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Fine Hair vs. Coarse Hair - How to Get the Best Results

Fine Hair vs. Coarse Hair - How to Get the Best Results

It’s perfectly okay or, in some cases, even stylish to embrace body hair. For those who want to eliminate hair from their chin, upper lip, legs, underarms and bikini line, you need to find the best method based on your hair type.  

Whether you have fine or coarse hair you need to decide which hair removal treatment(s) are the most appropriate: shaving, waxing, threading, sugaring, plucking, or using a state-of-the-art light based hair removal device that harnesses proven and proprietary technologies and allows for quick and convenient treatments.  

We can help you choose an approach to hair removal based on your hair type so you can enjoy amazing results. Let’s start by reviewing the unique problems that each type poses. Then, we’ll look at what treatment methods are best for both fine and coarse hair. Lastly, we’ll share why the Flash&Go series, including the Infinity, are the best at-home hair removal devices, if you choose to go that route.


Fine, Medium or Coarse Body Hair  

Fine hair is characterized by each strand having a slight diameter, not a low total number of hairs. Therefore, a person with fine hair on their scalp is not necessarily balding.

Fine hair is also known to get more oily than coarse hair and can go limp rather quickly. It also lacks natural bounce but, hey, in some areas of your body that might be a blessing.  

Coarse hair means that each strand is significantly thicker. It is more luscious and stronger giving it more body. Unfortunately, this can increase visibility for body hair, causing one to feel even more self-conscious.

Many people claim to have coarse hair when, in fact, they could have concentrated areas of fine hair. You can test this by holding a single strand of hair between two fingers and if you can barely feel it then it is considered fine. Incidentally, if it feels strong and thick than you have coarse hair. Naturally, the coarser the hair the more difficult it is to remove. This means if you choose a light based hair removal device, you’ll likely require additional sessions to see full results.

Silk’n hair removal products work great on both fine and coarse hair but in the case of the latter it is often the only option.


Body & Facial Hair Types

Let’s explore the type of hair that typically grows in certain areas and how to best treat it. Everyone is different so this is merely intended to give you an idea of how to attack body hair that resides in specific areas and to get the best results with little to no frustration.

Bikini line - women usually wax or shave their bikini line, often ignoring that it is a sensitive area. A light based at-home hair removal device is a much better option to remove bikini line stubble, achieving smooth skin without affecting surrounding skin.  

Underarm hair is typically coarser and more sensitive so shaving is an okay option if you’re okay with short-term results and some redness and irritation. Since underarm hair tends to be more wild and point in all directions, shaving can be cumbersome. A Silk’n at-home device like the Express or the Infinity can target hair, yielding stellar results.

Leg hair - shaving has long been a popular method among women to remove leg hair. Longevity, though, doesn’t always correlate with effectiveness. This method should only be employed for fine hair. With respect to coarse hair, a hair removal device is far more effective as it will destroy even the thickest hair over the course of treatment.

Upper lip - waxing or bleaching your upper lip can work in the short-term but if the hair is coarse, you will want to use a more potent technology like Home Pulsed Light (HPL), which powers each Flash&Go member. This ensures that every strand is removed and hair growth is permanently reduced.

If your skin tone is susceptible to treatment, the Silk’n family of hair removal products are the safest and most surefire way to get rid of either fine or coarse body or facial hair.


 Coarse hair removal


The Flash&Go Series


Now that you understand that Silk’n offers viable options for all hair types, let’s take a deeper dive into how each device is best utilized. These industry-leading at-home devices use HPL or a combination of HPL and galvanic energy in the case of the Infinity. They employ a quartz bulb to emit an optical light pulse right into the skin to target hair follicles.

There’s a Flash&Go model designed for every hair type and lifestyle, so that the benefits of these devices aren’t limited to a small group of people. Please consult individual product pages or user manuals for specific directions to ensure you achieve optimal results.


The Express:

The purpose of the Express is to offer the patented technology developed by Silk’n for people who want smooth, hair-free skin but are always on the go. Treatments take less than 20 minute per session. This truncated treatment duration doesn’t compromise results, and still leaves skin radiant and smooth.

Conduct treatments once every two weeks for the first four to five sessions. Afterwards, you can reduce frequency to once a month or as needed to maintain results. Most users, even those with coarse hair, start to experience exceptional results in as little as six weeks.


The Compact:

The Compact is a portable and powerful at-home hair removal device that has delivered results to millions of people. A versatile design and cutting-edge technology allow the Compact to remove hair with the utmost precision. It’s convenient, perfect for carrying in a purse or suitcase so travelers can keep moving without disrupting treatments.

The recommended frequency is to use the Compact every other week for the first eight to ten weeks. Once you see results you want, you can switch to a maintenance program where you perform treatment once a month.


The Jewel:

Considered by many to be the last hair removal device you will ever need, the Jewel is an adjustable device that can work on fine or coarse hair anywhere on your body. You can enjoy hair-free skin with this clinically tested and dermatologist recommended marvel.

Treatments one to four should be done two weeks apart. Treatments five to seven should be spaced four weeks apart. Finally, treatments eight and beyond should be performed as needed until you are happy with your hair removal results.


The Infinity:

Meet the latest and most innovative hair removal device for your grooming collection. The Infinity takes the most impressive features of the other Flash&Go devices and then improves on them by adding galvanic energy to the mix. This enlarges pores to allow each pulse to penetrate further and to treat coarse hair with ease. As a bonus, the enlargement of the pores allows for better moisturizing for silky smooth skin after each treatment.

Treatment frequency is the exact same as the Jewel and the results are phenomenal.


Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair!

Silk’n hair removal devices expertly remove fine and coarse hair with simple and convenient treatments. The technology was developed to help users who have exhausted every other option and are tired of feeling disappointed with hair removal methods that don’t deliver results.

Get started today by browsing the different hair removal devices from Silk'n and discover the solution to your body hair challenges, or visit our Hair Removal Resource Center to learn more about hair growth and find additional product information.

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