them.

Here are some things to consider:


  • What body area or areas do you want to treat?
  • Are you hoping to achieve permanent hair removal?
  • Can you commit to a complete treatment, which can take 6-8 weeks plus maintenance?
  • Will you be travelling at all during treatment?
  • Are you prepared to undergo maintenance for as long as required?
  • Do you have the skin tone and hair colour that will respond positively to treatment?


As you’ll learn from the stories below, each woman had tried other means or was letting body hair get in the way of their life. In fact, they had all started at a young age and only upon discovering Silk’n were they able to experience a positive impact.

At-home devices shouldn’t be your last resort. They provide safe and effective treatments that produce long-lasting results that make shaving, depilatory creams and waxing feel antiquated. They are a frustration-free path to smooth skin.

We are firm believers that nothing should stand in the way of you looking and feeling your best.


Silk'n Customer Review

Melinda’s Struggle with Unwanted Hair

Melinda’s story is one that many can relate to. Starting in her pre-teen years, she started using razors, struggling through raw skin while throwing money away without much to show for it. In her own words, “I totally realized in my ‘20s that shaving really isn’t cool.”

Melinda endured weekly cuts and burns, even on her face. It was painful, frustrating and made her feel self-conscious. That all ended when she discovered Silk’n. With the Express at home hair removal device, she treated her arms, legs and upper lips and can now confidently say she is now 100% hair-free.

The impact on her life has been immense and tangible. She attends exercise classes without having to worry about hair showing on any visible parts of her body. She also trumpets that Silk’n is affordable. It’s a one-time fee with no hidden costs and doesn’t require a dozen expensive and time-consuming appointments.


permanent hair removal

Geraldine Had Tried It All

Geraldine had tried every traditional way to remove hair from certain parts of her body and face. She started shaving when she was young and then graduated to waxing, which proved to only be a graduation to longer treatments and a higher pain threshold. Then, it was onto creams, which burned and smelled awful. The last straw were laser treatments but they were too expensive and required too many follow-up appointments to be a feasible option.

For years, she was convinced that these were the only options to remove body hair. She felt resigned to a lifetime of bumpy red skin and short-term results. 

One fateful day while in university, a friend recommended the Silk’n hair removal devices. This friend had already experimented with them and discovered amazing permanent results. Geraldine was reluctant at first. Devices felt foreign and the idea sounded too good to be true. She overcame her trepidation, gave it shot and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.

She states, “the results are amazing and I’ve been telling all my friends to get one. I’m very happy I took the chance on Silk’n.”


Silk;n Customer testimonial

A Treatment to Match Danielle’s Active Lifestyle

Danielle has always been an athlete and especially loved playing soccer. As anyone who has ever played knows, soccer requires players to wear t-shirts and shorts so they can run freely and with as much speed and agility as possible. For Danielle, the hair on her arms and legs made her self-conscious about participating even in front of sparse crowds.

She often wore track pants and sweatshirts to cover up, which hindered her ability to perform with maximum effort. In fact, track pants even once caused her to suffer an injury. She was running sprints on a gym floor when she slipped on her pants and sprained her ankle. It was clear that something needed to change.

Receiving her Silk’n hair removal device was an exciting day. She wanted it to work so badly and was hopeful that it wasn’t just another treatment destined to disappoint. After conducting only a couple of simple treatment, she was already witnessing amazing results. Danielle is happy to announce that, “I’m practically hair-free and as confident as ever. I only need the device for upkeep every few months.”

Danielle’s story is an all too common one for athletes and active people. Body hair is a detriment to both performance and confidence. Regardless of the sport or activity of choice—swimming, jogging, rock climbing, basketball or tennis—Silk’n is a great option for male and female athletes.

The Flash&Go Series

Silk’n made a name for itself with devices that allow people to perform their own at-home treatments, an idea that was one thought impossible. The development and launch of the Flash&Go series of hair removal devices helped to cement Silk’n as a player in the health and beauty sector. It was these devices which helped Melinda, Geraldine and Danielle achieve such wonderful results.

The Flash&Go line of hair removal devices is comprised of three products:

While they are all powered by the same state-of-the-art technology, each is designed with specific features so that it can suit a different lifestyle.

In addition to the Flash&Go series of hair removal devices, Silk’n also has another new device on the market called The Infinity, which uses different technology than the Flash&Go lineup.


permanent hair removal at home


The Infinity Hair Removal Device

The latest hair removal device from Silk’n is the Infinity. The Infinity combines two modern technologies, HPL and galvanic energy. This provides a more comprehensive treatment and the ability to target coarser hair.

Many consider this device to be the new gold standard. It offers the same safe and effective treatments and delivers results that will have you excited to hit the beach or show off your arms or legs in your favorite dress.

The Infinity offers these features and benefits:

  • No refill cartridges
  • Pulsing and gliding methods
  • Five settings for customized treatments.
  • Quartz bulb for fast reloading and pulses.
  • Access to free scheduling app.


Additionally, this device improves circulation and complexion and can absorb post-treatment creams or lotions for those with sensitive or dry skin.

The Infinity costs $399.00 plus tax and shipping and handling.


permanent hair removal at home

The Express Hair Removal Device

The Express offers users reliable results in only half the time of other devices and models. This device was designed for busy people who want fast treatments without sacrificing efficacy. It delivers frequent pulses while the ergonomic design allows users to glide across skin for smooth treatments on any body part.

The Express offers these benefits and features:

  • Faster pulses and quicker treatments. For instance, it used to take 40 minutes to treat legs (20 minutes per leg) but the Express does it in only 20 minutes (10 minutes per leg). You can perform treatments before work or quickly after work before hitting the town.
  • Safe to use on sensitive areas.
  • One affordable price for years of uninterrupted use.
  • No batteries required.
  • FDA and Health Canada cleared.
  • Dermatologist recommended.


The Express costs $299.00 plus tax and shipping and handling.


permanent hair removal at home


The Jewel Hair Removal Device

The Jewel is adjustable so you can treat areas of different sizes, including small areas. It is also adept at targeting different skin types and colors.

Designed so users can perform effortless treatments with “touch and glide” ease. You don’t have to repeatedly press the trigger until your finger cramps. Just glide it over the treatment areas and the device will automatically emit a high-powered pulse.

The Jewel offers these features and benefits:

  • Target hair, not skin, every single time.
  • Doesn’t require refill cartridges.
  • Settings include adjustable energy levels.
  • FDA and Health Canada cleared.
  • Dermatologist recommended.

The Jewel costs $229.00 plus tax and shipping and handling.


permanent hair removal at home


The Compact Hair Removal Device

If you find yourself constantly on the go for work or fun, then the Compact might be best for you to treat the hair on your legs, underarms, face (cheeks and below) and bikini line.

The Compact offers these features and benefits:

  • Portable with a compact body.
  • 150,000 pulses per device.
  • Suitable for light to medium skin tones.
  • Can treat both big and small areas.
  • Built-in safety sensor
  • Easy-to-use
  • Five different energy levels to customize treatment.

The Compact comes in either light green or pink and costs $219.00 plus tax and shipping and handling.

Find the hair removal device or devices that fits your lifestyle. Each is powered by the proprietary Home Pulsed Light (HPL), which utilizes a quartz bulb to deliver a focused, safe and powerful pulse of optical light directly into skin. Pigment in the follicles absorb the light and is then converted to heat. This heat targets and attacks hair, not surrounding skin, to remove it and prevent regrowth.

Silk’n hair removal devices are extremely safe to use. The sensor ensures that you can’t treat an area or skin tone that could be susceptible to harmful side effects like hyperpigmentation.

You should only use the device below the cheekbones. This is because the light technology can be harmful to eyes even if not directly pointed at them. To safeguard against accidents, there are safety features in place so that a pulse will only be emitted if in contact with skin.

As with any hair removal method, results can vary.

A Complete Treatment

Success comes as the result of a complete treatment with the Silk’n device of your choice. Before investing in a product, you need to understand the requirements of a treatment plan so that you don’t waste your time and money.

Most hair takes 18 to 24 months to complete a cycle, which includes four stages (anagen, catagen, telogen and exogen). By understanding this cycle, you can strategically chart a hair removal course of action. Multiple sessions are required because at-home treatments can only remove hairs that are in active growth.

Let’s breakdown each device’s complete treatment plan. There are many similarities but you should note the variances and always consult your user manual.

The Infinity

  • Treatments one to four should be performed two weeks apart.
  • Treatments five to seven should be performed four weeks apart.
  • Maintenance should be performed as needed until you achieve your desired results.

The Express

  • Results appear after four treatments, which takes about eight weeks of consistent usage. Each time you treat, be sure to increase the energy level.
  • Once you’ve exceeded two months of treatment, start a maintenance program and treat as needed.

The Jewel

  • Undergo treatments one to four two weeks apart.
  • Undergo treatments five to seven four weeks apart.
  • Undergo maintenance after treatment eight until you reach your hair removal goals.

The Compact

  • For the first two months, perform treatments every other week. You should start to see some results after four sessions and results will be noticeable after six sessions.
  • After a few weeks of visible results that you’re happy with, you can start conducting maintenance once a month.

Post-treatment, you need to adopt a maintenance regimen and make sure you are using the right creams and lotions to moisturize your skin. These should be done as needed.

The only way to meet or exceed your hair removal expectations is to complete a full treatment. Here are some tips to get the most out of a Silk’n plan:

  • Read the user manual of your device before starting.
  • Do not wax or pluck hairs before treatment.
  • Progress quickly through the energy levels. Safety is paramount but, if possible, do not stay on the lowest setting for too long.
  • Do not use any device on skin that features raised moles, freckles, beauty marks or tattoos. You can cover these with surgical tape or a white cloth.


permanent hair removal at home


How to Use These Devices

Silk’n treatments are similar regardless of device. This is because they are powered by the same technology, HPL (Home Pulsed Light), and are designed with simplicity in mind and so you don’t have to be a licensed aesthetician to operate one.

Here are the general steps for using an Infinity or a member from the Flash&Go series.

  1. Make sure skin is shaved, clean, dry and free of makeup, creams or powders.
  2. We recommend running a spot test. Use the device on the lowest setting on a small area. If there is no discomfort during or after treatment, then proceed with the first session.
  3. Quickly press the central button, also called the control button on some devices. The Energy Level 1 light will turn on. After a moment, the Ready Indicator Light will blink. The device is now ready for use at the lowest energy setting.
  4. There are five energy levels. You can switch energy levels by pressing the central button quickly and repeatedly until you arrive at the setting you want.
  5. Apply the device’s treatment surface to your skin. You want it to be in full contact with the target area.
  6. The sensor will detect skin color. Once detected, the device will emit a pulse. You might notice a flash of light and a popping sound—don’t worry, this is normal.
  7. The device automatically recharges for the next use.
  8. Move the treatment surface to the next target area. Use the pressure marks left by the device to map a treatment course. Try to avoid gaps and overlap.

We recommend familiarizing yourself with your device before running the spot test.

Silk’n Community

Hair removal can be a lonely and confusing experience. If you feel like you need support and want to connect with people who have successfully completed the program or are in the middle of trying, then you should join the Silk’n community.

Silk’n has created passionate fans all over the world. These hair removal devices have helped people overcome their body hair challenges and achieve smooth and radiant skin. If you want to learn about more success stories or want to share your own with other Silk’n fans, than you should check out our online communities.

By liking us on one of the following networks, you can connect with like-minded people and gain access to tips, expert advice and learn more about our products. You can also be among the first to learn about any new product news.

Meet other fans and join the conversation on:

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are where you can congregate with users, gain product advice and learn about promotions. YouTube allows you to discover a wealth of video testimonials, customer reviews and tutorials so you can build the foundation of a winning treatment plan. Pinterest, on the other hand, is our home for sharing hair removal and skincare techniques and where we review the latest trends in beauty and fashion. You will discover new hairstyles and makeup tips to get the most out of your new smooth and radiant skin.

Even if you only want to lurk about and learn a few things, we highly recommend joining these communities. They are an amazing resource and great places to ask a question or two.

Create Your Own Success Story

We hope these stories motivate you to try out a new way to remove unwanted hair from your face and body. Most of all, we want you to work toward writing your own success story, one that will have you feeling your most confident and ready to tackle any situation.

Browse the full line of Silk'n hair removal devices and see which product or products is right for you. Remember to review the features and instructions so you can plan accordingly and never be scared about reaching out to the community with questions.

If you’re eager to learn more, then visit our Hair Removal Resource Center where you will gain access to valuable information.

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